American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

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American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card


  • $0 annual fee in the first year, saving you $195.
  • Earn 3 Membership Rewards points per $1 spent at major supermarkets and petrol stations.
  • Enjoy $200 to spend on travel each year that can be used on eligible flights, hotels, or car hire when booked through American Express Travel.

Pros and cons


  • $0 annual fee in the first year, saving you $195.
  • Receive $200 to spend on eligible domestic and international flights, hotels, or car hire with American Express Travel.
  • Smartphone Screen Cover for smartphone screen repairs up to $500.


  • The ongoing purchase rate of 23.99%.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. Get up to 4 additional cards at no extra cost.
  • Digital wallets. You can use this card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Gambling transactions. This card cannot be used for gambling transactions.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. Cardholders have access to complimentary international travel insurance.
  • Concierge services. The American Express Platinum Edge does not include a concierge service.
  • Insurances. Offers Overseas Medical Emergency Expenses Cover, Personal Liability Cover, Travel Cancellation Cover, Travel Inconvenience Cover, and up to $10,000 cover for loss or damage to baggage, money, or documents.
  • Rewards points. Use the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card to earn 3 points at major supermarkets and petrol stations, 2 points on purchases in a foreign currency when overseas and online, and 1 point on all other purchases.
  • Sign-up bonus. There is no ongoing sign-up bonus for this card at the moment.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. The annual fee for the first year is $0, then $195 p.a. after that.
  • Balance transfers. There is no balance transfer offer on this card at this time.
  • Cash advances. Cash advances will be charged interest at the cash advance interest rate of 23.99% p.a.
  • Foreign exchange fee. All purchases made in a foreign currency will encounter a 3% foreign transaction fee.
  • Interest-free period. This card offers an interest-free period of up to 55 days on purchases except for cash advances if you have paid off your previous balance or made the minimum required payments
  • Purchases. Purchases made with this card will attract the standard rate of 23.99% p.a. interest.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



I try to use this card wherever possible

Reviewed by Suzanne B

I only have one complaint and that is the card is not accepted everywhere and some outlets charge an additional fee to use it. However, the rewards system with AMEX is pretty good. We have had many weekends away using the rewards points for motels and accommodation. We have also purchased through the rewards

I love this credit card!

Reviewed by Bill

I’ve been really happy with this card since I got it last year, the return flight is brilliant and you can access so many seats, the same available to a normal paying customer it seems! I spend mostly at supermarkets and have already accumulated over $400 in points in around 7 months, plus a free flight and travel insurance- offsets the cost of the annual fee easily – this card is a no brainer!

Throw away your wallet and just carry an AmEx

Reviewed by Linga

Very convenient one-stop-shop. Accepted virtually everywhere with latest chip and PIN technology. Love the convenience of internet banking. Extremely attentive customer service on the only occasion when I needed help. Able to manage account with completely paperless efficiency. I have benefited from AmEx offers including the option for early booking of major events.


Exceptional card with great rewards

Reviewed by Rocky Bali

I have been using the AmEx Platinum Edge card for 9 years now and I think this is the best card available in the market. Their rewards programme is exceptional value, with a huge variety of products to choose from. Also the rates and fees are very competitive.

Love the free flight

Reviewed by Liz

I love pulling out the American Express card whenever I can, knowing that I am earning Membership Rewards points in one of the best rewards programs on the market.

I absolutely take advantage of the annual free return domestic flight and think that this more than covers the annual fee of $99.

I feel good about using my AmEx when out and about from grocery shopping to a nice restaurant. It has the full 55 days interest-free period, which is great, although it seems like the standard for cards with an annual fee under $100.

I would recommend the card more if the interest rate was lower. This card is really most beneficial when you repay in full every month by the due date, utilising the 55 days interest-free period, and avoiding interest altogether. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t always happen—ot so good with an interest rate over 20%.

Overall though, depending on what you want out of a credit card, this card is a winner. It works great for me.

Happy with airline points

Reviewed by M.

I use this card to get airline points from grocery stores and petrol stations. It’s been pretty good so far, haven’t needed to call up for an issue so can’t really comment on the customer service. The only annoying thing is a lot of services don’t take Amex (or they charge a 2.5% surcharge) which you can potentially get a lot points on.

Pretty good deal!

