ANZ Low Rate Credit Card

ANZ Low Rate Credit Card


  • Enjoy 0% p.a. for 28 months on balance transfers with a 3% balance transfer fee (then reverts to 21.99% p.a.) Terms and Conditions apply.
  • First-year annual fee waived ($58 subsequently).
  • Continuous low rate of 13.74% p.a. on purchases.
  • Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases by settling your account completely each month.

Pros and cons


  • Enjoy 0% p.a. on balance transfers up to 28 months.
  • $0 annual fee for the first year ($58 p.a. thereafter).
  • Take advantage of the low purchase interest rate of 13.74% p.a.
  • Add up to 3 additional cardholders at no extra cost.


  • No purchase or travel insurance included.
  • No rewards program.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. You can have up to 3 additional cards for friends and family for free. Bear in mind that it is the account holder who will be responsible for repayments and account management.
  • Digital wallets. The ANZ Low Rate card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay plus wallets for other wearables.
  • Gambling transactions. ANZ does not block gambling-related transactions, but they will be charged the cash advance rate.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. This card does not come with complimentary travel insurance.
  • Concierge services. This card does not come with access to a concierge service.
  • Rewards points. This credit card does not have a rewards program, which is to be expected of a no-frills low-rate card.
  • Sign-up bonus. Unsurprisingly, you won't get any bonus for signing up for the ANZ Low Rate.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. This card has no annual fee in the first year, rising to $58 p.a. thereafter.
  • Balance transfers. The introductory balance transfer offer for the ANZ Low Rate is 0% p.a. for 28 months, which is very competitive against other balance transfer offers. You can use up to 95% of your credit limit for balance transfers from any credit card, store card, or charge card other than those issued by ANZ. It is not possible to balance transfer from a personal loan.
  • Cash advances. If you use this card to make a cash advance, you will be charged interest starting immediately at the rate of 21.99% p.a. As well as interest, ANZ will apply a fee to process the cash advance.
  • Foreign exchange fee. Purchases made in a foreign currency will attract a 3% fee.
  • Interest-free period. Get up to 55 days interest-free on purchases (except for transactions classed as cash advances) when you have paid your previous balance in full.
  • Purchases rate. There is no introductory offer for purchases. Purchases made with the card will attract interest at 13.74% p.a. until they are paid off.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Value for money

Reviewed by Anon

Value for money, good rates and good rewards. Would have again if I had a credit card . ANZ are very easy to deal with

Can't wait to pay it off

Reviewed by Anon

My credit card interest rate is way too high. I have not used it to make a purchase for well over a year. I am trying to pay it off as quickly as possible. When I do pay it off I will never get one again. My attitude to credit cards has been changed to a negative one. Thanks to poor customer service and ridiculous interest rate charges.

Not overly good

Reviewed by Kevin

Not the best card but has a low interest rate good one for someone looking for a low rate interest card to keep the bills down we pay ours off every month so we do not have to pay interest the fees at the end of the year are better than other banks.

Great low rate no frills card

Reviewed by Michelle

If you’re looking for a low frills card that has a low rate then this is it! It has a low rate and low fees which is what I needed. I didn’t want a card with a rewards program as I don’t spend enough on it to worry about the rewards.

Recommended, very handy

Reviewed by Anon

This card is very handy for when you are out of cash and you see something you like. I like this card because if I pay my monthly account in full I get very little charges. Always best to pay full amount not just the minimum, as that’s when you can get into trouble.

Not a happy chap with this chip

Reviewed by Kish

A very below average card. No great features when compared to rest in the market. No balance transfer option. Took 2 months to get the card after I applied personally in the branch. And without my consent they applied credit card insurance and started charging $7.50 every month. Very disappointed.

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Amanda

I got this card to have as a back up as well as to have some direct debits taken out of this account initially the interest rate was quite low on it and it was easy to manage online as I also hold other accounts with this bank so it was convenient.

Very happy with this card

Reviewed by Cameron

I mainly use this card for holidays or an emergency. I find the interest free period very handy. The interest rate is low hence the name and I find ANZ easy to deal with if i have any problems – in fact more than happy to accommodate when i wanted to raise limit for a while then no problem reducing that either.


