ANZ Platinum Credit Card

ANZ Platinum Credit Card


  • Earn $250 cashback when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases when you pay your account in full each month.
  • No annual fee for the first year. A standard annual fee of $87 p.a. applies, thereafter.

Pros and cons


  • Earn a $250 cashback when you meet the spend criteria.
  • $0 annual fee in the first year, $87 p.a. thereafter (terms and conditions apply).
  • Comes with Personal Concierge service,
  • Complimentary insurance covers include international travel insurance, purchase protection insurance, and extended warranty insurance.


  • There is no rewards program on this card.
  • No balance transfer offer.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. Share your account with up to 9 additional friends and family for free. The account holder will be responsible for managing the account, including repayments.
  • Digital wallets. You can use this card with all the major digital wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Wearables such as those from Fitbit and Garmin are also supported.
  • Gambling transactions. The ANZ Platinum Credit Card can be used for gambling purchases.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. The ANZ Platinum Credit Card has complimentary international travel insurance. Cover will be active when the card has been used to purchase travel expenses related to your trip prior to departure. Eligibility criteria apply.
  • Concierge services. Comes with access to the 24 / 7 ANZ Concierge for help with restaurant or hotel bookings, gift ideas, travel recommendations, price comparison, and many other tasks.
  • Insurances. The ANZ Platinum Credit Card comes with extended warranty insurance, interstate flight inconvenience insurance, price protection insurance, purchase protection insurance, rental vehicle excess insurance inside Australia, and transport accident insurance.
  • Rewards points. This credit card does not have a rewards program, although you can link your card with Cashrewards Max to earn cashback with partner stores online and in-store.
  • Sign-up bonus. When you apply for a new ANZ Platinum Credit Card, you can earn $250 cashback when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. This card has no annual fee in the first year, reverting to $87 p.a. thereafter. However, the annual fee will be waived if you use the card for $2,000 in eligible spend over 12 months.
  • Balance transfers. This card has no introductory balance transfer offer. If you want to consolidate your debts, consider a credit card with a balance transfer.
  • Cash advances. If you use this card for a cash advance, you will be charged interest at the rate of 21.24% p.a. with interest accruing immediately from the date of the transaction. ANZ will also apply a fee to process the cash advance.
  • Foreign exchange fee. Any transactions made in a foreign currency when shopping online or while overseas will attract a 3% fee.
  • Interest-free period. The ANZ Platinum Credit Card has up to 55 days interest-free on purchases when you have paid off your previous balance in full. Note that there is no interest-free period on cash advances.
  • Purchases. There is no ongoing introductory purchase rate on this card right now, all eligible transactions will attract the standard interest rate of 20.24% p.a.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Best credit card I've had so far

Reviewed by Jenny

I have had various credit cards from several banks, by far the best of them all has to be my current Visa Card with ANZ. It is so easy to use

Best deal in town

Reviewed by Kevin

Give you the best deals in town, the charges are most competitive than other bank can offer. Will not regret but instead look for more interesting offers now and then. You can trust the card and attractive offers are available through its website and reasonable repayment can be expected without fuss.

Worst banking experience of my life

Reviewed by Rochelle

Customer service is nearly non existent, twice I tried paying the first bill in person at a branch but could not get anyone to help me. On-line is complicated and very inconvenient. It almost seemed like racial discrimination, as I am not oriental. They also spoke to me as if I were lacking in intelligence or perhaps “speaking a foreign language”.....!

Happy with this card!

Reviewed by Shane

We use this card for everyday shopping which means we are constantly putting money into it and spending money on it so that we don’t pay much interest..if any! This is a paywave card which makes shopping quick and convenient, although I do sometimes wonder what would happen if the card was lost or stolen.

Extremely helpful bank with excellent service

Reviewed by John

The card is one of the many accounts we hold at the ANZ. This bank has done everything we have asked

No Problems with ANZ

Reviewed by soninicole

I’ve been banking with ANZ for 7 years and so far have been very happy with their service. Once I was charged interest as I had not set up my automatic payment schedule properly and I called customer service and they reversed the charges after examining my past credit card payment history. I intend to keep banking with ANZ for a long time to come.


