Singapore Banking Hotlines In Your Pocket

Now that everything is digitalised, it's no surprise that banks are moving its services digitally too. In this day in age, you won't actually need to queue at the bank for hours; plenty of services can be done online and on your mobile - including applying for a credit card! It is truly a timesaver.

Though online banking is the future, many are still apprehensive about its benefits. Don’t fret. There are plenty of bank hotlines for you to reach out to your advisor if you still need them. Here are some key pointers to take note of when banking online:

What is digital banking?
Digital banking is the digitisation (or online transition) of all the traditional banking services and programmes that historically were only available to customers when physically inside of a bank branch. This includes services like money deposits, withdrawals, transfers, checking/savings account management and even taking up products like insurance, credit cards and investments.

But you might be wondering - how safe is digital banking really? Well, apart from the very few phishing and scam cases, digital or online banking is generally very safe and has become a part of our daily lives now.  

What if I need assistance?
Banks are moving towards digitisation and automation, doing away with high overheads and cutting out costs from having massive call centres. And that’s why you may find it somewhat challenging to find customer service contact details on the banks’ websites as compared to the past. 

Services like checking of account balance, card fee waiver, change of personal details and contact information can be done online, yet some users might still find the need to call the contact centre for added reassurance and clarification. And there are ways for that. 


Here are some useful hotlines:

Citibank Hotlines

6225 5225
6225 5222
Citi Prestige
6337 2484
Platinum Visa
6238 7777
Citi Premier Miles
6225 2727
6238 8833
Gold Concierge
6225 5555    
6225 5226
Citigold Select
6388 3388
International Personal Banking Main
6224 5757
International Personal Banking Citigold
6323 3200
International Personal Banking Citigold Select
6732 2288

DBS Hotlines

Loss of ATM Cards
1800 339 6963
DBS Phone Banking and General Enquiries
1800 111 1111
POSB Phone Banking and General Enquiries
1800 339 6666
DBS Wealth Management Phone Banking and General Enquiries
1800 221 1111
Housing, Car, Renovation & Study loans
-    9 am to 530 pm (Monday - Friday)
-    9 am to 1230 pm (Saturday excluding Public Holiday)
6333 0033

HSBC Hotlines

HSBC Premier
6227 8889
HSBC Advance
6227 8886
HSBC Personal banking
6-HSBC NOW (6-4722 669)

Maybank Hotlines

Auto Finance Hotline
-    9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holiday)
6550 7888
Business Banking Hotline
-    9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holiday)
1800-777 0022
Customer Service
1800 629 2265 (1800 MAYBANK)
Phone Banking (Dial-Link)
1800 484 2088
Private Wealth
6438 3888
Premier Wealth
1800 536 7888
Maybank Privilege
1800 536 9888

OCBC Hotlines

Personal Banking
1800 363 3333
Business Banking
6538 1111

Standard Chartered Hotlines

Personal Banking
6747 7000
Priority Banking
6846 8000
Business Banking
6743 3000
Commercial Banking
6245 8811
Corporate and Institutional Banking
6876 0888

UOB Hotlines

UOB Contact Centre
1800 222 2121
CPF Investment Scheme Enquiries
1800 538 8011
CashPlus Enquiries
1800 222 2121
Credit Card Enquiries
1800 222 2121
Consumer Loans Enquiries
1800 222 2121
Privilege Concierge Enquiries
1800 222 9889
UOB Travel Planners Pte Ltd
6252 2322
Personal Internet Banking Enquiries
1800 397 6868


What are the benefits of digital banking?
These banks have much less overhead to pay, and they pass the savings on to their customers. Other benefits include lower service and maintenance fees than you would pay with a traditional bank. By embracing digitalisation, banks can provide enhanced customer services. This brings convenience to customers and helps in saving time.

In addition to the advantages listed above many online accounts include features like online bill pay which helps you save time and money when paying bills. Many online banks also offer the convenience of checking your account information from your mobile phone.


Common services that you can do online (but probably don’t know about)

  1. Check account balance: Through the web browser and mobile app, you’ll be able to check your latest transactions and account balance. 
  2. Activate atm/overseas usage: Depending on your bank, this can be done via a few simple steps from sending an SMS to activate your card overseas, to doing it via its website.
  3. Card fee waiver: Did you know, majority of customers call a bank’s hotline just to get their credit card annual fees waived. Some banks have even invested in an automated fee waiver system because of the number of calls they get regarding annual fee waiver requests. 
  4. Sign up for credit cards: Finty allows you to compare the best credit cards for your needs, and even earns you extra bonus rewards when you sign up via the site! 

Other important hotlines:

DBS Hotlines

DBS Phone Banking (Corporate/SME Banking)
1800 222 2200
General Enquiries (Corporate/SME Banking)
-    830 am to 830 pm (Monday - Friday, excluding Public Holiday)
1800 222 2200

Citibank Hotlines

Card activation
6334 2484 
Credit card application
6363 6666
Loan application 
6238 8888
Home loan 
6238 8838
6225 5226
6225 5225
Personal Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
-    9.30am to 6.30pm (Monday to Friday)
6570 6719 
Citigold Private Client Service Line
6388 3388
Travel Destination: USA
1877 228 5936
Travel Destination: Australia
1800 141 073
Travel Destination: Malaysia
1800 80 1052
Travel Destination: United Kingdom
0800 169 9193
Travel Destination: Hong Kong
800 90 0181

UOB Hotlines

UOB Corporate Contact Centre
-    9 am to 630 pm (Monday - Friday)
1800 226 6121
Business Banking
-    8 am to 8 pm (Monday - Saturday, excluding Public Holiday)
6259 8188
Business Internet Banking Enquiries
-    8 am to 8 pm (Monday - Friday)
1800 226 6121
COE Open Bidding Enquiries
800 226 6121
Corporate Transaction Services (Import & Export Bill Enquiries)
6878 0707        
Remittances Enquiries
6892 1111
Investor Relations
6533 9898
UOB Asset Management Ltd
1800 222 2228
UOB Bullion and Futures Ltd
6494 6539/40
UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd
6535 6868
UOB Venture Management Pte Ltd
6539 3044

To avoid the boring, repetitive music and ads during the long wait while trying to get to an operator, try switching to digital today. You may even save more time and money, and receive more rewards in the process!