Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card

Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card


  • Earn 1 Awards point per $1 spent on eligible purchases, up to and including $2,000 in a statement period.
  • Earned points never expire.
  • Pay no additional cardholder fee.

Pros and cons


  • 0% for 5 months on balance transfers (reverts to cash advance rate thereafter).
  • Enjoy up to 55 interest-free days on purchases.
  • Monthly fee is $8.


  • Relatively high purchase interest rate and cash advance interest rate.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. Additional cardholders can be added so you can share with friends and family for free..
  • Digital wallets. The Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Gambling transactions. Commonwealth Bank does allow gambling transactions on their Awards Credit Card, but it's possible for the cardholder to block them via NetBank.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. This card does not come with an international travel insurance policy.
  • Concierge services. The Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card does not provide access to a concierge service.
  • Insurances. This card comes with 24-hour fraud protection but doesn't have any other insurance on purchases.
  • Rewards points. Earn one Award Point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases. Points can be transferred to a number of frequent flyer programs including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity Frequent Flyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Etihad Guest, JAL Mileage Bank, and United MileagePlus. Note that points are not earned on transactions classed as being cash equivalent or annual fees, balance transfers, and cash advances. Points do not expire.
  • Sign-up bonus. Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card does not offer a sign-up bonus at the moment.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. The monthly fee for this card amounts to $8, resulting in an annual total of $96, which falls in line with the charges of other entry-level rewards cards in the Australian market.
  • Balance transfers. The Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card has an introductory balance transfer offer of 0% for the first 5 months. Although this offer is not very competitive against other balance transfers, it does have the benefit of having no balance transfer fee.
  • Cash advances. If you use the Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card to get a cash advance, you'll be charged 21.99% p.a. interest on the amount of the cash advance. This interest rate applies from the day you make the cash advance. A fee also applies.
  • Foreign exchange fee. Purchases made overseas or with a foreign retailer attract a foreign transaction fee of 3%.
  • Interest-free period. Enjoy 55 days interest-free on purchases. However, this is not available if you have not paid up the previous statement in full and on time.
  • Purchases. The Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card does not have an introductory offer for purchases. Its ongoing purchase rate is 20.99% p.a.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Love getting money for spending money

Reviewed by Sarah

I like this credit card because it gives me rewards for money that I spend. I then save up the points to spend on something for a special occasion. I also like the convenience of it being linked to my other accounts through NetBank, as it makes paying it off much easier.

Convenient way to earn points

Reviewed by Arixe

You have two linked credit cards – MasterCard with PayPass and AmEx. The MasterCard PayPass is really handy and fast to make payments with. It’s easy to keep track of your spending as both cards are linked to the same account. If you already hold an account with CommBank you get a discounted annual card fee for the life of the card. If you are already paying fees for a credit card then you might as well get some rewards out of it. For example for me the cost of the annual fee of $59 is (re)covered by the store gift cards (>$100) I redeem on my award points.

Overall, I guess it's okay

Reviewed by Karen

I have had this credit card for many years, not much has changed with the interest rate I pay, it is still too high. I don’t seem to be getting any good deals either. I think that my bank should contact me to see if they can do me a better deal.

Happy with the services this card provides

Reviewed by Anonymous

I selected this card for its convenience and competitive rates. It suits my lifestyle and has flexible options. It is accepted everywhere. I have this card as my primary credit card and have had it for over 10 years. I also get regular offers to increase my credit limit. I have reviewed other cards from other suppliers but this one serves me best.

Very convenient to have this card

Reviewed by Erika

The reason why I had this card is simply because I am using Commonwealth Bank. It is trustworthy and convenient. You can use this card almost any shops. I had never had trouble having this card. A customer service is excellent. The staff will answer any questions politely. Even though there is no rewards, it is still useful.

A great way to build points

Reviewed by Vicky

I am quite pleased with my credit awards card as I have it linked to my Qantas Frequent Flyers number and earn points each time I use it. This is a great way to build points if you don’t regularly fly and I use the points to upgrade to business class.

Good experience with card

Reviewed by hjcunningham

I have this card since I took out our home loan. Never had any problems with it. Card details were stolen once to make online purchases. We were contacted quickly by the bank and all monies refunded. I have never had much use for the awards program as I don’t use the card enough and the awards items are not for me.

