Citi credit cards

Apply for a credit card from Citi and you could enjoy some of the cheapest promotional rates and fantastic rewards.

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Comparing Citi credit cards

Citi Rewards 100,000 Bonus Citi Reward Points Offer

Citi Rewards 100,000 Bonus Citi Reward Points Offer

Balance transfer


Purchase rate

21.49% p.a. ongoing

Annual fee

$99.00 for 1st year


  • Receive 100,000 bonus Citi reward Points after spending $5,000 on eligible purchases within the initial 3 months days from approval. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • The initial year presents a discounted annual fee of $99 ($199 p.a. thereafter).
  • Comes with complimentary mobile phone insurance. See Terms and Conditions here.


  • Earn 100,000 bonus points when you meet the criteria.
  • Discounted annual fee.
  • You can shop and use your points to receive a credit back.
  • 10% off Limited Time LUX Exclusive hotel offers (up to $250 per booking) booked by 1 March 2025.


  • No ongoing introductory balance transfer or purchase offer.
Citi Clear Credit Card

Citi Clear Credit Card

Balance transfer

24 months at 0% p.a.

Purchase rate

14.99% p.a. ongoing

Annual fee

$49.00 for 1st year


  • Benefit from 0% p.a. for 24 months on Balance Transfers (with a 1.5% Balance Transfer fee). The rate reverts to the cash advance rate.
  • Get a discounted first-year annual fee of $49 ($99 p.a. thereafter)
  • Enjoy a low ongoing variable purchase rate of 14.99% p.a.
  • Access to complimentary insurances including Extended Warranty Insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance. See Terms and Conditions here.


  • Low ongoing variable purchase rate of 14.99% p.a.
  • Add up to 4 additional cardholders at $0 fee.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on retail purchases.
  • Enjoy 10% off (up to $250) Limited Time LUX Exclusive hotel offers until 1 March 2025.


  • There is no rewards program on this card.
  • After the initial year, the annual fee reverts to $99 p.a.
  • Interest will be charged on retail purchases while you have a balance transfer.
Citi Rewards Card Balance Transfer and Purchase Offer

Citi Rewards Card Balance Transfer and Purchase Offer

Balance transfer

15 months at 0% p.a.

Purchase rate

15 months at 0% p.a.

Annual fee

$199.00 p.a. ongoing


  • 0% p.a. for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. Balance transfer reverts to cash advance rate.
  • Complimentary mobile phone insurance when you pay your monthly mobile plan bill with your Citi Rewards Credit Card . See Terms and Conditions here.
  • Earn up to 1 Citi reward point for every $1 spent.


  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers and purchases for the first 15 months.
  • No balance transfer fee.
  • Earn up to 1 Citi reward point for every $1 spent.
  • 10% off Limited Time LUX Exclusive hotel offers (up to $250 per booking) booked by 1 March 2025.


  • Balance transfer changes to a 22.24% p.a. cash advance rate after 15 months.
  • Fee for an additional card is $90.

More about Citi credit cards

Expert tips for choosing a Citi credit card plus how to get the most out of it.

  • FAQs

Will I need to switch all my bank accounts to Citi to get a credit card from them?

No. Anyone that meets their minimum criteria can apply. There is no no need to switch your everyday transaction accounts too.

Can I manage my credit card account online?

Yes. Citi have robust online banking, allowing you to carry out everyday tasks like checking your balance, reviewing recent transactions, etc.

Can I use telephone banking to manage my card?

Yes. If you have a query, you can call Citi for assistance. You can also do balance checks, make payments, etc. over the phone.

Can I transfer a balance from another credit card at Citi and get the promotional offer?

Generally, Citi only allows new customers to transfer balances from other financial institutions and get the benefits of a low interest promotion, but not from one Citi credit card to another. Check the small print on each deal to ensure you are aware of all restrictions before you apply.

Do they charge a fee for balance transfers?

On some Citi credit cards there is a fee for balance transfers. As noted above, however, you should be aware that at the end of the balance transfer period your rate will revert to a higher interest rate, normally the purchase or cash advance rate, and any outstanding debt will be charged accordingly.

How long does it take for Citi to process a balance transfer?

Balance transfer requests generally take 10 business days to process, so if approved you should receive the transfer within two calendar weeks. You should allow extra time for any cheques to be received at the other financial institution (if payments were transferred electronically). You can monitor your account with Citi Online to see when the transfer appears.

Can I earn rewards points with Citi?

There is a choice of rewards programs. Cardholders gather points every time they use their card for everyday payments, and points are automatically earned on any direct debts linked to Citibank cards. Extra points are earned when you shop using a Citi credit card at Citibank’s Bonus Partners.

Points collected can be redeemed for regularly updated offers and on Citi’s rewards programs. Citi World Privileges is a travel rewards scheme offering preferential treatment and benefits at destinations around the world, including flights, restaurant discounts, hotels, car rentals, retail offers, spa services, adventures and more. Citi Dining, among other perks, offers a complimentary bottle of wine at selected Citi restaurants, in addition to earning bonus rewards points.

What is Citi Rewards?

As soon as you receive your new Citi credit card with Citi Rewards, every dollar you spend on your card earns a point, and you get extra points if you are a Gold or Platinum cardholder or make payments to the program’s partner companies.

Citi Rewards include retail gift cards, travel and adventure, outdoors and fitness pursuits, homeware, electronics, cash back and annual fees, and more. One of the benefits of Citi Rewards is that you have the option to use cash with your points, so unlike other schemes you don’t necessarily have to wait until you have earned enough to claim your chosen reward.

What other types of rewards programs are on offer?

Some cards offer rewards from specific companies: with the Citi Emirates Credit Card you earn Skywards points on every dollar spent, for example. The Citi Platinum and Citi Select credit cards offer access to the Qantas Rewards frequent flyer program.

Other rewards available to Citi credit cardholders include online shopping discounts, the Dining Program and the Wine Cellar.

How long does it take to apply?

Assuming you have all your details nearby, the online application process should take about 10 minutes to complete, and you will be notified of Citi’s response in minutes.

Who can apply for a Citi credit card?

You can apply for a Citi credit card if you are over 18 years old, are a citizen or resident of Australia, and meet the specific minimum income required for the particular card. Read our review or click on the 'Application’ button to discover the minimum required for the card you want to apply for.

What do I need to fill out an application?

To apply online you will need to provide your full name, contact details, date of birth and your employment details. For balance transfers you need to provide details of your current account (the one you want to transfer from), your financial situation including income and expenses, and, if you are self-employed, you need to supply contact details for your accountant.

Is there a way to improve my application?

Having all the relevant information and providing it clearly and correctly will help the application process. Make sure you give a contact number where you can be easily contacted in case Citi requires any additional information (and be prepared to answer calls from numbers you may not recognise). Inform your pay-roll department, or your accountant if you are self-employed, that Citi will be in contact to confirm your income, so all the information is prepared in advance.