Air miles credit cards

Members of airline frequent flyer programs can earn air miles when they purchase flights, redeeming the accumulated miles for future flights or seat upgrades. But it is also possible to earn lots of additional air miles for all your spending with an air miles credit card.

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Comparing 4 air miles credit cards.
Citi Prestige Credit Card

On Citi's website

Citi Prestige Credit Card


  • Earn 5 points (2 miles) per $1 overseas spend and 3.25 points (1.3 miles) per $1 local spend
  • No cap on points and miles won’t expire on you
  • A concierge team to support your lifestyle at home and abroad 
  • Complimentary 4th night stay hurray
  • Earn miles or reward points when you pay your tax, rent, condominium management fee, school fee or electricity bill with Citi PayAll on the Citi Mobile® App

Finty Rewards

  • $10 cash upon getting your card, even for existing Citi cardholders

Bank promo

  • 62,500 points (25,000 miles)
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature

On Maybank's website

Maybank Horizon Visa Signature


  • Up to 3.2 miles per $1 spend on dining, petrol, taxi and travel expenses
  • Complimentary access to selected VIP airport lounges
  • Up to $1 mil travel insurance coverage
  • 3 years annual fee waiver

Finty Rewards

  • $10 cash upon getting your card, even for existing Maybank cardholders

Bank promo

  • $100 cash credit
Citi PremierMiles Card

On Citi's website

Citi PremierMiles Card


  • Earn 2 miles per $1 overseas spend and 1.2 miles per $1 local spend, miles won’t expire on you
  • Access to over 1,000 airport lounges with Priority Pass membership
  • Up to $1 mil travel insurance coverage is awesome
  • Up to 10% rebate at over 500 merchants
  • Earn miles or reward points when you pay your tax, rent, condominium management fee, school fee or electricity bill with Citi PayAll on the Citi Mobile® App

Finty Rewards

  • $10 cash upon getting your card, even for existing Citi cardholders

Bank promo

  • 37,300 miles (extended until 30 June 2020).
American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card

On American Express' website

American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card


  • Earn up to 8.5 HighFlyer points on eligible Singapore Airlines Group flights (uncapped) and earn 1.8 HighFlyer points on all other eligible spends (uncapped).
  • Enjoy fast track to KrisFlyer Elite Gold status with S$15,000 spend with Singapore Airlines Group in the first 12 months.
  • Indulge convenience with the Priority Pass membership with two complimentary visits per year for you and a guest.
  • Complimentary night’s stay every year, and up to 50% dining discounts with Accor Plus across Asia-Pacific.
  • Enjoy 51 days interest-free from the transaction date and 21 days from the statement date, on all purchases.

Bank promo

  • Receive up to 70,000* bonus HighFlyer points - that's worth S$700 off your next flight! Terms and conditions apply.


How can I earn air miles without flying?

Every purchase that you make with an air miles credit card, no matter what you are buying, will earn either direct air miles with a specific airline, or rewards points which can be converted to air miles with a number of airlines, depending on which card you choose.

In addition, air miles credit cards usually come with other benefits attached. These may be travel-related benefits, such as complimentary travel insurance and airport lounge access, or shopping discounts and cash rebates. The higher the miles earning rate and the more extensive the benefits, the higher the annual fee will be, in most cases. It is possible, however, to have an air miles card with no annual fee, or an annual fee waived in the first year only, or in every year when a target spending level is reached.

Compare the air miles credit cards on this page to find one that suits your budget in terms of cost, and your lifestyle in regard to your spending habits and desired rewards.

What type of person should consider an air miles credit card?

Air miles credit cards are designed to benefit someone who travels frequently for business or leisure. The miles earned can be used for flights and seat upgrades, thus reducing your business costs or increasing your leisure travel opportunities. At the same time, the cards may offer other benefits which will appeal to regular travellers, such as complimentary travel insurance, airport lounge access, free hotel stays and airport limousines.

Do air miles credit cards come with other benefits besides air miles?

Yes, most of the time. If you decide that earning air miles is your top priority, you can still find a card tailored to meet your other main requirements, such as having no annual fee, having complimentary travel insurance, giving shopping or petrol discounts, or awarding bonus miles for overseas spending.

What are some of the other benefits attached to air miles credit cards?

You can expect your air miles credit card to come with at least some of the following benefits. Usually, the higher the annual fee, the more benefits you will receive.

  • Bonus miles for card approval, first spending, target spending and card renewal
  • Higher miles earning rate for a particular area of expenditure, such as travel or entertainment, or overseas purchases
  • Cash or merchandise gift on sign-up or first spend
  • Annual fee waiver for reaching a target spending amount
  • Discounts on petrol purchases
  • Discounts on groceries
  • Discount on online travel bookings
  • Complimentary travel insurance
  • Complimentary airport lounge access
  • Complimentary airport limousine service
  • Complimentary hotel nights
  • Discount on luxury lifestyle perks, e.g. golf, yachts, private jets
  • A concierge or lifestyle butler service

Do all air miles credit cards earn miles at the same rate?

No. Cards with a higher annual fee usually earn miles at a faster rate than cards with a low or no annual fee. Look at your annual card spending amount to decide whether it’s worth paying a higher fee in order to earn miles faster. Above-average spenders can usually justify paying a higher fee because they will quickly recoup the fee in air miles value. Low to moderate spenders will normally be better off with a low-fee or no-fee card.

An individual card may have several different miles earning rates, depending on where you do your spending. Overseas spending may attract a higher rate than domestic purchases, for example. Expenditure of a specific kind, such as dining, entertainment or online travel bookings, may also be rewarded with a higher earning rate or bonus miles.

How can I earn bonus miles with my air miles credit card?

Many air miles cards come with bonus air miles attached, to encourage people to apply for, use and renew the card. You may receive thousands of bonus miles when you apply for the card and are approved, more miles with your first spending, further miles if you meet a specific spending target within the first 2-3 months, and even more miles when you renew the card for another year. This is a great way to boost your air miles account.

Which airlines can I earn miles with by using my air miles credit card?

Some cards are linked to the frequent flyer program of a specific airline, such as Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. Other cards may allow you to transfer miles to several airlines, and there are even cards which permit you to transfer miles to over 60 airlines and 8,000 hotels worldwide.

Will I earn air miles on all my credit card transactions?

No. Cash advances, purchases of foreign currency, gambling transactions and balance transfers are all counted as cash advances rather than purchases, and will not earn air miles.

Are there any additional costs for joining a frequent flyer program?

Membership of most airlines’ frequent flyer programs is free. One major exception is the Australian airline Qantas, which charges a one-off joining fee, currently AUD 89.50. However, some credit card issuers may charge an additional program fee (on top of the card’s annual fee) for the privilege of converting their in-house points to air miles.

Can I redeem my air miles for other items besides flights and upgrades?

Yes. There will often be an opportunity to convert your air miles into shopping vouchers or a cashback into your credit card account, or redeem them for merchandise selected from an online catalogue. However, if you are likely to choose any of these three alternatives on a regular basis, having a card which prioritises shopping bonus points, discounts or cashback, rather than air miles, would probably be a cheaper option.

What is a typical annual fee for an air miles credit card?

Annual fees usually start at around $160 and can be as high as $500 or more, depending on the miles earning rate and other attached benefits. However, it is possible to get a card with no annual fee and a lower air miles rate per dollar spent, or an annual fee waiver in return for a target spending amount.

It’s best to avoid a high-fee air miles card if you don’t plan to pay off the balance of your account every month, because the high interest charges will cost more than the value of any miles you could earn.

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