The best cashback sites in Australia

By   |   Verified by Andrew Boyd   |   Updated 3rd February 2022


Cashback websites are a great way to earn money on purchases you were going to made anyway. You can shop at hundreds of different stores and get cashback on everything from a new dress to a laptop.

The three main websites for cashback in Australia are Kickback, Cashrewards, and Shopback. I have used them all — a lot — and even earned cashback on purple fish tank gravel when testing Kickback's tracking!

So if you’re heard wondering what cashback website to sign up for, this is the article for you!

Did you know that in addition to cashback from a cashback website, you can also buy with a cashback credit card to earn even more money back?


Most innovative


Referral bonus
$5 (use "fintykickback")

Minimum withdrawal

Number of stores

Kickback launched in 2020 and has partnerships with 600+ merchants, including many of the biggest Australian and international brands. You can earn cashback at many of the same stores as you can with Cashrewards and Shopback, but there are several things that set Kickback apart from the others.

Besides their competitive cashback rates, Kickback is somewhere you can go to search, compare prices, and shop — just like you would on Amazon or Catch. They were the first of the big three cashback sites to incorporate product comparison, making it easy to compare prices across millions of products from thousands of brands. (Shopback launched their product comparison feature shortly after Kickback.) This kind of shopping experience is not available on Cashrewards, who are still primarily organised around finding the store you want to buy from.

Kickback have a directory of brands too. So if you want to see who's giving cashback on Birkenstock, there’s a page for that. Looking for a new pair of Nike shoes? There’s a page for that too… and thousands more.

Another distinguishing feature you won’t find on Cashrewards or Shopback is tiered membership. It operates like a frequent flyer program, meaning you get rewarded the more you shop via Kickback. For example, gold members get a $10 bonus after their 10th purchase.


  • Compare prices for millions of products and see how much cashback you’ll get.
  • The only cashback site with membership tiers that reward frequent shoppers with extra perks.
  • Great customer service from a responsive team.


  • Only 600+ partner stores (the smallest of the three main sites).
  • No card-linked cashback from in-store purchases.
  • No app yet (but we hear it’s coming).

Best for offline cashback


Referral bonus

Minimum withdrawal

Number of stores

Cashrewards is Australia’s longest-running cashback website and the only one listed on the ASX. More than 1 million members have registered with Cashrewards paying out more than $100 million of cashback.

Their defining feature — and the one that currently stands out most from the competition — is the ability to get cashback in-store. This works by linking your card with your Cashrewards account so that when you buy something in a partner store using your linked card, you earn cashback.

Out of all the cashback websites, Cashrewards have the most partner stores, from big brands like Apple and Catch to obscure boutiques and local restaurants. The reality, though, is that you probably won’t ever need or want to shop at most of the stores on their platform.

Like Kickback and Shopback, Cashrewards often run special promotions for their members with elevated cashback. Quite often these offers a targeted, meaning only certain users can access them.

To their credit, Cashrewards have maintained a good level of customer service given their scale (at least based on the public comments I found on Reddit, Trustpilot, and blogs ). I haven't experienced tracking problems myself.


  • Shop from more than 1,600 partners, which is the largest selection of all the cashback sites.
  • Link your card to Cashrewards and earn cashback when you shop offline at a partner store.
  • Get cashback on a range of branded gift cards.


  • No product search, which means you have to compare prices off the site.
  • No additional perks or bonuses for loyal members who shop regularly, unlike at Kickback.
  • In-store shopping options are limited, and often to small local stores.

Best app


Referral bonus

Minimum withdrawal

Number of stores

Shopback launched in Singapore in 2014 and expanded rapidly across South Asia. They launched in Australia in 2018 and have more than 1,300 local and international stores on the platform.

Their website feels a little “clunky” to use and just doesn’t have the same polished user experience as their app (available on iOS and Android), which is where most users do their business. Like Kickback, they also have a product comparison function so you can compare prices and see the amount of cashback you could earn all in the same place.

Shopback’s cashback rates are comparable to those of Kickback and Cashrewards. However, in order to attract new users and drive engagement, they occasionally run loss-leading promotions where they pay more cashback to the user than they earn in commission.

With all that being said, their most popular feature might surprise you: a game called Cashback Troopers that’s available inside their app!


  • 1,300 stores & shops (with many of the same stores you’ll find on Kickback and Cashrewards).
  • Frequent flash sales and upsized cashback offers exclusive to Shopback members.
  • Product comparison makes it easier to research and decide where you want to shop from.


  • No ability to earn cashback offline (like you can with Cashrewards).
  • Even the most ardent Shopback users get nothing extra (unlike on Kickback).
  • Gift cards are only available in-app.

Disclosure: Kickback is owned by the same group that owns and operates Finty.