Does what it is meant for

Reviewed by Rahul

No free credit. Other banks generally give at least one month free credit. Another bad thing I noticed is that it automatically deducts credit card repayment insurance. Good thing is that it is accepted worldwide but other credit cards also does the same. Haven’t used the American Express card yet. Citibank seems to be far better than this.

Interest rates a bit high

Reviewed by Anne

I have had my card for a long time but I find the rates can be a bit high depending on how much has been credited to the card. Also, the rewards are not what they are cracked up to be takes years to even get anything. But I suppose I don’t use the card much to rep the rewards

Secure and easy

Reviewed by LengKim

Very convenient with PayPass at most shopping places. Balance can check at ATM. Low fee and wide acceptance of transactions; payment could use net bank to pay and transfer any money have an added security of chip technology included. Has 55 days with no interest charged. Balance and all transactions can be checked online.


All my accounts linked together

Reviewed by Sally A

I like the convenience of being linked to my other accounts so that I can transfer between accounts. Great customer service, any disputes are quickly resolved. Interest and fees are a little too high. Also, the card itself could be better as the writing on it is not visible, so its hard to see the numbers.


Reviewed by CBA credit card

In the last 10 years of using my card I’ve found at all times the bank trustworthy and fantastic to deal with. They have always had accurate statements and have never penalised us for fully paying our card each month. Anyone wanting a credit card from a bank who cares could not go past the CBA.


Easy to use convienient card

Reviewed by Grannyk

This is the only credit card I use and as such I find it fulfils all my credit needs. I recommend this card to anyone who might be in the market for a card. It is accepted at all the outlets I buy products at and all the places choose stay. Also handy for paying bills online or BPay accounts.

Once a year I get a small reward

Reviewed by Frank Ciampi

I’ve had my credit card for nearly nine years. In that time there’s been no issues or problems. I enjoy the fact that I can buy things over the phone or internet easily and safely with little effort. I also like that once a year I get a small reward when redeeming my award points.

Pretty average, nothing special

Reviewed by Anon

Just another credit card with nothing special. High interest rates, high annual fee. Did check it was me when I had a Xmas spending spree, so must have good security. Difficult to get an increase in my limit, even when they had previously offered it. Although I did get a KitchenAid mixer with my points

Keep getting new ones

Reviewed by Kimberley

I have had this card for a very long time because it does not charge me an annual fee and gives me reward points that I can exchange for gift cards or goods. Whenever I have had problems with people charging my card they have quickly issued me with a new card so my card never wears out as I keep getting new ones.


Reviewed by Les

Generally very happy. I always pay on time and never have interest charges. Find annual fee a bit steep.

Generally happy with service

Reviewed by Lynette

I originally got this card as we were going on holidays in 2002, now it is convenient when big unexpected bills come in, sometimes its a pain in the butt, knowing its there and I try not to use it knowing i have to pay it back, but having it helps when times are a little tough.

It works but it's not that special

Reviewed by Gregory

I find that the rewards section for me just about covers the cost of having the card. If it wasn’t for the bonus I would be going for a lower interest card as a 20%+ for being in a position of not paying the full payment is just crazy. Bank rates at 0-4% for savings and credit cards way over the top. Good for some, bad for most.

Easy to manage online

Reviewed by David

I have found the Commonwealth online service excellent. I can check balances, automatically have credit card paid off to avoid fees and can get a full statement at tax time. The paypass is great and makes paying for small items quick and easy. I would definitely recommend the account to friends.

Time to move on to a better bank

Reviewed by Loyal Customer

Have been with this bank for over 20 yrs and never received an offer to improve my banking fees or any incentives to consider other services. I believe their customer/relationship management staff requires drastic improvement for me to continue banking with them. Have been with this bank since 15 yrs of age and am now seeking better banking services.

Never had an issue with CBA

Reviewed by Ashton

It has low interest rates and CBA are a reliable bank. I have banked with these guys for close to 20yrs now and i have never had an issue with them. They offer credit increases which has helped me out numerous times.


Very pleased

Reviewed by karli charles

i have this card for my savings, and I’m very happy with it. I like to use it all the time its just so handy to have in your wallet for in the future and its really good for saving and all that so I’m pretty thrilled i got it.

