Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card

Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card


  • The 12.74% p.a. ongoing interest rate charged on purchases is cheap.
  • 0% p.a. up to 12 months on purchases, reverting to 12.74% p.a.
  • 0% p.a. up to 12 months on balance transfer, reverting to the 21.99% p.a. cash advance rate.

Pros and cons


  • Low $55 p.a. annual fee.
  • Introductory interest-free purchases and balance transfers for 12 months.
  • Low ongoing purchase interest rate.
  • Add up to 4 additional cardholders for no extra cost.


  • No interest-free days.
  • Doesn't earn rewards.
  • Expensive foreign currency transaction fee.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



Let’s face it, nobody likes paying credit card interest, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Anyone with regular experience of being unable to clear their card balance will see the value of the Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card straight away. It has no interest-free days on purchases but a very low interest rate — for a credit card.

What is the point of a card with interest-free purchase days that you will never be able to take advantage of because you are always carrying a balance, especially if the downside is an interest rate of 20% p.a. or more?

On the other hand, fortunate people with a substantial guaranteed income may never consider a credit card like this because they expect to pay off their card balance in full each month and can use a card's interest-free days. They may, however, be making a mistake if they dismiss it out of hand.

Introductory offer: 0% p.a. for 12 months on purchases

Twelve months interest-free on purchases is a competitive offer. This reverts to the ongoing purchase rate when the introductory period ends.

This card is primarily for those who want the convenience of a credit card but accept the reality of paying interest on purchases because their income is sometimes irregular or would like to spread out the cost of a large purchase. In such a situation, this card’s low interest rate on purchases makes it shine.

Provided the minimum monthly repayment of 2.5% of the balance is always met, there’s no need to sweat about whether you can pay the full balance on the due date since there are no interest-free days to lose. When you have some free cash, you can overpay to reduce the balance more significantly and keep interest charges to a manageable minimum.

Interest-free balance transfers for 12 months

You can transfer your balance, without any transfer fee, from your current card to your new Suncorp card and pay no interest at all for 12 months.

How much will you save? Heaps, if you are paying interest of around 20% p.a. on your card now. If you were approved for a limit of $5,000, you would be able to transfer as much as $4,000 (80% of the approved credit limit) from your old card and save $800 in interest charges. A word of warning, though. The revert rate is the 21.99% p.a. cash advance rate, not the low 12.74% p.a. purchases rate. So if you can’t clear your transferred balance at the end of 12 months, you will pay a very high interest rate on whatever debt remains.

And for those just keeping their new card for emergencies, why not transfer a balance anyway? It won’t cost you a cent because there is no balance transfer fee (except minimum repayments) as long as you have the cash ready to clear the remaining balance when the interest-free period expires.

Visa Entertainment

This may be a very basic card, but you’ll still feel special if you take advantage of your entitlement, as a Visa cardholder, to pre-sale tickets, offers and competitions from top entertainment providers. You can sign up for e-mail alerts to get news about the latest deals.

Convenience and security

Once again, there’s no skimping on card facilities, even though it’s not a blue-ribbon card with a matching top price. You’ll still get the protection of FRAUDSHIELD® protection to monitor transactions and protect you from bogus charges. And when you’re in a hurry, you’ll appreciate the ease and speed of Visa payWave for purchases under $100.

Some fees are a bit over the top

You’ll want to avoid the higher-than-average $40 fee for exceeding your credit limit. Apply in advance for a credit limit increase if you think you’re going to max out your card.

The 3.4% fee charged on foreign transactions (including online shopping sites based overseas, even if they charge in Australian dollars) is also somewhat excessive.

The annual fee is a very reasonable $55 p.a., which is around what you'd expect with a straightforward, no-frills card. There is also no extra charge for up to four additional cardholders on your account.

Why choose the Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card?

There are two distinct profiles for the ideal user of this card.

