How to send money to Angola from the UK

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GBP to AOA Angolan kwanza

Are you looking for the best way to send money from the UK to a family member, friend, or business in Angola?

Recipients will get more kwanza for the same amount of pounds when you use an online international money transfer service to send money to Angola from the UK because of their better exchange rates and cheaper transfer fees.

Need to transfer money to Angola from the UK?

Best ways to send money to Angola

Compare more money transfer services before you send money to Angola.

First time sending?

How to send money to Angola from the UK

Online money transfer services are a convenient, fast, reliable, and cheap way to send money to Angola from the UK. This step-by-step process explains how it works if you haven't used one before.

  1. Choose a money transfer service. You can find several reputable online international money transfer services you can use to send money to Angola.
  2. Create an account. You must provide personal information and identification to set up your account.
  3. Set up the transfer. You will need to provide details relevant to the recipient, such as their full name, address, bank account number (if you want to send money to a bank account), and how much money to send. There may be various options for how the funds can be delivered. Choose the delivery method that works best for you and your recipient.
  4. Choose how to pay for the transfer. Most services accept bank transfers and debit cards, and some can accept credit cards. Remember that how you fund the transfer affects the time it takes to complete the transaction and when the recipient will receive their funds.
  5. Confirm details and send money. Depending on the delivery method, the recipient will receive a notification that the money is available to collect, or it will be deposited into their bank account. You may wish to share the reference number or tracking link with the recipient since it may be required to collect money.

What are the fees and charges?

Costs for sending money to Angola from the UK

  • Service fee. The amount of money a money transfer service charges to send to Angola will vary depending on the amount of money being sent, how it is being delivered, and how the transaction is being funded.
  • Collection fee. Charged to pick up cash.
  • Delivery fee. Charged to have cash delivered to the recipient’s address.
  • Cash advance fee. Set by the credit card issuer when funding a money transfer with a credit card. The cash advance interest rate applies separately.
  • Exchange rate. The exchange rate you get is important if you transfer a large amount. The exchange rate between British pounds and Angolan kwanza fluctuates constantly and might only be available for a limited time.

Looking for other options?

Alternative ways to send money to Angola from the UK

There are other ways to send money to Angola if you do not want to use an online money transfer service.

  • Bank transfer. Convenient but more expensive and generally slower than an international money transfer service.
  • Crypto. If the recipient can accept crypto, this can be a very cheap and fast option. Sending a stablecoin means the recipient is not exposed to fluctuations in price like they would if receiving Bitcoin or another token.
  • Money orders. One of the oldest ways to send money. They’re also one of the slowest. Once the recipient receives the money order, they can cash it in.
  • Money transfer agents. Located in most large towns and cities. Check that there is one near the recipient so they can collect the funds.
  • Prepaid cards. Transaction limits, such as how much can be loaded and how much can be withdrawn per day, make prepaid cards impractical for large amounts.

Still not sure?


How long does it take for money sent from the UK to arrive in Angola?

The length of time depends on the method used to send the money. For example, a bank transfer can take a few days, while money sent with a money transfer service can arrive within minutes.

Can I send money to Angola if the recipient has no bank account?

Yes. You can still send money through a transfer service if the recipient has no bank account. The sender can configure the money transfer so the recipient can collect cash from a specific location, or a courier can deliver the cash for an extra fee. Alternatively, you could use a money order, send crypto, or even send a prepaid card.

Is it safe to send money to Angola from the UK?

Yes, sending money to Angola from the UK is safe when you use a reputable company. We only list established money transfer services on Finty.

Can I send a money order to Angola from the UK?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a money order in the UK and send it to Angola via mail or tracked courier. The recipient can then cash the money order at a bank, credit union, local post office, etc.

Can I use my credit card to send money to Angola from the UK?

Yes. You can fund a money transfer to Angola with a credit card. However, your credit card issuer may charge a cash advance fee since the transaction will most likely be classified as a cash equivalent. Additionally, the transaction will immediately incur interest at the cash advance rate.

Can I send cryptocurrency to Angola from the UK?

Yes, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be sent to Angola from the UK. The recipient can then choose whether to sell the crypto for cash or use it to transact with stores and people who accept it.