Mostly happy with my card

Reviewed by Mum

It is accepted in most places and fees the are reasonable. Staff, when I do have to go into the branch are really friendly and helpful. Very short wait times if I have to ring to and talk to someone personally. Online banking and purchasing has been very easy to do. The online site is easy to use and the fact of getting monthly statements on line to save trees.

I think the interest rate is too dear

Reviewed by Marie

Interest rates too dear, late payment fee always charged even when you ring and explain why you are going to pay account late, when it is beyond your control. On line statements are good. Overdrawn fee always charged even when you get permission to overdraw. Overall not happy with this credit card.

Good if you can afford to pay the full balance

Reviewed by Barbara

This credit card has a good ongoing interest rate for purchases. It is much the same as other banks for cash advances. Just be wary should you go over your credit limit even by way of their interest charges or your own spending, you will be receiving a phone call pronto asking when you make the payment of this figure (quite often before you receive your statement).

Had my card for a few years

Reviewed by Bygon

I have had my card for a few years and I find it indispensable. I like the staff who call me to make arrangements when needed. The card has enabled me to stay out of court. I am keeping the creditors happy. The card keeps me in good stead to date.

Sloppy customer service

Reviewed by Gary Mitchell

I had problems with payments which are now sorted and am getting the balance down but they cancelled the card because even though I was making more than the minimum monthly repayments it was structured wrong but in three phone calls to the bank nobody told me what I needed to do. So my card was cancelled.

Overall pleased with this card

Reviewed by Westpac Mastercard

Westpac staff were great to deal with and assisted me with the correct product at that time. The card offers a low rate which helps with repayments each month. Glad I made the switch. Overall, I would recommend customers look at this product if they are looking for a low rate alternative.

Great all round card

Reviewed by Kylie

After been with a competitor for over 9 years I changed to ANZ and can say this card is great all round

Probably best in the market balance transfer

Reviewed by Barshat Pathak

This credit card is awesome because it offered me 9 months free balance transfer which reverts to low rate purchase rate. It also has very low annual fee which is about $58. The customer service and internet banking are also fine. This credit card is probably best in the market who are looking for balance transfer.

Great balance transfer rate

Reviewed by Andrea

This credit card was a godsend. With the 0% interest rate it has allowed me to slowly get on top of old debt. I lower the limit every time I pay some off and the ANZ team are happy to help

No frills credit card

Reviewed by Lyle

Great credit card to have without the rewards program’s that they say are free but you really end up paying for them. Low interest rate compared to other cards. Card is widely accepted anywhere in the world and has great security. I have personally never had a problem with this card or bank.

Great credit card to have

Reviewed by Kylie

Have had my MasterCard with ANZ for a few years now and have never had a problem. ANZ are great to deal with and very helpful. The interest rate is comparable with other banks. I would recommend this card to all my family and friends. ANZ are my only credit card supplier now. I used to have a card with another lender

Good card, but minimal rewards

Reviewed by Bianca

This card is a great everyday use card with a low interest rate. I like to use it to pay my bills and any extra little things that come up during the month that I was not expecting. My favourite feature is the pay wave access, which means I don’t have to worry about remembering a pin number.

I am happy with my choice to bank with ANZ

Reviewed by Alexander Peel

I have banked with ANZ for 15 years and they are good with my money and differ good solutions for finance

I wish I never had this one

Reviewed by Liz

I find this card very limited and wish I had looked around. I got the card as something to fall back on if I need to access money urgently it was ok at the start I really and not happy dealing with ANZ I don’t think they care to much about there customers it is an ok card for a first time credit I guess but would decently get something different next time.


I would prefer a card with no annual fee

Reviewed by Terry

I would prefer a card with no annual fee, even if it meant having to put up with higher interest rates on purchases, and cash advances. I took out this card at short notice, to be able to hire a car, which was an unusual occurrence, and I will obviously keep it until I use up the first twelve months fee.

Fees, fees, fees

Reviewed by Anon

Wish this could have been a better review but I have had so many fees applied even after speaking with employees regarding the reason and still have been slugged. Unfortunately all they really care about is money at the end of the day so no love lost here. Will find another provider who values my custom.

