How cardless cash works

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cardless cash guide

There’s nothing worse than being out and realising you’ve left your wallet at home. Enter cardless cash.

Cardless cash allows customers to withdraw money from an ATM using their mobile phone with no card being physically present. It is a relatively new feature offered by some banks. This is how it works.

How does cardless cash work?

In order to use cardless cash, you must first have your bank’s mobile app configured on your mobile phone.

If you need cash and don’t have your debit card, you can log into your mobile banking app to request an access code. You can use that code to authenticate yourself at an ATM and withdraw cash.

You can also provide a unique code to someone else you trust who can use it to withdraw funds from your bank account using an ATM.

When can cardless cash be used?

Providing your bank offers cardless cash (see below for more detail on this), you can use cardless cash at any time, providing you stick within your daily withdrawal limit.

Is cardless cash safe?

Yes, it is. The verification code is only valid for a limited period of time, rendering it useless when expired. In addition, banks typically have a security guarantee.

Are there any drawbacks to using cardless cash?

There are several limitations to be aware of. Cardless cash is only offered by some banks, and not all ATMs will be compatible with cardless cash.

In order to authenticate, you must use one of your own bank’s ATMs. In other words, trying to access cardless cash at an ANZ ATM when you bank with Westpac will not work.


Cardless cash is available from a number of Australian banks and although there are differences in implementation, they all generally work the same way.

  • CommBank. Withdraw up to $500 daily. You can assign someone else to collect the cash on your behalf. Login to the Commbank app and select ‘Get Cardless Cash’ and select your amount to receive an 8 digit Cash Code and Cash PIN. This must be used within 30 minutes. You can opt to share the code with someone else, who will also need the PIN to complete the withdrawal.
  • Westpac. Withdraw up to $500 daily or $1000 a week using the Westpac app and a Westpac, St.George, BankSA, or Bank of Melbourne ATM. Search ‘cardless cash’ , select the account and amount to get a code to use at the ATM.
  • St.George. Open the app and tap ‘cardless cash’, select your account, select your amount, and select ‘get cash code’. Use your code at the ATM or share it with someone you trust.
  • Bank of Melbourne. Make up to three casrdless cash withdrawals each day of up to $500. Open the app, select your amount, and get your code to use at the ATM. You can share with someone you trust and use any Bank of Melbourne, Westpac, St.George, or BankSA ATM.
  • BankSA. Access cardless cash from any BankSA, Bank of Melbourne, Westpac, or St.George ATM using your BankSA app. Withdraw up to $500 a day.
  • ANZ. Access cash using any ANZ ATM and your ANZ digital wallet. Open your digital wallet and hover your device above the contactless symbol on the ARM, enter your PIN, and collect your cash.