Generally happy except for the fees

Reviewed by Diva

All banks charge ridiculous fees. I am for the most part happy with my card. I pay the bill in full each month and therefore avoid as many fees as possible. The annual fee is exorbitant as I believe all credit cards are. The entire banking system needs overhauling immediately .

Good card to have

Reviewed by Stephen

Good card to have, convenient and adequate rewards for using. Generally a good card to use as it is accepted everywhere. Convenient to use if you pay off within the free period as you do not have to worry about the interest rate charges. All in all, a good card.

Long term customer

Reviewed by Card Reviewer

As a long term customer I was approached by one of the CBA customer representative who offered me this credit card. First I was not interested but after I looked at the rewards and convenience I have decided to go with it. I am pleased that I did. This card is very easy to use and you will get rewarded as well. Thank you CBA


Generally pleased

Reviewed by trudy

Have this card as it was linked to our home loan, great awards but the fees and charges are terrible, I would not recommend this card unless you want to pay the $350 charge per year and can pay this card off in total each month you can get better


Reviewed by Bella

Can always rely on the Commonwealth Bank for fast, courteous and friendly help, assistance and advice. Regardless of enquiry, they have always treated me with respect and consideration. Cant recommend them highly enough. Have dealt with other banking institutions but keep returning to the bank who has looked after my interests for over 45 years.

Very happy

Reviewed by N/A

My credit card is fantastic, it works every time I use it. I would recommend it to anyone that considers going with commonwealth bank. I used my card overseas and I didn’t have any problems using this card at different tellers. My whole family is with commonwealth. Its brilliant

Good credit card, no intentions in changing

Reviewed by Chrissy

Makes my life easier. I haven’t had any problems with the card. They text me when it’s due so I don’t miss a payment and get a penalty fee. The bank seems to be very competitive with the other banks. I trust with this card and its provider, and I have no intentions in changing it at this time.

One of the best credit cards I've ever had

Reviewed by Ling Ling

I’ve had this credit card for about 8 years now ever since I went to university. Not much has changed to the rates and fees and rewards program in all that time. It is a decent rewards credit card but the points don’t really add up to much, but that’s okay if you’re not a hardcore points chaser.

Extremely well pleased with card

Reviewed by Steve

I love my credit card, it does all my shopping each month and at he end of the month, I pay it out in full. The rewards I collect in gift cards for Coles or Woollies, this helps with keeping the shopping costs down. The people are great to deal with, the accuracy of the upload is good, I check it each month against my budget and it balances perfectly. Used correctly, a credit card helps, but never ever over spend, or leave money on it any month.

Pretty happy so far

Reviewed by Chandr3w

I have this card because it’s convenient to use. The AmEx version of this card lets me get 1.5 points for every dollar spent, which is nice especially when I fill up at Coles, which accepts AmEx. Card issuing is easy and timely. Both cards are conveniently linked to the one account. I also only use this card because most of my accounts are with Commonwealth Bank.

Always been happy

Reviewed by Sally

Reward your everyday spend. Great for shoppers. Good rewards program with 1.5 Awards points for every dollar spent. Always a ATM in site all around the world. Up to 55 days interest free on purchases. Apply online and get a response in 60 seconds. Partners with Myer and Flight Centre and more.


Great to have two cards

Reviewed by CommBank Customer

I like the choice of having two cards for the one account and can be rewarded for spending money, how one card earns you more points when using it in certain shops, and having the option to spend my rewards point on what I choose! Thanks CommBank. You’re the best.

Very pleased with this card!

Reviewed by Sonya 'PennySaver'

My card has been a joy to use with their friendly staff keeping in monthly contact with me to ensure my satisfaction. I pay my card off every month so avoid the hefty fees, though I have found my card to be very flexible when I need it the most. So a shout out to CommBank. Thank you!

Long time happy customer

Reviewed by Jude

I have found these cards to be very useful. It’s almost impossible to find somewhere that won’t take at least 1 of them. I recently lodged an online query and got a helpful response in less than 24 hours. I’ve had no troubles with the cards or accounts, except that my pay pass fell into 2 pieces just before the expiry was up. Perfect timing.

Not many rewards for the money spent

Reviewed by Anon

Given the interest rate, and therefore the money made by the bank, I would expect greater rewards than offered. The interest rate is fairly high, although comparative to others on offer still.

Think I would rather switch to a different card, perhaps one with flybuys? At least VISA is readily accepted everywhere though.