I would love to get rid of it

Reviewed by Miss Trouble

I wish that they never offered me such a high credit limit and I never had to prove that I could pay it back, now I’m in trouble. I think that credit cards are a trap for low income earners who have no idea of handling money never mind handling debt.

Good features, shame about the annual fee

Reviewed by Tia

I would prefer a card with the same benefits, and rates, but without an annual fee. Most of the features of this card are pretty reasonable but the company is not. I have been refused an increase in my limit, even though I had voluntarily reduced it a couple of years ago. I don’t feel I am being listened to for the requested increase, and I’m not very happy about this.

Easily managed and suits me well

Reviewed by Ronda

I have this card because it suits me and my lifestyle. It’s easy to use and I can manage it ok, so I’m not in any hurry to change it. I would be happy to tell my friends that it’s a good card to use and being able to make payments to it via my online banking helps me to keep an eye on my spending.

Fair credit card

Reviewed by Kath A

I’m happy with ANZ credit card i pay on time I’ve never been charged a late payment fee if I have to ring them they’re always polite. I pay more than the monthly payment trying to get it down and pay it off

Happy with my credit card

Reviewed by Happy HG

This card was recommended to me and I have found it to be great for my needs. No rewards program, but is a no-fuss account that is easy to manage. Customer service has been excellent on the few occasions I have phoned. The card is accepted at all locations, which is a definite bonus.

Low rate credit card

Reviewed by Glenn

The interest rate on the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard is very competitive against all other major banks. Fees and charges are acceptable and they keep you informed on any changes or notifications through email and txt messages. Website is very easy to navigate and very user friendly for all types of users.


Pleased with this card

Reviewed by Nat

I always pay off the balance so I wanted a card with a low annual fee. I previously had a credit card that earned frequent flyer points, but now that we don’t travel by plane much anymore due to the kids, it was a waste paying that high annual fee.

A great card to shop online

Reviewed by Rose

I’ve always cleared my credit card monthly, generally paying via internet banking and have never had any concerns so far. Excellent customer service and a competitive interest rate. I would personally recommend this product to my friends. I enjoy having my credit card with ANZ

Wonderful credit card

Reviewed by N/A

I enjoy having my credit card with ANZ. Their Low Rate MasterCard fits into my lifestyle perfectly. It’s a wonderful credit card all round and is definitely a card I would refer to others because of the low fees

A great card that's simple and easy

Reviewed by Andrew

This is a fantastic credit card. Easy to use and secure with a low interest rate on purchases. Fantastic for day-to-day use to pay bills and manage my finances. ANZ give great customer care and service. Can’t be happier.


Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by ANZ credit card

Although there are no rewards with this card it has minimal fees and we pay it off each month so we don’t pay any interest. I’m sure we could upgrade to a card that does have rewards but speaking with friends and family, unless you spend a lot of money you don’t get a lot of rewards.

Generally happy with this card

Reviewed by Kate

I am generally happy with this card, although it would be nice to have no annual fee. Would like it even more if it had a rewards system. ANZ is a bank I trust and I like the fact that internet banking is easy by being linked to all my other accounts.


It's well worth it, good rates

Reviewed by Stacey

This ANZ credit card was a good choice. Even though I didn’t shop around and compare with other offers

I feel like I'm in charge

Reviewed by Jodie

Low interest rates got me back on track a lot quicker. Very convenient for internet purchases. Any out of the ordinary purchases and ANZ contact you immediately and query it. Friendly customer service representatives. ANZ MasterCard is accepted all over the world and they keep you informed of updates and any credit card changes.



Reviewed by MasterCard

The card is convenient for purchasing online and when you don’t have money. But the downside is you end up spending too much before you realise you have to pay it all back. The card comes in handy when you want to purchase an item right there and then, so really convenient.

Excellent savings

Reviewed by Anni

This credit card may be used for purchases in person, over the phone or online. Simply hold your contactless card against the terminal wherever you see the contactless symbol or your card logo – no need to enter a PIN or sign anything. Simply download the app when you wish to use for mobile payments. So easy.


This card is very good

Reviewed by Richie C

My card has low interest rates and flexibility. I have been able to increase my limit in an emergency. When you have a purchase issue they are understanding and help you to recover the funds if need be.