Reviewed by Paul

I love this credit card. It’s just what I need – no fuss, lots of bonuses. It only took a couple of hours to get set up, I had the card in 2 business days, and I’ve never looked back! Another cool feature is AMEX 'Local Champion’

Free reward flight and low fee

Reviewed by Ilias

Fairly cheap to run and you get a free return flight within Australia with Virgin—worth considering! American Express normally have promotions to balance transfer from other cards for free or low interest and waive first year fees, which is approx $200 for this card. Therefore, the first year is fee-free and you fly for free.

Fantastic card that earns you money and rewards

Reviewed by Jess

I love my Amex Platinum Edge. It comes with a free domestic flight with Virgin that makes the annual fee well worth it. The rewards scheme is fantastic. But i also love the frequent “cash back” offers which, if used strategically, can save you a lot of money. My AmEx makes me money in the end.

A good card to have

Reviewed by Tony

Low fee vs good reward, it is a good card to have. Not like other cards that offer free air tickets, this American Express premium credit card has very acceptable annual credit card fee. You will able to get your money back from the air ticket alone, plus then you receive your credit card benefits for free.

Good card, but I'd prefer wider acceptance

Reviewed by Bevan

Good card, but it would be better if more widely accepted. I use it most of the time, but there is a problem sometimes with not being able to get cash advances. I carry it all the time. Great rewards etc with points. I would upgrade to a higher card if i could. More credit is necessary for travel, but it’s a very good card .

Best credit card on the market

Reviewed by Michael

This is the best credit card, as it has a triple points offer, a free flight within Australia and excellent limit and services.

It has a 24/7 concierge and can book your flights.

Once I was on a trip and I accidentally lost my passport, but had it covered under insurance because I booked my flight with the card. Well worth the cost.

Good rewards easily offset the annual fee

Reviewed by Mat

For a $195 annual fee I got an included return flight from Melbourne to Sydney and accrued enough points for two return business class flights from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, saving over $2500.

A very handy card to have with excellent points accrual potential on groceries and fuel, which we all buy anyway.

Good value credit card, hopefully nothing changes

Reviewed by James

The card has good points earning, good added bonuses of travel insurance and a free domestic return flight each year (which offsets the annual fee).

AmEx regularly hold promotions to get cash back on purchases, which acts as an added bonus.

There’s a good mobile phone app and website, which makes viewing details very easy.

The interest rate is higher than others, but always paying the balance at the end of each month obviously overrides any negative to this.

Benefits offset the annual fee

Reviewed by Sugiarto

This is one of the top credit cards I’m using right now. i applied for this credit card because I heard about the benefits from lots of my friends. Benefits such as: credit statement, promotions, good customer service

Even though American Express comes with a high annual fee, all the benefits I get offset the annual fee.

Good credit card but I won't be renewing it

Reviewed by Erin

I’ve had my credit card for five years and enjoyed the “free” domestic Virgin flight that my annual fee helped pay for. Now the $199 annual fee only gets you a $200 travel credit that you can use through the AmEx travel agency. It’s a shame that the prices of the travel agency are so over-inflated. I like the card but won’t be renewing it.

Also, it annoys me that AmEx isn’t readily accepted and that there are often extra charges to use your AmEx. The customer service is amazing, however. I also trust the AmEx brand but I feel like I don’t make enough use of the rewards program, hence, why I’m not renewing it.

Flight benefit changed, so unsure going forward

Reviewed by Valerie

I’ve had my American Express Platinum Edge card for about four years and it has been great until recently, when they decided to replace the free return domestic flight with a $200 travel credit. I don’t know if it is worth it any more, given that the travel credit expires within a year and you can only use the travel credit with AmEx Travel.

Exceptional service

Reviewed by Mark

I find the AmEx Card very good and I’m able to use it almost anywhere.

Whenever I have had any issues the phone call centre is exceptional ( yes, exceptional). I use several credit cards and none match the AmEx service.

Interest rates are high but comparable to other brands. They do have specials on interest from time to time, but be careful to pay it off before it reverts to the higher rate. I would recommend this company AmEx as a very safe and secure global credit card provider.

Perhaps best rewards card on the market

Reviewed by M

The 1:1 transfer ratio with major airline partners is a lot better than the 2:1 many other Visa/MasterCards or even bank-issued AmEx cards offer. You earn a point per dollar, and that doubles at petrol stations (surely an average driver uses $50 or more a week) and triples when you do your groceries. Add occasional AmEx offers, plus a travel credit that offsets the annual fee. So good.

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