ANZ First Visa Credit Card

ANZ First Visa Credit Card


  • Obtain $125 cashback upon spending $750 on eligible purchases within the initial 3 months after approval. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Enjoy a $0 annual fee for the first year ($30 p.a. thereafter).
  • Benefit from up to 55 days interest-free on purchases by paying your account in full each month.

Pros and cons


  • Earn a $125 cashback when you meet the criteria.
  • $0 first-year annual fee.
  • A low minimum credit limit of $1,000.


  • There are no ANZ Rewards or Qantas Points benefits.
  • There are cards with a lower ongoing purchase rate.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. This card allows up to 3 additional cardholders for free, which means you can share your account with family members and friends you trust. If you do add additional cardholders, you will be responsible for the account's management.
  • Digital wallets. Add this card to your phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Other popular digital wallets like those from Garmin are also supported.
  • Gambling transactions. ANZ charges the cash advance rate on all gambling-related purchases.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. Complimentary international travel insurance does not come with this card.
  • Concierge services. The ANZ First Visa Credit Card does not give cardholders access to a concierge service, which is understandable since it is an entry-level product.
  • Insurances. Cardholders will have extended warranty insurance and purchase protection insurance with fraud monitoring security from ANZ Falcon.
  • Rewards points. This card does not come with a rewards program.
  • Sign-up bonus. If you apply for a new ANZ First Visa Credit Card, you will earn $125 cashback when you spend $750 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. The first-year annual fee is waived. After the promotional year, it will cost $30 p.a., which will be charged every year the card remains open.
  • Balance transfers. ANZ does not have a balance transfer offer for this card.
  • Cash advances. The interest rate on cash advances with the ANZ First Visa Credit Card is 21.99% p.a. with interest accruing immediately. A one-off cash advance fee is also charged per transaction.
  • Foreign exchange fee. The fee for overseas purchases or online in a foreign currency will be 3%.
  • Interest-free period. This card comes with up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases except cash advances. To qualify, you must have paid off your previous balance in full by the due date.
  • Purchases. The ongoing interest rate of 20.99% p.a. will apply to eligible purchases.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Very helpful staff

Reviewed by shelleytas1964

I love my ANZVISA card its got great interest rates and the bank is always on hand for advice when I need them. I find the staff at ANZ very helpful and accommodating when I need to change anything. Making payments on my card at my local ANZ branch is easy and convenient and having my statement emailed is also a plus.


Smiling customer says it all

Reviewed by Bev

This is an easy to use, relatively ( as these things go) safe and functional card. I have always had intelligent and reliable service from ANZ . The fees are minimal. I have never actually had an issue with this card at all…but you always need to realise that part of using a credit card is your own smarts too! So yes i am smiling and keeping this card!


Worth signing up for

Reviewed by Chicky

This is a good product and it is well worth signing up for. I have compared this product to many others and have found this one to suit my needs to best. It is very easy to use and I have been quite happy to keep using this card. I would recommend it.

Good card, low annual fee, and no rewards/benefits

Reviewed by Sarah

The ANZ First Visa is $30 per year

Obviously the best choice

Reviewed by Carver

In my opinion, getting this credit card is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Transactions can be made very quickly and very easily, no hassle at all. The interest rates for this card are so high I can’t believe it! The rewards side, however, may be a little exaggerated, but this is still the top choice nonetheless. Very convenient, ANZ have great customer service and support

The most important think for me is the trust

Reviewed by Zuzka

The most important think for me is the trust. I am traveling a lot so I need to be sure if my credit card get stolen it can be blocked immediately. I do trust the Visa Card and I am happy to have one. Otherwise if I compare it … it is nothing really special about it.

Suited me and my needs

Reviewed by Dean

I like my card because everything about it so far has suited for me and my needs their service is great. They also have great security if there is a problem I’m secured and contacted immediately. I would have no problem with introducing this card and the ANZ service banking to anyone to try. They won’t be disappointed I promise you.


Happy with my card

Reviewed by Kerry

This card I got to help pay for a car as I was short a small amount and has been handy to have and it is easy to get things you buy or the Internet and it is easy to use and handy when you are short of cash you can use it any where and any place I have been. It is a popular card.

Very pleased with my card

Reviewed by Wendy

Pleased with my card, if any problems they are straight on to it and sort them out. Falcon protects really especially when overseas. Never any problems from the bank they help in every way possible I would tell everyone to get this one from the ANZ bank. Great credit card.


