B2Bpay review

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B2Bpay review
  • B2Bpay rewards businesses for paying bills and receiving payments using any credit or debit card.
  • Make payments to billers with your credit or debit card using EFT or BPAY.
  • Accept card payments through your invoices for free.

B2Bpay is a third-party payment network that enables companies to pay for all of their expenses online using any credit or debit card. Zenith Payments, an Australian payments processing and prepaid card provider, owns and operates B2Bpay.

B2Bpay aims to make collecting payments faster by taking all card payments at no cost to you. But is B2Bpay legit? Read our comprehensive review to learn if the online payment portal is the right fit for your business.

What is B2Bpay?

B2Bpay is an Australian-based online payment platform that allows companies to make or receive payments using a credit card, debit card, or bank account while earning credit card reward points and Qantas Points.

B2Bpay rewards you for doing what all businesses must do: paying bills and receiving payments. It also saves you time, assists you in managing and tracking payments, improves your cash flow, eliminates data entry with automatic recording to Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks, and gives simple reports - benefits that all contribute to your company's success.

In B2Bpay, you can monitor and pay all of your bills via a direct feed from Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks when you link your accounting software. To save you time and effort, all payments you make are immediately logged in Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks.

Key features and benefits

Benefits for payers

  • Ease and choice. Payments are simple in B2Bpay: consumers just click a 'Pay Now' button on your invoice to access a secure payment page with your branding. Furthermore, getting started with B2Bpay is simpler than with many other platforms, as there is no need for an IT setup or a bank account.
  • Smooth cash flow. By using B2Bpay to make payments, you will be able to optimise cash flow, save time, and pay all of your invoices with any credit card. Even better, with one of its easy software connections, you'll be able to monitor and pay these invoices from most major accounting platforms.
  • Earn points for even at the ATO. Taxes are an unavoidable part of running a business. While this is true, B2Bpay is a completely automated, safe, and adaptable solution that allows you to make those large tax payments while still making your business lucrative through full credit card and Qantas points earning.
  • Build credit score. Pay all invoices from your company bank account to build credit. Also, any business-related payments should be received in your corporate bank account rather than your personal account. Using your business credit card, keep track of your company spending. Ensure that the business credit cards are paid from the company's bank account. Paying on time might help you improve your credit score significantly.

Benefits for businesses

B2Bpay provides additional great business benefits, such as the ability to earn full credit card and Qantas points.

You may pay all of your bills using your bank account or a credit or debit card that you already have. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club are all accepted by B2Bpay. You can pay all of your billers with the same card, or you can designate separate cards for various billers. The 'My Wallet' tab allows you to keep track of and manage the credit and debit cards you use to pay your bills.

With B2Bpay, your business can:

  • Open its own non-resident bank account in Europe.
  • Get free payments from 35 EU nations in 2-12 hours.
  • Make SEPA payments in 35 EU countries.
  • Save €30 on SWIFT fees and +80% on currency exchange (FX)
  • Benefit from automated FX conversion.
  • Integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways.
  • Make payments in 138 different currencies across the world.
  • Instantly receive notice of receiving payments.
  • Benefit from online onboarding.

What cards work with B2Bpay?

B2Bpay accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club payments from SMEs (ABN holders) and allows you to make or schedule a payment to another party by bank transfer or BPAY (fees vary depending on the specific card you use).
It also accepts PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip payments.

Costs and Fees

There is no charge to join B2Bpay, and there are no costs other than the (possibly tax-deductible) card processing fee, which varies depending on the card you use.

B2Bpay sends you a tax invoice for card processing costs, at the following rates (without GST):

  • 1.2% + GST (after company tax deduction: 0.84%) for standard Visa/Mastercard
  • 1.55% + GST (after tax deduction: 1.09%) for premium and corporate Visa/Mastercard
  • 2.2% + GST for American Express (after tax deduction: 1.54%)
  • 2.4% + GST for Diners Club cards (after tax deduction: 1.68%)
  • 2.73%+ GST for international cards (after tax deduction: 1.91%)

How do I earn points with B2Bpay?

