Nicole Curtis net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Nicole Curtis Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Nicole Curtis is $8 million.

She is a licensed real-estate agent and best known as a TV personality on the show Rehab Addict. The show follows her exploits as she finds homes set to be demolished and rehabs them before listing them for sale.

The Early Life of Nicole Curtis

Nichole was born in 1976 in Michigan. She spends the majority of her life in Orion along with her parents and her brother Curtis. She was interested in show business from an early age. While her parents focused on their garbage business, she pursued a hobby of acting while also focusing on her schoolwork.

Nicole Curtis’s Education

Nichole attended Lake Orion High school from which she graduated in 1994. Following her graduation, she attended college in Georgia, Florida. Additionally, she also took interior designs courses to help further her career in the rehab and real-estate industry. For the most part, she is self-educated in the real estate and rehab space.

How did Nicole Curtis build their net worth?

Nicole Curtis is worth $8 million dollars. While this may seem like moderate net worth, it is worth knowing how she came about her fortune.

Nicole started out her work life as a waitress at Hooters. During her time there she never stopped pursuing other options. She started finding houses to rehab in her spare time and taught herself the basic elements of design and renovation. After becoming a home rehab specialist of her own, she started advocating for communities to rebuild and refurbish instead of tearing down homes that feature a touch of history.

In 1990 she got her chance to take her efforts and her ideas to the big screen. HGTV launched her show, the Rehab Addict which is a highly popular reality show on TV. The show follows her efforts to rehab homes, reconstruct run-down houses, and preserve unique architecture. The show has gained a massive following and has a lot of positive reviews thanks in part to her hands-on methods and her passion for creating rehab projects that fall on or under their modest budgets.

The show has also been picked up by DIY Network which has further increased her net worth. Curtis cares about the communities that she works in and launched the Nicole Curtis Foundation as a way to give back. Its goal is to generate donations that support the homeless, poor, and children in various communities.

Nicole Curtis’s productivity habits

Nicole is a creative and very resourceful person. She makes a point of always staying on the move both in her personal and professional life. She has a passion for doing things in a budget-friendly way which helps her to think on her toes and maximize her productivity levels.

How rich is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis has amassed a net worth of $8 million dollars. As a successful real estate agent, she has the potential to earn even more in the coming years.

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