Great first credit card for students working

Reviewed by Gen

Great customer service and simple easy to deal with card. Great first credit card for students working or first job. Recommended and very pleased with the card. Great support when you lose the card. Very friendly customer service. Got the card with first job on relatively small income. Now my income is higher was easy to up the limit of the card.

This card is pretty good

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is the first card I have had and I’m very pleased with it. I have no reason to change. ANZ support services are very good and they tend to pick you a card that is right for you. It is linked to your everyday account and you can see how much you are spending straight away with online banking. Excellent choice for my first redit card. Ps. since I am a student the fees are waived

Get your debt under control

Reviewed by Jules

After getting into debt with credit cards, although I was not a customer of ANZ

Very pleased with card

Reviewed by leslie

This card is very handy as I can use it any time as long as I have money to play with and it is very good to carry with me all the time anywhere in this country. I think it is good to have, could not do better.

My preferred bank

Reviewed by Maureen

They have complied with their agreement to me. I understand the terms and conditions after having them explained to me by a staff member. At any time I have misunderstood and received penalties they have reversed the fees and advised me of the correct information. They have always followed through on any of my enquiries and ensured I have am clear on the information they have provided and always send printed material as a follow up.

Bank is looking after me

Reviewed by Wilky

The accounts department rang when they spotted an anomaly with a debit. This turned out to be fraudulent. and payment was stopped. Card was cancelled forthwith and a new card with a different number was issued which arrived within 4 working days. Great stuff. Not only is this card convenient to use but ANZ staff watch for unusual usage of it as stated previously.


Use it for cashflowing

Reviewed by Member

This credit card comes in handy if I need quick cash. Needed the card originally to help pay for some parts for my car but has helped us out plenty of times for example if my partners pay is late it can cover expenses till we get the money very pleased

Easy money

Reviewed by Don

I have enjoyed having a reliable card to get me through my holidays and general day to day living. Always conscious of interest charges this card has met all of my needs well. We have also be happy with their service when problems have occurred due to online scams etc.

Changed over

Reviewed by marianrose

I changed to the ANZ First Visa Card for their special offer of 1% on transfer balances

Best card I've had

Reviewed by Sarah

This card is the best I have had I spend my money and don’t get in debt for spending money I don’t have so east to use Internet banking and great smart phone iPhone apps that is real easy to us I would give this card 10 out of 10.

Easy to use and manage

Reviewed by Marina

This card is easy to use, easy to access the balance via internet banking. Linked accounts makes it very easy to manage and monitor your transactions. The fraud department watching over this banks cards is exceptional. I feel very reassured to use this card for internet purchases or banking, as I believe the security measures in place are constantly updated.

Very happy

Reviewed by Danielle

I got this VISA first card to use to help pay for parts for my car which helped a lot. Now I have it for emergencies. I’m always paying off the amount I use before I incur interest. I always tried to steer away from credit cards but now since I have had this one I would recommend it for emergencies.


Had this credit card for 8 years

Reviewed by Ann-Marie

I have had this credit card for 8 years, I have never had any problems at all. The bank is easy to contact and deal with. Someone stole my credit card details, and the bank was fantastic, they handled everything for me quickly and without any fuss. They were fantastic.

Handy to have as a back up

Reviewed by Julsy

Would deal with this bank again, very friendly trustworthy service … couldn’t do enough to help. This card is perfect for me and my family, it meets our needs perfectly. The card is accepted every where and is handy to have as a back up, if an emergency takes place. Would recommend.

It's just okay

Reviewed by Jonathan D

It’s ok for a credit card but I’m sure there are much better out there. No rewards on the card. Interest rates are a bit high. Security is ok but for a bank that claims to have excellent security someone accessed my card and their so called “Falcon Security” thought that a late 30’s man buying Lego was normal.

Trust my Visa card

Reviewed by John Tognola

I have had this type of card for over 10 years and in that time I have only praise in the professional way transactions are conducted. I once had the falcon advise of fraudulent charges and the way they fixed it won my admiration. I would have no hesitation in recommending this card to anyone. The rewards program meets all expectations.

Reasonable and good introductory card

Reviewed by Marie Divers

I feel that this is a great card to start out with. I got my card to help pay some bills and also as an emergency back up plan. Staff are always helpful and I would recommend this product to anyone considering it. Fees are reasonable as well.

Same as the rest, but secure

Reviewed by Steve

No difference to the rest, has the same features with security chip, swipe and Pay Wave, fees are too high, even though it is promoted as a low fee card. Interest rate is too high, on the plus side they have good customer service, and security is very good with anti-fraud.

