How to buy New Zealand dollars with a credit card

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Are you planning a trip to New Zealand and want to carry some New Zealand dollar (NZD) banknotes with you?

You can use credit cards to buy New Zealand dollars from Australia and on your travels. However, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. For more details on how it works and costs, keep scrolling.

Before travelling

Buying New Zealand dollars with a credit card in Australia

If you're thinking of using your credit card to buy NZ dollars in Australia, you have a number of alternative options. If you've never done this previously, and you're not sure about what charges and rates are applicable, keep reading to find out what you need to know.

What cards you can use

  • American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. You can purchase New Zealand dollars with any credit card in Australia. But when you buy foreign currency, it gets classified as a cash advance (because it’s equivalent to cash). This means you'll get charged interest at the cash advance rate with an additional cash advance fee.

Where you can buy New Zealand dollars with a credit card

  • Your bank's local branch. It is possible to exchange Australian dollars to New Zealand dollars. This can be done at most local banks. However, banks offer somewhat notoriously poor exchange rates compared to what’s available elsewhere.
  • Currency exchangers. Travelex, Travel Money Oz, and other exchangers sell NZD dollars. These exchangers have a presence in every city and most large towns in Australia.
  • Money transfer services. You could use an international money transfer service to send New Zealand dollars to someone or to a company.

While overseas

Buying New Zealand dollars with a credit card while in New Zealand

When you're in New Zealand, there are options available to get dollars, each with their own list of pros and cons.

  • At a bureau de change. If you use an exchange service to buy New Zealand dollars when you're in New Zealand, it will be classified as a cash advance. This means you'll be charged an interest at the cash advance rate and a cash advance fee. Additionally, a foreign currency fee may be charged as well.
  • Withdrawing from an ATM. You can get New Zealand dollars from an ATM when in New Zealand. You'll, however, be charged the rate for cash advances as well as the cash advance fee and the overseas ATM withdrawal fee. If your card doesn’t have a fee for foreign currency transactions, then you’ll have an additional fee. Using an ATM is an extremely expensive method to get New Zealand dollars while in New Zealand.

What it might cost


Type of feeIncurred in Australia?Incurred overseas?Cost
Cash advance interestYesYesAround 20% (daily, no interest-free period)
Cash advance feeYesYes2 - 3% (one-off)
Foreign currency feeYesYes2 - 3% (one-off)
Overseas ATM withdrawal feeNoYes2 - 3% (one-off)

Use a credit card with no international fees to reduce the cost of travelling.

Want more help?


Can you earn credit card points when buying New Zealand dollars?

No. Buying any foreign currency with a credit card — New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars, US dollars, etc. — will be classified as a cash equivalent transaction and will not earn points.

Can you get cashback when buying New Zealand dollars?

No. Since the transaction will be considered the equivalent of cash, it is not eligible for cashback.