Best Esso credit cards

Compare Esso credit cards and fuel your life with rebates and rewards with every fill-up.

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Comparing Esso credit cards

OCBC 365 Credit Card

On website


OCBC 365 Credit Card


Up to 6.00% on petrol spend

Cashback cap

$160.00 on any spend

Minimum spend

S$800.00 per month

Sign up bonus



  • Earn 6% cashback on fuel spend and 5% on local and overseas dining.
  • 3% cashback on groceries, travel, land transport, utilities, streaming, and pharmacy.
  • Receive six S$6 vouchers from each of Caltex and Esso and save up to S$72.

Bank promo

  • Earn cashback 7 days a week, 365 days a year, everywhere.


  • The annual fee is waived for the 1st 2 years.
  • Generous cashback rates.
  • Multiple cashback categories to choose from.
  • Get a complimentary appetizer at Din Tai Fung when you pay using your Card.


  • Min annual income of $30,000 for citizens/PRs or $45,000 for foreigners
  • After 2 years, the annual fee reverts to $194.40 for the principal card and $97.20 for the supplementary card.
  • If you spend less than $800 each month, you get a reduced rate of 0.25% rebate on all your spending
  • Earn rate is capped at $160 per month.
Citi Cash Back+ Credit Card

Citi Cash Back+ Credit Card


1.60% on any spend

Cashback cap


Minimum spend


Sign up bonus

Get up to S$300 cash back when you apply today. Terms and Conditions apply


  • Earn 1.6% cashback on all eligible transactions.
  • Earn unlimited cashback with no minimum spend requirements.
  • Comes with complimentary travel insurance,


  • Earn a 0.4% bonus cashback if you have a Citi Interest Booster Account.
  • The first-year annual fee is waived.
  • Get exclusive deals with Citi World Privileges.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


  • After the initial year, the annual fee reverts to S$194.40.
  • Other cashback cards have higher points earning schemes.

Who are Esso credit cards suitable for?

  • Esso loyalists. If your local is an Esso station, then a card that rewards your spend with Esso could chop the cost of driving substantially.
  • Rewards stackers. Earn points with your card as well as points in the Esso Smiles rewards program (which can be converted to KrisFlyer miles).
  • Money savers. I want to spend more money on fuel, said nobody ever.

Example savings at Esso with a credit card

To give you a better idea of how much you can save with a Shell credit card, let's take this frequent driver who commutes daily as an example.

  • Monthly petrol spend: $400
  • Esso credit card discount: 10%
  • Savings annually: $480 for the year.

Plus, assuming they were an Esso Smiles member, they could have earned points on top of that.

Credit card with Esso discounts vs earning points

To help you decide whether to go for a credit card that has discounts applied when you pump at Esso or earns points, let's consider two scenarios.

Get Esso discounts

  • Monthly petrol spend: $400
  • Esso cashback credit card discount: 10%
  • Savings annually: $480

Collect points

  • Monthly petrol spend: $400
  • Credit card earn rate on spend at Esso: 2 points per $1
  • Points earned annually: 9,600 points

Which is better?

If each point earned was valued at 1 cent each, then those 9,600 points would be worth $96. However, since they can be redeemed for a flight or used to upgrade a ticket, their actual value might be much higher. You'd also have to consider whether those points — once added on to your other everyday spend — could contribute towards an aspirational redemption like a business class seat, and what that might be worth.

Taking both on face cash value, you'd be better off with discounts applied at the pump.

What to compare for Esso credit cards

  • Fuel savings. How much would I save on petrol expenses with a card? It's usually a percentage off.
  • Type of rewards. Do I earn points with each purchase or get a discount applied to spend at Esso stations?
  • Limitations. As is standard with most rewards credit cards, there may be limits on how much you can get back as rewards or discounts. Check if there are caps, tiers, maximum limits, or required spend.
  • Additional benefits. Besides reducing the cost of motoring, are there other benefits you can use? This ranges from no fee on foreign transactions to discounts at Sheng Siong.
  • Welcome offers. If you are approved, what is the welcome bonus and what do you have to do to get it?
  • Fees and rates. It goes without saying that you should know how much you'll have to lay out for the card, and whether it makes financial sense to do so.

How to compare Esso credit cards

  1. Filter your options. Make a list of all available Esso credit cards and their offers. This page is a good place to do that.
  2. Clarify what it is you want most. Are the savings on spend at Esso more important that earning rewards points per dollar or are you really looking for more of an all-rounder everyday credit card?
  3. Compare each card's benefits. What's on offer should match up with your personal preferences and needs.
  4. Weigh the pros and cons of each card. Since there are so many on offer, you might need to settle between multiple options.
  5. Apply. But only when you've filtered down to the single best credit card based on your requirements and priorities.

Pros and Cons


  • Reduction in petrol expenses with fuel discounts.
  • Earn reward points with every purchase.
  • Attractive welcome bonuses.


  • Petrol rebates may be limited to Esso fuel stations on some cards.
  • Some cards may require meeting a monthly minimum spending requirement.


Can I earn cash rebates on non-petrol purchases with an Esso credit card?

This depends on the specific card you have. Some cards offer cash rebates exclusively on fuel expenses, while others may extend their cashback offers to other spending categories as well when made at a petrol station. Check your card's terms and conditions for clarification.

Can I use my Esso credit card at non-Esso fuel stations?

While accepted at other fuel stations, you may not get the same savings, cash rebates, or rewards at Caltex, Shell, SPC, or Sinopec as you would at Esso.