Easy to use and linked with online banking

Reviewed by Crystal

I found the ANZ First Visa easy to apply for online. I like that it is linked with my online banking

ANZ Visa

Reviewed by Anon

A convenient, safe way to pay accounts and for services that is accepted Australia wide. An essential financial tool for family and personal purchases and the maintenance of a good family budget management control system. Able to arrange use in overseas locations.

Generally quite pleased with this card

Reviewed by Lyn C

I like this card as accepted without question everywhere. Very convenient. Very easy to use and monthly statements. Else where in the world this card is accepted.

A card for convenience

Reviewed by Sumita K

Have had my credit card for 10 years and have absolutely loved the easy use and financial freedom, particularly now given online shopping is a norm. Have used my card immensely both locally and in overseas. I’ve never tried any other card because I didn’t need to, as it provides basically what all other card would provide. The ANZ credit card hasn’t let me down.


Fairly pleased with this card

Reviewed by Debbie Cantwell

Fees a little high and find the insurance premium unnecessary but not sure how to take if off. But never have a problem when using the card even if I go over the limit, never declines. Also security has not been an issue, seems to be a very secure service.

Love the different colours and ease of use

Reviewed by Jess

Being able to choose the colour of your card is a neat feature of the ANZ First Visa credit card

Always reliable

Reviewed by N/A

Since I have been using this card over a three year period, I have always had access to my money when I needed it. I especially love the tap and go option. It also comes with a low monthly fee, which is nothing really at all for the peace of mind and security it offers. The customer service is fantastic. I personally would recommend it to everyone, as I have tried various other cards and had problems. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5 stars.

Pleased with my decision to apply for this card

Reviewed by Daiva

As a young person, I have always been wary of credit cards. I decided to apply as it was getting to that stage in my life where a safety net would be the best course of action. It has been very helpful for those unforeseeable events and my communication with ANZ has always been easy and pleasant. The 30-day interest free period is also a relief


Reviewed by Raj

I have always have the ANZ First Visa card and it has been very convenient to me.

It can be used at practically any store

Fees and charges

Reviewed by Deanna

I am generally unhappy with this card. Apart from the interest being high. when I first got the card they added credit card insurance. I didn’t know about the insurance had been added until I lost my job and the interest fees nearly killed me – the more in debt I got, the more fees I got charged and my credit insurance went up to an astronomical rate. They also don’t have a rewards program.

Intrest free roll over period was great

Reviewed by Emma

I changed over from a Commonwealth Bank credit card that I just couldn’t seem to agree with. Since switching over to the ANZ First credit card with 16 months interest free

Convenient accessibility

Reviewed by Magicabbie

I find that this credit card is accepted more widely than my other one, and it is especially convenient when needed for online purchases. It has been handy whenever I have been travelling and I generally use it for larger purchases like white goods/furniture, which exceed the daily limit for my debit card.

Good to assist in savings and in emergencies

Reviewed by Shaun Payne

The ANZ First credit card has assisted me in several ways. When we needed a deposit for our house

I save money with this card

Reviewed by Anon

This card has no monthly fees, which saves me in the long run. I don’t need a card with rewards as I dont use it often enough and it would take too much time to build up points. I have had this card for a long time and pay it off in full every month. This card works well for me.

Only ANZ

Reviewed by Shannon

I will always do my banking with ANZ for the reason being that they are always happy to help and advise you on what will better suit your lifestyle and what I will benefit from the most. Always nice to go into one of ANZ’s branches and receive a lovely warm welcome.


Good customer service with ANZ

Reviewed by Kayla

ANZ is good. I had a few issues with money going missing from my account and they were very quick to find out where it was going. I was able to open an account for my son which is attached to my own account to use for saving only. Great.


Great for balance transfers

Reviewed by Kelsey Gibson

I applied for this credit card to transfer a balance from another card. ANZ were offering 0% interest for several months on all balance transfers. This made it easier to start to chip away at my debt.

ANZ have fantastic customer service

This is a decent value credit card

Reviewed by Gaurav

This card is low fees. It allows one to add one additional holder (or maybe more) for free. However, ANZ doesn’t offer real time shopping

Handy for emergencies

Reviewed by Jamie

It’s handy having it there for emergencies (vet bills, moving house in a hurry, broken down car), as long as you put it straight back on to your card the moment you get paid. Use it irresponsibly by splurging on luxury items you don’t need and suddenly you’re in a hole that you can’t get out of.