Easy to use and good customer care

Reviewed by Anon

Good if you need a relatively no frills card, easy to use and the staff are quite easy to contact. The best way to use it is to make sure you pay the balance off straight away each month to avoid paying unnecessary interest. Also links to collect Qantas Frequent Flyer points is a benefit.

A safe card

Reviewed by Anon

The CommBank Awards card really is a convenient asset. I do all my shopping online and find it works effortlessly for any purchases such as PayPal and eBay. I’ve had a couple of incorrect transactions which the bank took care of immediately with no hassle on my part, and were deposited straight into my account. The fees are competitive, and the rewards are definitely awesome with frequent flyers giving you a free holiday every now and then.

With the peace of mind of excellent security features and friendly efficient customer service who’ll chat about your day quite pleasantly, I’d say this card will give all the others a run for their money. Let’s just say, in a field of Melbourne Cup runners, this credit card has got my money on it. It’s a safe bet.

Get awarded!

Reviewed by Got awarded

For a business traveller the awards do add up to worth having it. I use it frequently instead of debit to make sure I get these bonuses. It’s also easy to get reduced interest by simply calling and saying you may cancel the card. If you want to migrate to another card you can do that also.

Saved me on my overseas trip

Reviewed by Matthew Blackall

My CommBank Awards Card was a good investment when I was on holidays. I injured myself and I used the instant cash to pay my medical bills while overseas.

I was able to buy items of choice on the spot, and it gave me a sense of knowing how much money I had even if i ran out.

Generally very pleased with this card

Reviewed by Lolpigs

Good card, great customer service and usability. The app allows access to funds and you can move them quickly and easily. I’ve never had any issues with card being accepted at any retailer. Low interest rates and fees attracted me to this card and are the reason I have kept this card for many years.

I got heaps of points with this

Reviewed by Anon

Nice service. Even if you lose your card, you get a free replacement. The rewards system is good. I swapped to Qantas points and am earning heaps of points for free flights.

The rates are alright and I’ve been happy with it for the last 8 years. This is a really good choice.

Good bank to deal with

Reviewed by James Reilly

This is a personal view, but i quite like dealing with this bank. Maybe it’s because there is a branch about 50 meters from my unit, but that’s my good luck. I can walk in, tell them my problem and walk out 15 minutes later feeling my concerns are dealt with. Try doing that online.

This card is very much online with me as is the CommBank. I get an email every time a transaction is made with my card or bank account and I can (and do) plan ahead with a click. Also, did I mention there’s a branch about 50 meters away in case it all goes pear-shaped?

I save a little using this card

Reviewed by Anon

The annual fee can be redeemed using points accrued so in reality, it can be fee-free, which is a big bonus. You can also buy pretty cool things online using whatever points you earn, but it does take a while to accrue enough.

It also earns at least 1 point and up to 2 points per $1. Interest rate isn’t good though, but comparatively it isn’t too bad.

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Anon

This is a standard card with no bells and whistles, but it does have fuss-free convenience.

Reward points are often hard to accumulate and the amount you need to spend to receive the reward you want can be quit high. But if you pay all your bills on the card, then I guess it could be okay.

I keep it because I have been with the bank for longer than I can remember and generally pay off the balance each month.

Pleased with this card

Reviewed by Wayne

I live in a remote location and find the card very useful and particularly like being able to build up points for rewards. I’ve used it a number of times for rewards. Interest rates could be lower and I’m not a fan of the tap and go technology – I think it makes it easier for people to take money from your account.

Overall, I’m generally pretty happy with service and with credit card.

So far so good!

Reviewed by Amelia

I had never had a credit card before this one. My theory has always been, if you can’t pay for it all up front then you can’t afford it. However, my partner convinced me to try it out and so far, just from our everyday spending we have redeemed a $250 Flight Centre gift card and a few $50 gift cards.

We have been using these cards for about a year now and we are thinking about moving up to the next level to ramp up our rewards.

Happy for now

Reviewed by Mike

I’ve always been with this bank. Applying was convenient and they know my history, so it helps with credit increases when I need them. Overall I have not particularly had any problems with the card or service and I find security in knowing they are a big four bank. There are also heaps of ATMs, which is great.

