How to earn cash with Cashrewards

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As one of Australia’s best-known cashback platforms, Cashrewards has thousands of Aussies earning money back on their purchases. From fashion to travel, technology to beauty, Cashrewards has a little bit of everything to pique shoppers' interest.

But is Cashrewards the best choice for you? Check out our review below to get all the details.

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What is Cashrewards?

Cashrewards is a name many Australians are familiar with. As one of Australia's leading cashback websites, Cashrewards puts money back in your pocket when you click through to shop at one of their partners. Using tracking links, Cashrewards can "see" what you buy and when, allowing you to get rewarded (more about that below). If you’re an avid shopper, using a platform like Cashrewards can be a good way to get a little money back from every purchase.

Who is it aimed at?

Cashrewards thinks of itself as a lifestyle service. Many of the brands they work with are based on that audience. This means you’ll find anything from restaurants to florists and hairdressers to fashion labels. While you may expect the platform to target women, there is a healthy number of options for men too.

How it works

Using Cashrewards is relatively quick and easy for online shoppers, but it does introduce an extra step when shopping (much like the other cashback websites).

Step one: Sign up to Cashrewards

To use Cashrewards, you’ll first have to sign up for an account (so they can attribute purchases to you). They only require your email address to get started. You can sign up using their website or app.

Step two: Shop

If you’re shopping online, find the merchant you want to buy from and click through to their website. Make sure to read the terms and conditions though, because often cashback is limited to certain categories of products. You should not have added any products to your basket before clicking through from Cashrewards.

If you’re shopping in-store, you’ll first need to link your Visa or Mastercard (debit card or credit card) to your account before checking out in order for the cashback to track properly.

Step three: Wait for cashback

Typically, cashback will show up within seven days in your Cashrewards account, but its status will be pending until the transaction has been approved. It can remain as pending for as long as 100 days, i.e. until the partner store’s returns period has passed. In general it doesn’t take as long for your purchase to be approved, but it’s something worth considering when looking at cashback platforms.

Step four: Withdraw funds

When your pending cashback has been approved, you can withdraw it to your PayPal or bank account. However, you can only withdraw once your have earned $10.01 or more.

In-store cashback

Unlike other cashback services available in Australia, Cashrewards makes it possible to earn cashback when you shop in a store.

In order for this to work, you’ll need to link your Visa or Mastercard (debit card or credit card) to your Cashrewards account. When you buy in-store, you’ll need to use whatever card you have linked in order for the purchase to track.

The selection of retailers with in-store cashback is much smaller compared to what’s available for online cashback, but there is still a good choice of brands. I expect coverage to continue to improve.

Available stores

The Cashrewards platform advertises more than 1,600 different merchants for cashback, including household brand names like, Amazon, Apple and Adidas. Their choice of stores is probably the broadest, although Shopback and Kickback are continually adding more partners too.

Withdrawal options

Cashrewards allows you to withdraw funds directly into your bank account or PayPal account. However, you must have activated two-factor authentication and have earned at least $10.01 before you can withdraw your earnings. Only cashback that has been approved is eligible for withdrawal.

In general, withdrawals at Cashrewards work much like they do on the other cashback websites.


Cashrewards is one of several cashback websites in Australia. They are all legitimate services and you can set up an account on them all if you want (so you can shop around for the highest cashback rates before ordering).

  • Kickback. Owned and operated by the same group as Finty. Shop at big name stores and get higher rewards the more you use the service.
  • Shopback. Singaporean-owned cashback website. Runs flash sales on a regular basis. Shop at a wide range of top stores.
  • Qantas Mall. Shop and get rewarded with Qantas Frequent Flyer points instead of cash. Useful if you have a flight redemption in mind and need extra points.

Does it work?

Yes. Cashrewards are legit. They are listed on the ASX: CRW, have close to 1 million members, and partnerships with some of the biggest brands in Australian retail. I know plenty of people who use Cashrewards and have earned cashback using their service and there are several bloggers who have also used it successfully and written about it.

Are there issues? Yes, of course there are — running a cashback website has its challenges, as I know from first-hand experience. But for every negative comment on Reddit and OzBargain, there are many others who followed the instructions and got their cashback.

Did you know that you can double dip using a cashback credit card? That means you get cashback from Cashrewards and cashback from your credit card.