The fact they gave me a credit card on the pension is a small blessing as finding finance can be almost impossible at low rates for pensioners.

Has been quite convenient for me

Reviewed by Anon

This card has been of enormous benefit to me. I like how they haven’t been asking me to increase my credit limit, which is more than adequate for my needs. I do, however, feel most banks in general seem to be very greedy with their obscene fees and charges! That is a real bugbear and I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard!

The interest rate is way too high

Reviewed by Faye

I use this card for everyday and online purchases. The service has been very good with the only glitch being difficulty activating new cards. It has taken up to three new cards to achieve activation of just one card.

My only complaint is the very high interest rate applied by the bank.

Low fee structure

Reviewed by Adam Cox

Great fee structure, low interest, it’s easy to use online, and it also has a tap-to-pay feature. It has great security with ANZ Falcon. The application process was easy and they offer good credit limits. The card has helped me to save money on my account and protected me from online fraud as well as let me know about it actually happening. I am really pleased with this card.


Saving huge interest on $7,500 limit

Reviewed by Anon

I was with Visa, but changed to the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard. It works out to be 6% less interest on a $7

Brilliant card

Reviewed by Anon

The best card I have ever had. It is so convenient, I use it all the time. It makes life easier. I can still shop anytime anywhere I like, and it comes in very handy in an emergency. I have been able to do so much with it. Customer service is really good too. I have called them a few times with enquires and they have been very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Debra Flook

Good card overall, but would be great if transfers from this account to my everyday account were not charged as a cash advance. Maybe there could be some middle ground for this?

The protection offered is excellent when suspicious activity has been noticed, which gives me peace of mind. Generally able to work out any issues with branch staff, however 24/7 support is great too.

This card suits my needs

Reviewed by Rhonda Whittaker

I would recommend ANZ MasterCard. Very helpful staff

Convenient, no fuss

Reviewed by SL

I use the card mostly for internet shopping because it’s safe and there’s a good interest-free period. Low interest rate on purchases and it’s widely accepted. Good customer service especially when travelling. This is a no frills card – don’t expect any extras: no rewards, no frequent flyers miles, no travel insurance, etc.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the card, but wish there was a way to avoid annual fees.

Generally pleased while living on credit

Reviewed by Sherri

I have had this card for many years. I would normally not use credit to live on, but due to health issues I have not been able to work. It is OK in regards to fees. I haven’t had any issues in regards to billing, although I have had difficulty with support via email. I have another credit card as well, which is rarely used as the rates are much higher.

Credit where credit is due

Reviewed by Chris

I want my credit card to work for me, rather than me being a slave to it. I find this card convenient. It’s easy to make sure I don’t miss a payment, which keeps interest repayments to a low. I use it for all my transactions, gaining points with good rewards. It fits my lifestyle and fits my pocket!

Long time customer

Reviewed by Darren

I got this card to help out when buying my son a car. The application was easy. I pay my balance in full every month, so no interest—all I pay for is the annual fee. I have been a long term customer of ANZ and have had personal loans with them


Reviewed by Suzie

Transactions and purchases take days to appear on your card, so you never really know what you’ve spent or what credit is remaining. Example: if you’re using it daily for all your purchases and don’t track and take note of every purchase you’ve made, you could really get caught out thinking you have credit when you actually don’t. Then there is the likelihood of going over your limit, and getting charged a fee for going over the limit. Overall, I’m not a fan of this card.

I didn't save or lose money

Reviewed by Kalie

I had to open a credit card as part of linking an account. it’s a nuisance for me as I don’t like linking a credit card to my daily accounts. Westpac stuffed that for me— they are by far the worst bank in Australia. ANZ have been great since moving to them.


Helped us cope with medical bills

Reviewed by Kathryn

It took some seriously blatant bullying from me to have our credit card limit increased when I needed yet another surgery. Since then I have been solicited to increase the limit a few times. If the current limit was so difficult to grant when I was in need, why do they think I can afford an even higher limit now?

I see the credit card as a necessary evil in my life. With it I can shop online, pay very heavy bills on time, and travel. Having a credit card does give me freedom to “catch” special prices on items or travel.