Good awards but a bit expensive

Reviewed by Gary

Overall this is a good credit card. It has a Visa and companion AmEx combined in one account, and you get extra awards points when you use the AmEx. The awards are good because you can redeem them for a prepaid Visa card or for cash paid back onto your credit card. The only issue is the annual fee, which is a bit high.

Useful with low fees

Reviewed by Carley

There are heaps of hidden fees I never fully knew about, but nothing too over the top. I only use it when I really need to. Most of the time I don’t even spend a thing on it during the month, but am still making payments. Probably should have got a loan instead.

Not too bad

Reviewed by Reyhan

Commonwealth Bank advertised this credit card offering $250 cash back. This was the only reason why I opted for it. It is a good credit card overall and fees are reasonable. I am, however, a little disappointed with the rewards program. Commonwealth Bank is a major bank, so it could offer better rewards for their customers—especially those who have been with them for a long time and who have home loans etc. Commonwealth Bank’s customer service is pretty good. I never need to wait in long queues.

Easy application, high charges

Reviewed by Louise

Commonwealth Bank offer easy applications and credit increases, but have high interest rates and account charges. They do not match the amount they offer in credit to the amount they offer on a loan, which I believe is unethical. I am disappointed in the service I receive from them in the branches, but have experienced some great customer service on the telephone which is positive. However, I do not believe I will be banking with them for much longer as there are many more competitive offers on the market at the moment.

Best credit card ever

Reviewed by Daniel

This credit card is the bees knees of cards. The benefits alone make it the best card out there, with one of the lowest annual fees of $59 and no credit limit.

You also get free wine at restaurants, discounts at clothing stores, cinemas, amusement parks, and fuel—it has everything.

Big bank, small card

Reviewed by Mark

We use this card a lot, probably loading $4,000 on average a month. Yes, we pay every little thing on it. Then pay it off before we have to pay interest. This does work for us as we keep all that extra cash on our mortgage and we gain a lot of rewards points, which we buy petrol vouchers with. So doing this gets the best out of this card.

The down side is you must pay the card off—the bank won’t remind you and will charge the interest. And secondly, we did have one situation where our card was used to buy $2,000 of hand guns in the USA. To the bank’s credit they did give all that money back. However

Worst bank to deal with

Reviewed by Christine

My husband left me and I was left to pay the outstanding amount. I went to Commonwealth Bank and explained my situation. It took them over 8 months and each month they added the highest interest rate. So instead of trying to help me, they made me get into financial difficulty.

No debt accruing? This card may be for you

Reviewed by Stacey

I looked into various cards and found this one was the best fit for me. I prefer the security of knowing that I’m with a Big 4 bank.

Rewards and rates were comparable to the other rewards cards available. It’s a great card to have if you plan on paying it off every month and not allowing debt to accrue, but if you are then, with the relatively high interest rates and annual fee, this card might not be for you. There’s a good rewards program—I was already planning on spending the money so why not get rewarded for it? Having an AmEx and a MasterCard also opens up a lot more options and rewards than having just a MasterCard.

Money when I need it most

Reviewed by Corrina

Sometimes we struggle and I find myself short for weekend groceries or a medical visit on a Sunday. No matter what my balance is, my payment is always approved. This makes a huge difference to my stress levels and makes for a happier weekend. Whilst not ideal to use a credit card, it helps me when I need it most.

Rewards were great

Reviewed by Katherine

This card has low fees and great customer service—a great option for credit card beginners. If you ever have any questions or want to change your credit limit, they are more than happy to help. Rewards used to be great, however they stopped them, which is disappointing. Other than that I would recommend this card to everyone.

Not good

Reviewed by Victoria

The interest is too much and I am finding it hard to pay off. They should give me a break for a while because I’ve been trying so hard to pay it off. I got this card to pay for a holiday, then lost my job a while after and now can’t afford to pay it off. They only care about money and not the customer.

I have been impressed with my credit cards

Reviewed by Deanne

We got these great credit cards, which also come with an American Express, for a trip to America we were planning. It was great knowing we had enough money for our holiday. The problem is that we are trying to pay them back in full and in time for our holiday next year.

I’m not sure whether it was a good idea getting credit cards with the Australian Dollar being so bad, but on the other hand our friends put all their money into Australia Post card in American Dollars. She forgot the password, couldn’t access the money, and her hubby lost his wallet. It was too hard to contact Australia Post. So I think the way we went was the best. Commonwealth Bank even contacted us when a hurricane hit one town where we were supposed to be to see if we were ok. Luckily we didn’t go: our tourism company put us up in 5 star accommodation and United Airlines changed our flights for no extra cost. It was great. Thanks Commonwealth Bank.