Excellence for trust

Reviewed by Michelle Smith

The Platinum credit card from ANZ definately earns the five stars given for trust. When it comes to credit cards customers need a sense of honesty and trust. Due to ANZ’s great rates and fair fees I feel this honesty rings true when using my ANZ credit card. The card offers a high level of convenience and great customer service. Rewards are not the greatest. If you are looking for a credit card that excells with reward offers this is probably not the one for you. However

A bit high in fees

Reviewed by Steph

I got this card when I got my home loan. They signed me up without me realising. High interest rate and fees: not really worth it as I’m a student and am eligible for a much lower interest rate/fees. It does also have a very high minimum limit as well, which is good for some people. However, this card is not at all relevant to me.

Very pleased with this convenient card

Reviewed by Suzanne Baker

I got this card as it was recommended for me to use for making purchases throughout the month. I pay in full by the due date to maximise my savings and so funds remain in my account to offset against my property investment account.

Decent simple credit card

Reviewed by Gregory

I got this card when I opened up my offset account with ANZ. Fees are reasonable as you would expect for a card with no rewards program. The one benefit I have used is the complimentary travel insurance

Mandatory with package

Reviewed by Kylie

I got this card with a home loan package. It has high rates and also has travel insurance. It’s easy to transfer large purchases, for example holidays, to another card and still benefit from the travel insurance. I would not recommend if you are not able to do this though. Rates are very high.

Got extra rewards

Reviewed by Deepakraj

My ANZ Platinum credit card has been working out good so far. I use it to book my flight tickets and my travel and medical insurance is covered. I get extended warranty and price guaranteed while purchasing products in store and online. Accommodation and transport provided for domestic flight delays too. All are useful features.


Worth the money?

Reviewed by Jan

$395 per year for this one, to get a lower interest rate. It gives you travel insurance. But you need to do your sums. if your mortgage is large and for a long term, maybe it’s worth it. But a smaller mortgage? It really isn’t worth it, especially if you don’t travel often.

Had a year interest-free on balance transfer

Reviewed by Maureen

Fantastic card with no interest initially on the balance transfer, and you get extra points using the American Express card. The staff at the branch were extremely helpful and polite and the card itself, in my opinion, looks quite distinguished. This is always my first 'go to’ card. This card certainly has my vote.

No rewards program

Reviewed by Amit

ANZ Platinum is not that good as the interest rates are too high. Also they don’t offer any rewards on purchases. The only good thing is the insurance with the credit card

Great for travelling

Reviewed by Jason

I got this card mainly for the travel insurance feature. Activate it and spend $100 towards your holiday using the card, and you’re all set up for free comprehensive travel insurance — really helpful and very easy to set up.

ANZ Platinum offers excellent rewards especially if you use the American Express card.

Great card

Excellent rewards program

Reviewed by Bernd

I have been with the ANZ for over 30 years. They have always had great customer service and also great products.

I was upgraded to premium rewards for both my AmEx and Visa cards

Cumbersome approval process if you're self-funded

Reviewed by Carmel

There is currently a really great offer from ANZ. Upon successfully applying for their ANZ credit card

Convenience and rewards

Reviewed by Frank

This Visa card provides the access I require whenever I need it and wherever I am, and also gives a great variety of rewards that i have used for gifts to family members.

It’s convenient and makes life in a cashless society very real, with payWave at most retail outlets and online sales both local and overseas.

Meets all my needs

Reviewed by Charlotte

I use my credit card for every purchase. I get rewards in the form of an everyday shopping voucher card, and I do not like carrying large amounts of cash so I find that this one card meets all my needs.

I have used ANZ for quite a few years now and I have always been very satisfied with the service and security that my bank give me with my card.


Amazing card, looks good

Reviewed by Sukh

It’s pretty good. I received an automatic upgrade from bank service. It is amazing and the card looks really good as it is a shining silver colour.

The fees, I guess, were waived for me, but overall I believe the fees are pretty low for this card, in comparison to other banks and what is offered with the card.

Check the frequent flyer points conversion rate

Reviewed by Paul

Be careful to look into how points are transferred. For example, a 75,000 bonus ANZ points offer only equates to 37

Good perks, $250 voucher and no fee first year

Reviewed by Leah

Upon receiving the ANZ Platinum Credit Card I got $250 to spend on any purchase. I also got free travel insurance. For the first year there are no payments for having the card.

I am very pleased with the perks. The fees are quite low and it is interest free for the first 55 days.


Low rate, balance transfer option, customer focus

Reviewed by Nancy

I like this credit card because it has a low interest rate. It allowed me to do a balance transfer, and they are a customer-focused company. If I was ever experiencing trouble with my card, I was able to contact them and sort it out quickly. It doesn’t have a rewards program though.

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