However, having a credit card means I pay for the convenience in interest and fees. These fees actually mean that I never manage to lower the limit as I am constantly paying only the fees. I see no other rewards to having a credit card than the aforementioned convenience.

Good balance transfer card

Reviewed by Brook

I transferred my balance using the 0% special balance transfer promotion for 18 months with this card. I have decided to stay with them afterwards as the service is good.

I would prefer a lower percentage interest rate, but otherwise recommend and would say this card is a decent choice for those looking for a low rate card.

Generally happy with this card

Reviewed by Tara

I use this card for emergency cases only. The fees are fair and reasonable for a credit card. Obviously I wish I had no use for any, but this is a good emergency back-up plan.

If you are going to have a credit card, best to go a low rate one. ANZ has been my bank of choice for years now.


Happy with my card

Reviewed by Brendan

Has a fair interest rate and good frequent flyer points system on purchases. I would recommend this bank and credit card to anybody wanting a fairly priced and easy to use card. The bank is easy to deal with and usually accepts regular credit limit increases, growing with me for several years now.

Could be any card—nothing special

Reviewed by Jade

Comes with a small annual fee and low interest, but at 13% p.a. it’s not that low. No rewards. Customer service is OK—they reversed the interest when questioned. It’s nothing special and probably isn’t the best card for me as I pay it off monthly so I don’t see the interest that often. The card is nothing special. All banks offer a similar one. I got this because of the 2 min approval at the time.

I wish I didnt get it

Reviewed by Eloise

So far I’ve received no benefits from owning this card. I wish I hadn’t signed up. My interest is quite high and I hate the repayments. I would not recommend. There is high interest on purchases and this wasn’t made clear to me when I signed up either. I am a loyal ANZ customer and I expected more from them.


Good low interest no-frills card

Reviewed by Deborah

It’s a good low interest rate, no-frills basic card with no extras added on, so no points to get anything, win anything, or minimum spend to collect anything. If all you want is a credit card with low interest rates, then this one is for you. Great customer service with Australian staff who answer the phone fairly quickly and are fast and efficient with your enquiries.

I saved money at the beginning

Reviewed by Helen

I switched to this card because I needed a 0% on balance transfers. Now the initial period of 18 months for 0% is over and I am finding the fees a bit high. I will try and find another card offering a similar deal and switch. Initially, the card worked really well for me.

Only emergency card

Reviewed by Angela

This card has a pretty standard interest rate, but does give me the option of using it and not being charged any interest in the first 30 days. And once I receive my statement I then have to the next statement to pay it off before any interest will be charged, which sometimes can be 45 days after the initial transaction. I have rarely been charged any interest and find that it is a great emergency card to have.

Rate is good

Reviewed by Sheila

The rate is a lot better than other cards when you don’t pay off the whole amount each month. They also are very helpful when someone abuses your card. It did take some time and I had to supply documentation, but in the end I got all my money back. It’s accepted all over the world—I have travelled a lot and have never had the card denied for use.

Very pleased with this card

Reviewed by Stacey

Easy to use with a good interest rate and good customer service. I was a bit scared to use a credit card, but I find that I am able to stay in control of my spending and payments with the low rates. I find the statements are easy to understand and have never had an issue.

Good rates and no messing with rewards and frills

Reviewed by Peter

If you want a credit card without all the rewards and frills that a lot of other cards try and suck you in with, then this is the credit card for you. There’s nothing but the basics on this card: low fees and straightforward. Easy to deal with and easy to use. Who does not want something simple in their busy lives?

Good first card

Reviewed by Mitchell

I was looking for my first credit card and i went into a branch of ANZ near my old work. i didn’t know a lot about them but i explained to the lady that i needed it for travelling and told her how often I would be paying it off

Good for emergencies

Reviewed by Naomi

Interest charges are not bad. It’s important to keep on top of monthly payments but that is to be expected. I got the card to pay for my vet bills if an emergency happened, and so far it has been fine. I would recommend this card if you truly needed to get one, but make sure you’re in a position to get one.

Generally pleased, saved a ton on interest

Reviewed by Julia

I chose this particular credit card for its low interest rate and I have not been disappointed.

This credit card also has a low annual fee, so I have saved a whole lot of money.

It doesn’t have any rewards program, but it makes up for it with the savings.

