How to personalise your credit card

By   |   Verified by Debbie Duncan   |   Updated 30 Nov 2022

  • A few years ago, a credit card was a simple piece of plastic with your name, card number, and the bank's logo.
  • These days, credit cards are far more attractive, secure, and easy to use.
  • A growing number of credit card companies are allowing their most style-conscious customers to choose from an array of fashionable designs - or customise their credit cards themselves by uploading their own images.

Customising your credit card has many benefits. In this article, we’ll discuss personalised credit cards and how they work.

What is a personalised credit card?

A personalised credit card is a credit card that has a unique, personalised design. You can select from exclusive card designs or create your own.

Personalised credit cards can reflect what's most important to you and allow you to shape your banking around your personality.

Personalised credit cards still carry the same conditions. Rates and bank charges don’t change but you can customise the card with your own design.

Where can you get a personalised credit card?

None of the banks in Australia offer personalised credit cards at this point — ANZ and Bendigo Bank used to — but you can go through a third party.

There are two ways to personalise your card:

  1. Send your card to a third party specialist.
  2. Apply a personalised sticker.

Personalising your card with a third party supplier

  • Find a third party credit card design company.
  • Decide on a design.
  • Place an order.
  • Login into your credit card's app or online banking and lock it (so it can't be used).
  • Ship your credit card to the company.
  • Receive your new personalised credit card with your design of choice.

If you’re unsure about completely changing the look of your card, you can purchase stickers to simply “decorate” your credit card instead.

Personalising your card with a sticker

  • Find and contact an organisation that makes personalised stickers for cards, such as: CUCU covers or Etsy.
  • Receive your order.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to apply the sticker to your card.

Alternative options

A few more options to consider that don’t require changing the look of the card include:

  • Credit cardholder (sleeves). These can be personalised and will protect your bank cards at the same time.
  • Replace with a metal card. If you’re looking for something with more protection and durability, consider purchasing a metal card. Companies like are able to safely transfer the chip from your card into a metal one, but you will need to send your card to the company for this process to take place.

The verdict

Personalising your credit card is a fun way to get yourself a nice-looking credit card, but remember to thoroughly research the supplier first if you’re sending away your credit card to be customised. It’s also a good idea to lock your card before sending it anywhere.