Very convenient

Reviewed by C

Easy, simple to use: I’ve never had a problem. We’ve been able to redeem points for fantastic products including a wonderful Weber Q that does the most amazing roasts, Coleman chairs that are extremely comfortable, and a Coleman camping bed for our child that she loves. Looking forward to the next item.

Generally OK

Reviewed by Susan

I’ve had this card for many years. Originally it was a Woolies card and then that changed. I’ve exchanged points for reward products a few times over the years and have always been satisfied with the goods and their prompt despatch. It’s easy to earn points and I have sometimes exchanged points for cash too, which is good if there are no products I want at the time.

Good awards program, high interest rate and fees

Reviewed by Anna

It has a decent rewards program, but at 1 point for $1, you need to be a big spender to reap the benefits. The annual fee is $119. One benefit is the companion AmEx card, which comes at no additional cost. The interest rate and fees are amongst the highest of any credit card available in Australia, which is a big negative.

Paying it off

Reviewed by Billy

I’m just trying to pay it off completely and then getting rid of it. I was stupid to get it in the first place, but I should have it paid off sooner. I don’t think I’ll be looking to get another to replace it, but I am open to a lot of other things.

Has come in handy

Reviewed by Megan

This card came in handy when we had no money. We use it online as it is convenient and it gives us points that we can use on gifts. I used it to buy my partner’s birthday present online from MightyApe.

Costs too much

Reviewed by Louisa

I got this card just in case I needed money when I went on holiday, but the interest I have to pay is very steep. I am not really sure if it’s a reward card or not. I just know I pay very high interest rates on this card.

Getting ripped off by CBA

Reviewed by Teena

Fees are so high, especially if purchasing something classed as a cash withdrawal. I am trying to pay it down so I can use Citibank rewards card, which I think is way better and with fantastic customer service—they are quick to answer whereas CommBank leave you waiting for ages on the line wondering if they will ever answer you or just cut you off when your call connects, which has happened many times to me in the past. Big thumbs down.

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Sean

I have a Commonwealth low rate awards credit card. It also comes with an AmEx card, which gives me 1.5 points per dollar spent and 55 days interest-free. I have never had a problem at all with the card or the bank and I would say I am very pleased with it. I use all my points at the end of the year to redeem gift vouchers to buy Christmas presents.

Fees not too bad

Reviewed by Salote

They don’t charge me fees when I can’t afford it. Their late fees aren’t too expensive and I haven’t had a problem with them yet.
It would be good if they had a $250 cash back on this credit card. Would be helpful. Definitely would recommend this to family and friends.

All good so far

Reviewed by C

I mainly bank with CBA

Not overly impressed

Reviewed by Richard

I have had the card for 20 years. Unfortunately this card’s fees are, I feel, overly expensive for little or no reward. On top of this, the one time I had to have dealings with them over a late payment, I found the staff to be over zealous (threatening legal action as their first response before even looking into the account, which was most upsetting). I originally got the card to help me over a tight spot and since the debt has grown. It’s my own fault as I always took the extra credit limit when offered. I don’t think I will ever get rid of it.

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Ashley

It’s hard to earn awards points: I spent $12,000 and only earned $81 for Flight Centre. So while it is simple and easy to use, it is not really worth it for the award points (for Flight Centre at least). I don’t earn enough to qualify for any of the better loyalty program cards, so I guess it’s better than nothing. Just hoping these points don’t expire.

Rewards points declined

Reviewed by Adrian

The card was good to start with but the rewards points have declined. They keep adding restrictions on what you can earn points on, and the amount you have to spend to get one Frequent Flyer point. It is just convenient that i bank with CBA

Benefits and choice of rewards

Reviewed by Chad

Overall my card is great, has good features and benefits as well as free travel insurance, which is handy.
My card has the option for me to be able to redeem my points as Qantas Frequent Flyer or Commonwealth Awards points, which is useful and allows me to choose from a range of rewards.

I never pay interest

Reviewed by Susan

I have had my card for over 30 years and have stayed loyal to the Commonwealth Bank, as I pay off the amount I have used every month and do not pay any interest. I use PayPal and the rewards which are great, especially the petrol and gift cards which I use as presents.

