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By   |   Updated 6th April 2021

Grabfood Promo Codes

Stack our Grabfood promo codes with rebates and cashback offers to get the most value for your money when using Grabfood. Fresh food delivered to your door at a price your are happy with — what's not to love?

Bookmark this page to make saving money easier. Now all you have to do is relax on the couch and order yourself a meal!

Grabfood promo codes

These are the latest promo codes you can use for the entire month of April 2021. They are not linked to any particular bank.

Get $8 off on your first 2 orders

  • Promo code: 8TASTY
  • Available to: New users
  • Conditions: No minimum order required

Get 40% off

  • Promo code: EAT40
  • Available to: Existing users
  • Conditions: Minimum spend of $40 required
  • Cap: $20 cashback

Get 20% off

  • Promo code: No promo code needed
  • Available to: Existing users
  • Conditions: Choose the pick-up option
  • Cap: $10 cashback

Grabfood credit card promo codes

These promo codes must be used with a credit card issued by the relevant bank. Using a promo code from UOB and paying with your American Express card will not work.

Get $6 off

  • Bank: Citi
  • Promo code: CITI6
  • Available to: New and existing users
  • Conditions: Minimum spend of $30 using your Citibank card is required
  • Expires: 30/04/21

Get $10 off

  • Bank: Citi
  • Promo code: CITI10
  • Available to: New and existing users
  • Conditions: Minimum spend of $50 using your Citibank card is required
  • Expires: 30/04/21

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How to maximise your savings

  • Optimise your GrabRewards points. Keep saving your points until they run a sale, because they can save you as much as 50%!
  • Purchase Grabfood vouchers on Shopee. You can purchase vouchers and enter the promo code before you checkout on Grabfood. This hack can save you anywhere from 5 - 20% off your Grabfood purchase. You can also buy vouchers in bulk for greater savings. Search Shopee for "Grabfood " to quickly locate promo code deals.
  • Purchase Grabfood Vouchers on Shopback. An alternative to Shopee is to use Shopback and use the cashback available in your account to offset any voucher purchases. Rebates typically are around 10%. Don't forget that you also earn instant cashback on your voucher purchase, which is yet another way to save! To access these vouchers, just go to the Shopback app or website and find the vouchers section under "Stacking Savings".
  • Pick your order up yourself. Grabfood allows you to self-collect your meals, saving the delivery fee and earning bonus discounts on top of your purchase.
  • Use a credit card to earn cashback. Look out for credit card offers that give you money off. You can find the latest credit card rebates for Grabfood on this page and the best credit card cashback rates here.


Why Order with Grabfood?

  • It keeps everything in one place. Grabfood is a hybrid of transport, payment, and other services all in one. This means you can leverage complimentary services and accumulate points that you can seamlessly cross-use. Unlike their competitors, Grabfood does not require you to spend a minimum amount on food per purchase.
  • Save money by subscribing. Using their monthly subscription package — priced at $9.99 per month — means you pay no delivery charge on the first 50 orders (with minimum order $10 each). Without the subscription, the average delivery cost is $3-$4. That means if you order Grabfood at least 3 times a month, the subscription can save you money.
  • Get rewarded. Earn GrabRewards that you can redeem for vouchers and discounts on their transport services as well.

What are the most popular restaurants on Grabfood?

  • Kam’s Roast – Pacific Plaza. Kam’s Roast in Hong Kong is a famous 1 Michelin Star Restaurant that bagged its star within only 4 months of opening in 2015. The Singapore outlet in the heart of Orchard Road boasts similar standards of culinary excellence.
  • Burger+. Enjoy burgers, fried chicken, and sides throughout the day. A definite winner is the Korean Bulgogi Burger, made with a secret sweet Bulgogi glaze and Bulgogi mayonnaise.
  • Fatburger. An all-American favourite, Fatburger is a fast-casual restaurant serving juicy burgers, crafted specifically to each customer’s liking. The chain also serves its world-famous wings tossed in their signature sauce.
  • Tsui Wah (翠華). Tsui Wah is famous for their Fish Paste Puffs in Fish Soup. The Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork Cartilage with Tossed Instant Noodles is a homage dish to a Japanese chef who shared this recipe with Tsui Wah. Stewed for several hours until tender, the pork cartilage is soft, chewy, and gelatinous, with a beautiful aroma.
  • Tim Ho Wan. Founded in Hong Kong, dim sum specialist brand Tim Ho Wan (添好運) achieved its first Michelin star in 2010. Grabfood diners can now enjoy its delights in under 30 minutes. Chefs Mak and Leung, together with the Tim Ho Wan culinary team, have developed a refreshed and updated menu available across all their locations.