I have saved a lot of money using this card

Reviewed by Nathan

I find it a very rewarding card to use and it saves our family lots of money. It can be used anywhere and the interest rate on the card is low, so if there ever comes a time when we can’t pay the full balance off in time it’s not an exorbitant cost.

I have saved with this low rate

Reviewed by Mary

Credit cards are very convenient and reliable. You don’t need to go to the bank or ATM frequently. As long as you’re sensible and repay your balance every 50 days you will be OK. It’s when you spend more than you earn

Small annual fee

Reviewed by Cinsha

I’ve had this card for a while now. Fees are fairly good as long as you don’t get cash out or transfer funds from the credit card to another account. You don’t pay overwhelming interest either.

It has a small annual account-keeping fee which makes it a very manageable card. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good, secure yet cheap credit card.

Convenient yet confusing

Reviewed by Shivani

It’s a good card, very convenient for on-the-go and online purchases. There are limited rewards, however, and ATM machines are not as common to find which is difficult when I need to withdraw or deposit cash. A lot of ATMs do not give me the option to deposit cash

Low annual fee, but beware late payment fee

Reviewed by Jessica

Balance transfer rates are great and the annual fee is low. Customer service is also very helpful. It’s great for paying off balances as you can easily reduce your credit limit online.

The only issue was that one month (while on holiday) I accidentally paid $10 less than the minimum required and a $20 late payment fee was immediately applied, with no grace period or warning. Otherwise, it’s a great product.

High fees, no rewards

Reviewed by Kim

I think they charge high fees for no rewards. I would like a card with rewards.

The service is quite good and they usually answer the phones and give good help. Other types of ANZ credit card might be better. I would shop around to get frequent flyer points or other types of rewards.


Saved on fees

Reviewed by Jess

As far as credit cards go, this is a plain Jane, no frills, no rewards card. But the interest rate is lower than the rest, so I still have the convenience of a credit card. But that’s all it is. I’ve been able to keep on top of fees because of this.

I would recommend this card to others who want to save a bit of money. And no one likes all those fees.

Great for emergencies but looking to clear card

Reviewed by Michelle

I have this card for all my online buying. It has been great but is totally at the $2000 limit now and I just want to try and pay it off. But otherwise it is a great card and I have had it for about 10 years or so.

I would recommend this card as fees and interest aren’t too bad.

Switched to get lower interest charges

Reviewed by Alice

The travel insurance is very usefu. We had an ANZ card before

Charges and harassment for late payment

Reviewed by Jacinta

ANZ are the WORST for personal banking

Not much bang for your buck

Reviewed by Christine

ANZ Low Rate MasterCard has no reward points and is a very basic card. It’s OK for just a small back-up card.
I would give it a three out of ten.

ANZ needs much better customer service on the Gold Coast. I’ve had to wait for 15 up to 30 mins to get served. Most people walk out as the wait is too long. It’s a shame that the major banks make millions of dollars profit each year

Helped me when I was struggling financially

Reviewed by Michael

I had this card at a time when I was struggling to pay off a few debts and manage my finances. I enjoyed the ease with which I was able to check my status and balance, and update my details. Going with a first-class financial institution like ANZ gave me a great level of confidence that everything would be straight up. A good all round credit card

Competitive rates, exceptional service

Reviewed by Sherisse

I needed a card when I went overseas, in case of emergencies. ANZ helped me pick the best card to suit my financial situation and needs. I did end up maxing it out and was at one point struggling to pay it off

Low rate card linked to our bank account

Reviewed by Tshinta

My partner and I have a joint account with ANZ and they conveniently offered us a low rate credit card

Fuss-free application process, low interest

Reviewed by David

The whole procedure with an online application was efficient from start to finish — fuss-free and convenient for someone with a busy schedule. I didn’t need to provide documents or talk to anyone for follow-ups.

I’m happy with the low interest rate. It’s easy to track my credit card payments in my internet banking.

Low interest and balance transfer a breeze

Reviewed by Ashleigh

We got this credit card when we transferred our balance from a GE MasterCard with an interest rate over 20%. The ANZ Low rate MasterCard is awesome. The low rate of 13.99% is great and is quite often lower than interest rates on personal loans

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