What is a CDIA?

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Commsec CDIA

Have you been considering opening a CommSec account to trade shares and other securities? If so you might have come across the Commonwealth Direct Investment Account, abbreviated to CDIA.

Curious as to what a CDIA is, whether you need one, and what the benefits are? Read on.

What is a CDIA?

A CDIA functions like a transaction account, but with some key differences. You can use it to fund trades on CommSec, make regular transactions, and withdraw cash at an ATM.

The main benefit of a CDIA is the cheaper brokerage fees, which come down to $10 compared to the standard $29.95 for trades up to $1000. In addition, account balances of $500,000 or more earn interest at 0.1% p.a.

Pros & cons


  • Get reduced brokerage fees, saving up to $19.95 on each trade.
  • No ongoing fees so you can keep more of your money to trade with.
  • Earn interest if you have more than $500,000 in the account.
  • Free dividend direction with CommSec means that your dividends will be automatically paid into your account.


  • Another bank account to manage can be a hassle, but you will need a cash management account to fund your trades.
  • No interest earned if you are under the $500,000 minimum requirement, which could earn interest if saved elsewhere.


How much does a CDIA cost?

A CDIA is free to use. There are no monthly fees for CDIA accounts that have been linked to your CommSec account. There are also unlimited no fee electronic withdrawals.

Do you have to use a CDIA with CommSec?

No, you do not have to use CDIA with CommSec. However, the lower brokerage fees and interest speak for themselves.

If you are an existing Commonwealth Bank customer then a CDIA account is automatically opened with your application to CommSec.

If you do not bank with Commonwealth Bank, you can still use a CDIA by transferring funds to your CDIA account to make your trades.

Is there a minimum balance for CDIA?

No, there is no minimum balance requirement for a CDIA account.

What is the CDIA interest rate?

There is no interest payable on balances below $500,000. Balances above $500,000 linked to a CommSec account garner a 0.10% interest rate.

Interest is calculated daily and credited to your CDIA account on the first calendar day of the month.

Can you have more than one CDIA?

Yes, you can have multiple CDIA accounts associated with your CommSec profile.

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