Good rewards, great for emergencies

Reviewed by Annelise

I use this card for the odd big purchases like travel, furniture, Christmas time or emergencies.

Have used it overseas with no trouble and overseas fees are OK. No interest for a month, which I never go past, and it has really good rewards. I normally just use the cashback option, but there is great stuff to choose from, like gift cards, flight vouchers and other goodies.

Fees are reasonable. Never had a problem with Commbank. Overall would recommend for most people.

No problems with this card

Reviewed by Charlie

I have had this card for the last few months now, as I have been living in Brisbane (from England) and I can honestly say that it has done everything it was supposed to do. I can’t complain about anything as I have had no problems so far. I would definitely use this card again.

Good choice of rewards through points

Reviewed by Natalie

I like that I have an option to use either my AmEx or MasterCard when shopping, considering some stores won’t accept Amex (even though it gives me the most points).

I am able to accumulate points easily and there is a good range of rewards available to redeem.

The yearly fees are a bit high, but pretty typical of an awards card.

The rewards outweigh the high interest rate

Reviewed by Frederick

What I like about my Commonwealth Bank Awards credit card is the awards program. I find it rewards my spending further with 1.5 points for every dollar I spend on purchases. I have used these points at Flight Centre towards hotels bookings. I can also go in Myers and use my card to pay with points.

The annual fee for my card is $59 p.a., which isn’t the cheapest standard rate going around but I use this card mostly to accumulate points, which does the job quite efficiently.

Increased annual fee

Reviewed by Owen

I have enjoyed being a cardholder and getting rewards points. However, there is not much to offer in being a cardholder, as they have increased the annual fee a few months after I received the card.

Points are not much to offer, as we are paying much higher interest on the purchases.

Next time I will shop around.

Convenience, rewards, and good service

Reviewed by Zaklina

Being a long time customer with Commonwealth Bank, I’m very pleased with the customer service and friendly staff, who are always ready, willing and able to help.

I love the convenience of the card and the rewards that come with it. I also pay the bills with it and It is easy for shopping.

Rates and Fees high, but customer service good

Reviewed by Cassie

I have been having difficulty meeting the repayments on my credit card due to financial hardship. The staff are very helpful and respectful over the phone, however every time my financial situation is being reviewed (every few weeks) I am asked the same questions about how I came to be in this situation. As the circumstances were quite stressful, having to repeat them over and over also becomes very stressful.

Other than this, as far as credit cards go I have found it not too bad. The awards program is good, and whilst the rates and fees seem high, this may just be because I am having so much trouble with money at the moment.

The customer service is always warm and this is the only factor (although it is a big factor) that has kept me feeling positive towards the Commonwealth Bank. It makes a big difference.

I’m not sure if it exists, but having email and SMS notification of due bills would be very helpful in the future

Rewards OK, but fees make me look elsewhere

Reviewed by Michelle

I mainly keep this card because of convenience and CommBank’s top-notch security. I have received calls at 3am when they have been concerned about possible fraudulent transactions, and that security really helps me feel confident keeping this card, because I do a lot of online shopping.

If I was looking for lower rates or better rewards, I would look elsewhere, but this card works well for me.

Market average interest rate

Reviewed by Cassie

This card is neither good nor bad when it comes to its interest rate, as I’ve previously compared cards in online markets and this card is very much in the average category.

It’s been a helpful fallback when I’ve struggled with unexpected expenses and I only use it for purchases to ensure I don’t fall too far into debt.

Never a drama

Reviewed by Elise

Commonwealth Bank have made it very easy to access and make payments on this credit card. I have even been reimbursed a percentage when i make extra payments.

Fees are pretty stock standard so i wouldn’t rave about that, but they’re not ridiculous either.

I would highly recommend a credit card with CBA


Security and support

Reviewed by Kishore

When I deposited money to a trading company using this card, they refused to return my money when I requested to withdraw it. I reported and disputed it, with the help of Commonwealth Bank. It was resolved.

Further, I can limit my card use at any time online, and protect my card from any unwanted transactions. That is great.

Long-term users seem to be forgotten

Reviewed by Diann

I joined 23 years ago and have found it easy and convenient to use. I would like the rewards to to be more rewarding for long-term users.

