How to buy Aterian (ATER) shares from the UK

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Aterian (NASDAQ: ATER) is a tech company that acquires and scales emerging brands. Using consumer data and feedback, Aterian quickly develops innovative new products and brings them to market. They also tweak or revamp existing products so that they appeal to more buyers.

Most of their products are aimed at homeowners. Aterian is behind the highly popular PurSteam clothes ironing system, Vremi, hOmeLabs, Squatty Potty, Xtava, and the Mueller coffee machine.

This is your complete guide to buying Aterian shares from the UK.

Unsure about what share dealer to use?

Where to buy Aterian shares


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First time buying?

How to buy Aterian shares

Step 1: Pick an online broker

There are many brokers to choose from. Features to look for when choosing who to trade with include commission-free brokerage, the ability to buy fractional shares (so you have access to some of the more expensive options), as well as a high-quality user interface for trading complete with market research and reports. If you are a casual trader, a modern app helps make the market much more accessible.

Step 2: Fund your account

Once you have selected a broker, you need to fund your account. Typically you will need to verify your identity and then activate your account before you can transfer funds and begin to trade. A word of warning though: depending on the source of funds, it might take a day or two for your funds to clear.

Step 3: Decide how much you want to invest

With the advent of fractional investing, you can buy part of an Aterian share rather than having to buy a whole unit. As well as giving you access to shares you may otherwise not be able to afford, fractional investing also makes it easier to diversify your holding into more companies.

More importantly, though, set a budget for how much you want to invest and avoid the temptation to invest more than you can afford. Always remember that share value is volatile and can rise and fall with the market.

Step 4: Choose whether to buy shares or an ETF

ETFs are a type of investment that give you exposure to a group of companies, usually themed in some way, e.g. consumer goods. An ETF is less risky than a single share because of its diversification, which also means they experience less rapid explosive growth.

ETFs with exposure to Aterian include iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF (IWO) and Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth ETF, (VTWG).

Step 5: Configure your order

A market order is the most basic type. Once submitted, the broker will execute the trade at the next available price.

Several other order types are available, for example, allowing you to configure an order to execute automatically when specific conditions have been met.

Step 6: Place your order

Once configured, click the “Buy” button to buy your shares.

After you buy

What moves Aterian's share price

Keeping track of what is being said about Aterian in the news is a good starting point. It will alert you to any stories that are likely to impact their share price positively or negatively. Employee job satisfaction reports also provide an insight into how the company is performing.

It is also important to understand what their competitors are doing. To do this, keep track of stories and announcements that relate to Perch and Big Drop Inc.

Being a consumer goods company, consumer confidence and the general state of the economy will play a role in the company’s performance. The cost of living may have an effect on the average consumer's willingness to part with money for a lifestyle product they can live without.

Lastly, and perhaps critically, their financial performance can be affected by the acquiring new products or developing new viral products.

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