Aside from any extra points provided to new users, B2Bpay offers two ways to earn points: the points earned by your card purchase, and an additional serving of Qantas Points through their partnership with Qantas Business Rewards.

To begin, you may earn full points by using your credit card, and you can also earn Qantas Business Rewards by using B2Bpay. Qantas Business Rewards has a one-time cost of $89.50 to join, however, it is free if you join through B2Bpay.

In addition to earning full points from your credit card spend, B2Bpay offers an extra 1 Qantas Point per $100 paid through the platform. For instance, a $50,000 tax bill would earn you 500 Qantas Points in addition to earning full points from your credit card spend, unlike most cards if you paid the ATO directly.

There are also a number of B2Bpay bonus biller partners with whom you may earn up to ‘3 Qantas Points every $1.50' in payments. You'd get 10,000 Qantas Points plus the points from your credit card if you paid a $5000 payment at the highest bonus biller rate.



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Pros and cons


  • A fast, transparent and cheap online payment processor.
  • Make an account without being a permanent resident.
  • Add crypto as an alternate payment option on your website.
  • Enhanced fund settlement and reconciliation of Virtual IBAN accounts.
  • B2BPay charge a fee to process your payments. If you are using them just to earn frequent flyer points, make sure the price per point is within an acceptable range.
  • Using a payment processor adds an additional step. It may be more hassle than it's worth for a business with a large number of payments.


Rental Rewards

Rental Rewards, also a part of Zenith Payments, allows renters to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points by paying rent, bond, utility bills and rent deposits by credit card, bank account and BPay.

The platform accepts a range of credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express and you can earn 1,000 Frequent Flyer points with your first payment as well as 1,000 points after 12 consecutive monthly payments and points for each dollar paid. You can also pay using your bank account and BPay but you earn 250 points for your first payment and another 250 points after 12 consecutive monthly payments.

Fees range from 0.5% for bank account transactions to 2.65% for each American Express/Diners Club transaction.


RewardPay is similar to B2Bpay in that you can use the platform to make all your business payments and you can earn substantial Frequent Flyer points, depending on the size of your business spend. However, you can only use American Express cards with RewardPay.

Fees range from 2.15% plus GST for transactions up to 20,000 to 1.65% plus GST for transactions of $2m and over.

American Express AccessLine

Another product for American Express cardholders only, AccessLine lets you make secure payments to suppliers in Australia and overseas, even if they don’t accept cards.

You can also earn up to 2.25 Membership rewards points for each dollar spent.

AccessLine charges a 2.15% fee for each transaction.


Is it worth the extra 1.25% - 1.80% for paying bills by credit card?

The only charge for using B2Bpay is a card processing fee, which varies based on the card type and ranges from 1.2% to 2.4% excluding GST (or 0.84% to 1.64% after applicable business tax deduction).  The value of the credit card and Qantas Points you may earn, as well as the cash flow benefits of keeping your cash longer, outweigh this fee.

Business owners: Does B2Bpay make it easier to collect customer payments?

Yes. Although you are not required to register in order to accept payments through B2Bpay, it recommends that you do so in order to take advantage of all of the B2Bpay features, including your own secure login to track payments and access detailed, downloadable reports. Unless you want to absorb the processing expenses, receiving payments via B2Bpay is free.

Business owners: Could paying my bills via B2Bpay on a credit card help build my credit score?

It depends. B2Bpay claims that paying your bills by credit card can be good for your credit history, provided you always pay your credit card bills on time.

The verdict

The B2Bpay platform is a helpful platform for SMEs managing numerous billers who want to use a range of cards for their company expenditure, and it comes with a lot of features to help them make their service more valuable to their consumers.

The Qantas Business Rewards program, as well as the option to use Visa and Mastercard in addition to American Express, provide additional value. The costs are reasonable for a service of this nature, and there are also the cash flow advantages of charging company expenses to your credit card to consider.

Some of the additional B2Bpay platform features, such as saving numerous cards and choosing which card to use for particular invoices, scheduled billing, and the bonus billers service, help to justify some of the charges.