A good, safe, no-frills credit card

Reviewed by Jen

This ANZ credit card is fairly basic

Look no further than ANZ when looking to bank

Reviewed by Lisa

I save money, fees are almost non existent, and when I have made disputes against transactions being made online with the card, they have been fast and efficient to cancel my card, investigate, and refund my money once they had looked into it.

Never had a problem and definitely don’t have anything to complain about.

New card

Reviewed by Karen

I have only had this card for 6 months. I had issues with my statement not being sent out each month and had long delays in getting through to customer service. When I applied for the card, I didn’t get the credit limit I needed. I’ve also been to the bank and they can’t understand why my statements haven’t been mailed, which meant I got hit with a late fee payment.

Great customer service!

Reviewed by Matt

The low interest rate is a plus, but the winner here is ANZ’s fantastic customer service. ANZ Shield is also a convenient and easy to use verification app. ANZ gives it all here and for me this card is king of the hill! Looking elsewhere? Stop and call the friendly team at ANZ!


Average card

Reviewed by Ester

This card is great when you need quick cash, however, the card is quite difficult to get established as they require information that other banks do not require. It took me nearly 4-5 weeks to receive this card. Otherwise, the card itself is quite easy to use and the fee is reasonable.

Simple, no frills credit card

Reviewed by Peter

This card is just a no frills credit card. It has one of the lowest yearly fees—one of the main reasons why I chose it. It’s great for emergency spending or when you don’t have the cash. There are no fanciful incentives built in that entice you to spend more than you have.

ANZ First Visa Credit Card

Reviewed by Max

This credit card does what it’s designed to do: give credit when you need it. Pull it out of your wallet and scan it through the scanner and when you hear the beep you will know that you are done. Place it back into your wallet and continue on your way.

Accepted in more places

Reviewed by Geoffrey

I used to have another well-known credit card, but got this one from my bank and have found it accepted at a lot more places with minimal extra fees (if any). It also has a lower annual card fee. I have now cancelled my other card as it did not compare very well for overall value.

It suits my needs ok

Reviewed by Carolyn

I wanted a credit card that had a low upper limit and wasn’t connected to any of my accounts. I found I needed a credit card to shop online, but I do not trust the internet and I do not need a credit card for any other reason. So this was perfect for my needs. It’s probably not for everyone, but really good for people like me.

Easy to use credit card

Reviewed by Vicky

The ANZ Visa card is a very good credit card. It’s easy to use

Very easy to get and convenient

Reviewed by Noah

I love my credit card. It’s very easy to use and it always works. Super fast when using PayPass. Travelled a lot and security is good. ANZ staff are a pleasure to work with and are extremely helpful. It’s even better that you get free phone banking.

Love it!


Makes life easier

Reviewed by George

To be honest, I love ANZ. They are a good bank and make my life so much easier. All my accounts are in one

First days free

Reviewed by Jason

I initially took this out to transfer a balance from a personal loan with the credit union, which had a fairly high interest rate so I was paying more in interest each month than I paid to reduce the balance. ANZ gave me 6 months interest-free

Fees and interest rates are low

Reviewed by Michael

The fees are great and interest rates are low now. I would like to have the advantage of being able to use it everyday to build up the rewards that it offers. This is the first time I have had a credit card, so it’s all new for me. I have found the protection good too.

More than satisfied

Reviewed by Latisha

I am more than satisfied with the card. I can use the card anywhere and I am able to do anything I want with it. The interest is comparable with other banks. I have had dealings with another leading bank quite a few years ago, then went straight back to ANZ and will never leave. In the time I have had the card I have never had an issue. We have had our account hacked

Wrong for me

Reviewed by Zohair

I have been using this card for more than six months but they didn’t increase the credit limit. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this card. Secondly, I can’t make a payment to an other account though this card. I just make a online payment, so I don’t like this card any more. It’s just scrap for me. Not happy at all.

Lower fees would be nice

Reviewed by sosefina

I like this card. It has a lot to offer and I get what I need sometimes, but I could do with a few more things like being given the chance to actually get a Visa card. It would be wonderful. And I would like to see fees dropped down to a lower price.

Convenient automatic payments

Reviewed by John

I have been an ANZ customer for many years and I am happy with their range of services including their credit card. It is convenient to link it to my internet banking. I also have the monthly payment automatically transferred from my linked savings account. I am happy to recommend their services.