  • Someone who expects to carry an unpaid credit card balance for most, if not all, of the time and whose focus is, therefore, on the interest rate. Interest-free days on purchases have no appeal whatsoever and will not be missed, but the long, zero-interest balance transfer offer could be a lifesaver; or
  • Someone who makes full use of the interest-free days on their current card by paying off the balance in full, always. They would, however, like to keep a cheap, low-interest card in their wallet for emergencies.

Yvonne Taylor

Reviewed by Yvonne Taylor

Lead Product Analyst

User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Convenient for shopping

Reviewed by Alibi

Perfect for everything we need. So many times we are shopping and don’t have cash on hand we then pay the balance on the card back at the end on the month thus avoiding extra fees and interest. My husband finds it so convenient when doing the grocery shopping as well so it is also great to have on hand for doctor’s bills, etc

Happy with Suncorp

Reviewed by Cydonia ross

The card I have with Suncorp is easy to manage and keep track of transactions with. I can use it anywhere, anytime where ever I maybe. The fees are manageable and all information is up to date. There are enough branches in the city and suburbs for me to access easily.

The very best I've ever had

Reviewed by Baxter

I have been with Suncorp for many years now and I can highly recommend their service in every aspect of banking. Totally comforting to deal with since I changed banks years ago. Quick service friendly staff and I even know my managers first name and get to speak with him/her at anytime I need to.

Flexibility and freedom

Reviewed by Sandra

I was originally issued the card when I required a small short term loan. The card is convenient to use, statements are clear and concise. I have never had a statement that is inaccurate and am happy with the service provided. I would recommend the Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card – better than a personal loan if used with spending discipline.

Great card for everyday use

Reviewed by Smith

This card is great to use for everyday purchases. The service at the bank when initially applying for the card was above and beyond, which was wonderful. I use this card for all my grocery shopping, and I also use it to shop online. I have never had a problem using the card at all. It has very good interest rates and fees, which are competitive with other banks.

Convenient and easy way to pay

Reviewed by Chuen-Tat Kang

My Suncorp Bank credit card is easy to use and very convenient to pay bills. This is my second card. It can be used as alternative to my first credit card from HSBC whenever needed.


Superior customer service

Reviewed by Brett Harris

Fantastic to deal with. The service is incredible and security is on the ball. Keep up the great work, Suncorp, especially the Longreach Branch. Quick and easy customer service via phone and at the local branch. You get to be addressed by your first name and not treated like a number, you are treated like an actual person.

I saved a lot of money with this card

Reviewed by Jeya

I can finally see my payment reducing and feel like I am paying it off instead of being slammed with interest and late payments. It’s helping me get on top of my debts during a crucial time. Even if I am late by a day or so, customer services are not demanding, but instead they remind me of the missed payment.

Value for money

Reviewed by Karan

I have always been very happy with Suncorp as a credit card issuer. They have always been upfront, understanding, and honest. I like that they reward loyal customers with decent rewards and they allow you to choose your rewards from a list. Card replacements for lost cards are always done quickly.

Great service

Reviewed by Jason

I am quite happy with this card. It may not be the best interest rate in the world, but I take advantage of the interest-free period and ensure it is paid off each month. Suncorp also has great service, not that I have ever had an issue with it. However, be aware, if you change your address on a Suncorp Bank account, it does not automatically update on your credit card and you have to specifically request that.

Terrible customer service

Reviewed by Steve

I get absolutely no benefits at all from this card. The brand’s customer service is terrible. They simply do not understand about customer service at all.

I have put two complaints in to the Financial Services Ombudsman about the card. I won the first one, the other’s ongoing. Wish me luck!

Good, easy rewards program and great service

Reviewed by Andrea

Overall, Suncorp credit cards are OK. The rewards program is good to redeem your accumulated points and easy to use.

The card itself is convenient to use — Tap and Go is great.

Like all banks, the interest rate is high, but overall I am happy with the service Suncorp provide. They have great customer service on suspected scamming and replace your card for free. Customer service staff are friendly and helpful.

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