Andrew Boyd

Andrew Boyd

Managing Director

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Andrew Boyd built his first website when he was 17. After studying at Queen’s University Belfast, he spent several years as a consultant at a web development and marketing agency in England. Following this, he co-founded Credit Card Compare in 2008 with his brother, David. In 2020, Credit Card Compare was rebranded as Finty.

He has more than a decade’s experience with credit cards for consumers and businesses. Andrew has been quoted and widely syndicated in financial publications such as Wealthness, Business Insider, Dynamic Business, Inside Small Business, Your Mortgage, Australian Broker, and Finextra as well as mainstream publications including and Sydney Morning Herald.

He leads the team of engineers and designers responsible for the Finty website and Credit Health apps. In 2017 he instigated the development of a free credit score service, working with Experian. The service launched in late 2018 with the Credit Health apps—the first credit score monitoring app of their kind in Australia—launching six months later in May 2019.