Bank Australia Visa Credit Card

Bank Australia Visa Credit Card


  • No annual fee for life.
  • 12.39% p.a interest for both purchases and cash advances.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free.

Pros and cons


  • No annual fee.
  • A competitive 12.39% p.a interest rate on purchases.
  • Low 12.39% p.a. rate also applies to cash advances.
  • Up to 55 days interest free.
  • Works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets.


  • No balance transfer offer available.
  • Doesn't earn rewards or have a welcome bonus.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. You can add cards for friends and family at no extra cost.
  • Digital wallets. Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other digital wallets.
  • Gambling transactions. Bank Australia will not allow gambling transactions to be processed.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. This card does not come with complimentary international travel insurance cover.
  • Concierge services. This card does not come with a concierge service, which is common for cards at this level.
  • Rewards points. The Bank Australia Visa Credit Card does not earn rewards points.
  • Sign up bonus. At this time Bank Australia do not have a welcome bonus for this card.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. There is no annual fee for this card, which is why it is a no-frills card.
  • Balance transfers. There is no introductory balance transfer offer for this card. If you want to make a balance transfer, you can compare balance transfer options here.
  • Cash advances. Cash withdrawn from the card incurs interest charged at 12.39% p.a. Interest begins to accrue from the day it is posted to your account. In addition to interest, Bank Australia will charge a one-off fee to process the cash advance. This rate for cash advances is competitive.
  • Foreign exchange fee. Purchases made in a foreign currency while overseas or shopping online will incur a 3% foreign transaction fee.
  • Interest-free period. If you have paid the statement balance in full by the due date, you will receive 55 days interest-free on purchases. The interest-free period doesn't apply to cash advances.
  • Purchases. There is no introductory offer on purchases at this time. Purchases that are carried over will be charged interest at 12.39% p.a. This is one of the cheaper rates available.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Great card because of excellent service

Reviewed by Claire

This card comes with exceptional customer service options. You can choose how you wish to have it set up and have total control over your options. Customer relations are superb and friendly. Internet bankiing services and 24 hour access make the card iincredibly convenient, and all fees are extremely low. Who need a reward system when all other options are so good!

This card is great

Reviewed by 62spendthrift

This card is great. The only thing is I am moving soon to NSW 7 I dont know where the branches are.


A good partner

Reviewed by Neville

I have used Visa for over 20 years and I have never had a problem, which is more than I can say about others. I joined Bank Australia (MECU) many years ago and a year or so ago used their Visa. Their card has worked without a problem. The Bank Australia service has been first class. They have phoned me

Handy for unexpected purchases

Reviewed by Jennifer

I try to not use this card as there are no or very few rewards.

Also i find the purchasing date crucial as to when it becomes due. It does not work on a full month from date of purchase. Otherwise it is handy for those times when an unexpected purchase arises.

Love the payWave and online convenience

Reviewed by Phoebe

This card is helpful for using payWave and making online purchases. It has helped me save (and spend) money in my student account while attending university.

I got this card specifically to make online transactions, and using payWave is really an added bonus.

I have had some trouble with card corruption and have had to get this card replaced once, but other than that I haven’t had any major issues or problems with the card.

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