Incentives are given to entice new users but long-term users seem to be forgotten.

I find the credit card good for earning frequent flyer points. You’re spending the money, so why not get some rewards?

A backup to help me get through

Reviewed by Karen

To live just making ends meet can be difficult, so it is always lovely to know I have a backup like this card to get me through the fortnight — just when I need some food and cigarettes or a special treat for myself.

I love that i can bank inside the bank rather than just using the ATM.


Rewards offset annual fee and more, plus perks

Reviewed by Gabriel

These cards usually come in a pair connected to the same account. If you are able to budget and have discipline, this may be the card for you.

Try to use it at every opportunity you get, especially the AmEx (if it is accepted and there’s no surcharge) and you should be able to use the points to offset the annual fee and still get some points for extra stuff.

Please pay back by the due date, or it’s not worth it. Also there are some perks like travel insurance as well, but please note that there are conditions attached.

Good rewards card if you pay it off every month

Reviewed by L

This is a good rewards credit card for people who use their credit card for all purchases and then pay off every month before the interest is charged. If you only make minimum repayments then it’s not for you, as you are paying stacks of money for the points you earn using your card.

For example, if you earn 5000 points in a year and get a $25 voucher, but you are only making minimum repayments on your card, the majority of your balance is having interest charged against it. You might be paying $1000 in interest, all for a $25 voucher.

Can't get credit limit increased

Reviewed by Judie

I’m upset that they won’t increase my credit limit. I have applied several times to increase the limit, without success. I can afford it, but they won’t approve an increase.

I’m not very happy with the service provided by the bank. I used to pay the balance off every month, but I don’t bother any more.

I trust the Commonwealth Bank

Reviewed by Riani

I like the card I have from the Commonwealth Bank. It’s my first one. I have never tried any other companies.

I’d love a better percentage to help me save.

The card is from a trusted bank and I would definitely recommend this card to friends and foe alike.

Customer service explained everything

Reviewed by Stephanie

Customer service was excellent as they really helped me make an informed decision about which card would suit my lifestyle better. They were more than happy to take the time to explain every question I had, and explain interest rates and how I could really benefit from using my card.

Great customer service but huge fees

Reviewed by Samantha

Although customer service is good they still take you for a ride when it comes to monthly fees. Due to the fees being so high, it makes it hard to trust that my bank wants the best for families and those doing it a little tough. Fees should be manageable on any budget.

Good rates and low fees

Reviewed by Lewis

This is a very good card, with good rates. I recommend it. It has the lowest credit card interest rate around and fees are also very low.

Online banking is super easy and the staff, if you ever need to call, are exemplary in customer service. Customer service always to a high standard.

It’s an excellent system, easy to understand.

My first love

Reviewed by Freja

The CommBank Visa Rewards card was my first credit card, and not unlike my first love: trustworthy, there for me when I’ve been strapped for cash, and swings me a little present every now and then to make me feel special. I’ve had other cards since, but nothing quite compares.

Good rewards for normal spending

Reviewed by Amelia

It’s very easy to use, especially with more and more people not charging for AmEx.

We have been able to buy a few products through the rewards program just for using our awards cards on normal spending, and this has so far outweighed the fees involved. Another positive is that some products we have purchased through the rewards system were cheaper than retail when comparing the point to dollar ratio. On the other hand, some products seem to be more expensive.

Quick and easy transfers

Reviewed by Maddy

Commonwealth has great deals and the service is actually pretty good. If you need to transfer money to another person it gets on their card straight away (if they are with Commonwealth as well).

Overall if you choose Commonwealth, don’t get a keycard (no online shopping or PayPal) but get a credit card. It’s easy to make transfers as well.

I got a free flight with this card

Reviewed by Lucy

I would suggest this credit card to anyone looking. I’ve got a low annual fee. The interest rate is high but as long as you keep on top of payments you can enjoy the great rewards it has to offer.

I’ve just cashed in my points again at Flight Centre, so my Sydney-Perth flight was completely free.

Activate travel insurance for each trip

Reviewed by Partha

Cash back awards on the card are good. The AmEx card earns more points than the MasterCard.

There are not many bonus points on offer for existing card holders, and it’s also not tied to any fuel offer.

The travel insurance not automatic – you have to register for every trip separately to activate the insurance.

Overall it’s a no frills card.

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