How to earn cash with Shopback

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Shopback is a cashback website and app that offers a free way to earn money back on purchases at hundreds of stores. With a huge array of partner stores on the platform, Shopback has plenty to interest both occasional and avid online shoppers.

Want to know more about how Shopback works and if you can trust it? Read on for our full review.

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What is Shopback?

Shopback is headquartered in Singapore, where it was launched in 2014. Since then it has expanded into several markets across Asia, including Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, and Australia.

Shopback allows consumers to earn money back when they shop, using either a browser extension or app to track purchases for up to 30% cashback on everything from fashion and electronics to travel and beauty products.

Who is it aimed at?

Shopback is very much focused on the average individual consumer, with many household names appearing on their list of brand partners.

Their strongest categories are fashion, tech, health & beauty, children, food and travel. There are plenty of options for both male and female customers, as well as for families and younger children too.

Currently, Shopback doesn’t offer a business-specific service — and shows no signs that it will do so in the future.

Is it legit?

Yes. Cashback may sound too good to be true, but in this case you are getting something for nothing. When you click through to a store from Shopback and order something, that store pays Shopback a commission. Your cashback is a large part of that commission, but not all of it. Shopback retain some of it to cover their operating expenses. Read more about this and how they make money here.


You spend $100 on a pair of trousers at David Jones, who pay Shopback 5% commission for referring you. Shopback pass on 80% of their commission and you get $4 in your account. These rates may vary from one store to another, and may vary between categories on department stores.

How it works

Shopback makes getting money back on your online purchases straightforward. Here’s how the process works.

Step one: Sign up for Shopback

You’ll need to create a Shopback account before you can access any of the services that the platform has to offer. Creating an account is simple and easy and should only take a few minutes to get set up.

Step two: Download the extension or app and shop

Once you have an account for Shopback, you can download the browser extension or app. From there, you can search your favourite brands and visit their website through a trackable link. This means any purchases you make on your browser or in the Shopback app will be registered specifically to you so any cashback earned can be accurately attributed.

Step three: Receive cashback

Once you’ve finished shopping, your pending cashback will show up on Shopback. This can take up to several days. You then need to wait for the brand to confirm your purchase, and your cash will be placed into your online Shopback account, ready for withdrawal.

Step four: Withdraw your cash

You can withdraw your cashback into a bank account or a PayPal account. However, in order to be eligible to withdraw, you’ll need to have $10 in confirmed cashback.

In-store cashback

At this time, Shopback doesn’t offer an in-store cashback option. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, you might want to check out some of the other alternatives available at the end of our review.

Available stores

Shopback has more than 1,300 brand partners, offering users plenty of options for online merchants. Some of the most popular options currently available to Australian customers include:

  • eBay
  • The Iconic
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Dyson
  • Apple

If you’re looking for a versatile cashback site that covers a wide selection of brands, Shopback is amongst the best options in Australia.

Withdrawal options

Provided you have the minimum $10 available balance in your account, you can withdraw directly into your PayPal account or Australian bank account from Shopback.


There are several cashback websites operating in Australia. Not sure if Shopback is the best option for you? Here are our top picks you can check out.

  • Kickback. Finty’s sister site. Offers cashback at a wide range of popular stores as well as frequent flyer style membership tiers and product comparison.
  • Cashrewards. ASX-listed cashback website with a broad range of participating stores. Donates some of their earnings to charity.
  • Qantas Shopping. Rather earn frequent flyer points instead? Shop via the Qantas Mall and earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Does it work?

Shopback works. In fact, members of my own family have been using them since they launched in Australia. There are negative reviews on Trustpilot and ProductReview, but that's the case for practically every business. Generally speaking, if you follow the rules and don't have an adblocker installed, you can use Shopback and get cashback.

Did you know that you can get cashback twice from the same purchase? Here's how: click through from Shopback and pay with a cashback credit card. Simple.