How to buy Fijian dollars with a credit card

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Need to buy some Fijian Dollars (FJD) for an upcoming trip to Fiji?

You can use a credit card to purchase Fijian dollars whether you're in Australia or Fiji. However, it can get expensive. Scroll down to learn more about what to look out for.

Before travelling

Buying Fijian dollars with a credit card in Australia

If you've never bought foreign currency like Fijian dollars with your credit card before, here are a few crucial points to keep in mind.

What cards you can use

  • American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Australian credit or debit cards can be used to purchase Fijian dollars. However, banks typically classify purchases of foreign currency as an equivalent to cash, meaning it gets treated the same as a cash advance.

Where you can buy Fijian dollars with a credit card

  • Your bank's local branch. Most banks have foreign currency available in their local branches, making them one of the most convenient places to buy Fijian dollars. However, banks are not renowned for their competitive exchange rates.
  • Currency exchangers. Many exchangers offer Fijian dollars (and various other currencies).
  • Money transfer services. You can use your credit card at an international money transfer service to buy Fijian dollars and then send them to a friend or business in Fiji. Money transfer services typically have very competitive exchange rates, especially in comparison to a local bank.

While overseas

Buying Fijian dollars with a credit card while in Fiji

Here’s how to get Fijian dollars using your credit card if you're already in Fiji.

  • At a bureau de change. Because Fiji is a popular tourist destination, it’s relatively easy to find a nearby bureau de change where you can buy Fijian dollars. Bear in mind that purchases at a bureau de change will typically be categorised as a cash equivalent, which means the bank will charge interest at the cash advance rate plus the one-off cash advance fee. In addition, you may also incur a foreign currency transaction fee (although some cards have fee-free foreign currency transactions).
  • Withdrawing from an ATM. Withdrawing banknotes from an ATM may be convenient, but it is also extremely expensive. Apart from paying interest at the cash advance rate and the cash advance fee, you’ll be charged a one-off fee for using an overseas ATM plus the possible foreign currency transaction fee. If you can, avoid using an ATM to get Fijian dollars.

What it might cost


Type of feeIncurred in Australia?Incurred overseas?Cost
Cash advance interestYesYesAround 20% (daily, no interest-free period)
Cash advance feeYesYes2 - 3% (one-off)
Foreign currency feeYesYes2 - 3% (one-off)
Overseas ATM withdrawal feeNoYes2 - 3% (one-off)

Using a credit card with no international transaction fee while overseas can help cut the cost of travel.

Want more help?


Can you earn credit card points when buying Fijian dollars?

No. Buying Fijian dollars or any other foreign currency — like Indian rupees — will be classed as a cash equivalent and won't earn any points.

Can you get cashback when buying Fijian dollars?

No. It will be classified as an equivalent to cash, which is not eligible for cashback.