Useful safety net

Reviewed by Christopher

I’ve never had a credit card prior to my ANZ First Visa Credit Card. Coupled with the online app for ANZ

I control the card

Reviewed by Anthony

The Visa is linked to my savings account. The mobile app is very convenient — you can transfer funds between accounts.

You just need to know when they issue your credit card statement every month (making sure you clear your card balance so you do not have to pay interest)..

I also belong to the rewards program. It paid for airfares for me and daughter this year to go to Hong Kong for a holiday.

I find this card very convenient and easy to use

Reviewed by Laura

This card is easy and safe, and the bank provides great customer service allowing for quick and simple transactions with little delay or difficulty.

It also has various payment systems with different levels of security, which is great for every individual and especially when travelling.

Overall, a fantastic card and great bank.

Low annual fees with first few weeks free

Reviewed by Harpal

This card has a low annual fee (well, almost nothing when compared to other credit cards) and it always has the first 44 days interest free. Moreover, it has very low late fees in case I forget to pay the minimum monthly repayment. The interest rate is not much different from any other credit card, but it seems reasonable when we look at annual fees.

Good first credit card, features and value

Reviewed by Esther

The ANZ First credit card is a great first credit card. It has a good interest-free period

Great balance transfer rate, low annual fee

Reviewed by Shaun

This card is to fund necessities for my two boys with autism, and ANZ have been prompt

Convenient card, especially for travelling

Reviewed by Jenny

It’s an everyday type of credit card. The fees are pretty low and I can use it in about 98 percent of shops.

I have had this card for more than 30 years and it is very handy to have in my wallet. You can use this card on an overseas holiday or anywhere you travel on holidays.

Easy to apply for when money was tight

Reviewed by Stephanie

This is my first and only credit card. It was easier to apply for a credit card as opposed to a personal loan. The credit card application recognises government benefits as income.

Up to 44 days interest free was a nice addition, although the conditions were not clearly explained.

The fees are pretty average.

First purchase was a nightmare

Reviewed by Pela

My first purchase using this card was a nightmare. I had to pay back $124 in interest for a $699 purchase. Not only that, they charged me $6 each day until the full amount was paid. It took me 43 days to pay off the total of $956 which i supposedly owed for using only $699 from the card.

Convenient, but not as good as some other cards

Reviewed by Lisa

I choose this card as it was originally the best option for my living expenses. It hasn’t been quite as good as some other cards for the last 2-3 years, but for pure convenience I have stuck with this card. I don’t feel this card has the benefits or rewards that some other cards do. It is definitely not a card to compare with other leading cards.

I was unsure, but it works well

Reviewed by Melissa

I wasn’t sure if this would be the right thing for me at the start. I was a bit unsure about how I would go with it, but I actually got on quite well. I would recommend this to my close friends and family because it’s not as bad as it seems.

Trustworthy service, easy to use

Reviewed by Karen

Generally this card is useful, as it is doubles as both a Visa and an EFTPOS card.

The customer service linked to this card is very trustworthy and it’s easy to contact a real person to talk to.

It’s easy to use for phone banking and transferring money between linked accounts. It’s also easy to transfer money to people with different bank accounts.


Convenient, but high interest

Reviewed by Shirley

It’s convenient because ANZ is the bank we do business with

Visa cards seem to be more widely accepted

Reviewed by Kay

We have a credit card mainly for emergency use and it has come in handy from time to time. I would totally recommend this particular card type as it can be used anywhere in the world and at most businesses. Some businesses prefer Visa over other cards that are available to be used.

Unemployed, I got into heaps of debt

Reviewed by Lisa

I stopped working and was left with a huge credit card debt. ANZ called me claiming they had been trying to reach me for a long time (but this was the first time they rang my mobile) and I had no other phone number.
They organised a payment plan but continued to harass me every few months to increase the amount of the instalments even though they agreed to the payment plan and I had made every instalment payment.



Good, simple, no frills, low-cost, convenient

Reviewed by Jo

I have had this card for over 10 years – cannot be beaten for convenience and low-cost fee. If you’re the kind of spender who doesn’t like being in credit card debt and can pay your balance off each month, it’s an excellent product but beware the fees and interest if you’re late to pay! Always handy to keep in case of emergencies too (for example… your other bank is “offline”). Convenient for large purchases and Falcon monitoring system is a great reassurance of security. I do miss the days of their custom photo “ Design A Card “ feature though – would be nice if that could be re-introduced.

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