Claiming Finty Rewards

Updated 19 Aug 2020

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about claiming your Finty Rewards.

Who can claim Finty Rewards?

Finty Rewards are open to citizens, permanent residents, and foreigners living in Singapore.

Can I get Finty Rewards without an account?

No. If you don't have an account already, creating one is easy!

What do I need before I can claim?

Finty will automatically record any visits from our website to a partner's website when you are logged in. If you subsequently go on to apply and are approved, you will need to complete your profile and upload your proof of approval before you can claim.

What proof of approval is required to process a claim?

We will verify your claim against the approval letter or email for the product. You can provide an image or screenshot of it.

Should the proof of approval match my profile?

Yes. Your name and address should match and be visible on your proof of approval.

Do Finty need to see the full account number on the proof of approval?

No. If the full account number is visible on your proof of approval, please obscure it using a pen (or similar) before uploading it.

Can I claim Finty Rewards for a different product?

No. Only products that you visited after If you did not leave Finty to view the product for which you are claiming

Can I claim Finty Rewards on behalf of someone else?


Can I claim Finty Rewards multiple times for the same product?


Can I retain successful Finty Rewards claims and withdraw them later?

No. We do not have a wallet or ledger. Claims are processed on a weekly basis.

How are successful claims paid out?

We pay out to whatever bank account was provided when uploading your proof of approval. We pay out on a weekly basis.

Is there a time limit?

Yes. You have 45 days to claim your Finty Rewards after your visit from Finty to the partner's website was logged.

How do I get Finty Rewards?

If you are unsure about how Finty Rewards works, you can find a detailed guide here.