Commonwealth Bank Business Platinum Awards Credit Card

Commonwealth Bank Business Platinum Awards Credit Card


  • Choose to earn CommBank Awards points or Qantas Points ($30 fee per year applies).
  • Earn 1 Awards Point or 0.4 Qantas Points for every dollar spent using your CommBank Awards Mastercard
  • Balance Transfer at 5.99% for 5 months.

Pros and cons


  • Earn up to 300,000 points a year. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Transfer your earned points to other travel programs.
  • Includes Transit Accident Insurance and Unauthorised Transaction Insurance.


  • High annual fee.
  • The additional cardholder fee is $75.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



So far so good

Reviewed by anonymous

I have had this card for about 6 months now and I have had no issues. It shows all the expenses same day so it helps to track them. Good customer service to help with any issues and yes the fees are high so this card is not for everyone.

Happy credit card

Reviewed by Namit

Very happy with my CBA credit cards. CBA has provided us a MasterCard and an American Express card as part of our wealth package and we don’t pay any extra card card fee. Also price protection on goods we buy using our cards is a fantastic thing to have. Thanks!


Great rewards, worth my while

Reviewed by Louise

I only applied for the bonus 40,000 Qantas points as I knew I would soon be booking flights and so would easily make a purchase over $500, which was the requirement for getting the bonus points. I didn’t expect to use it so much afterwards! Now I use it to pay for most things, then transfer the money to pay off the card immediately using the very useful Commonwealth Bank app.

I spent to much money with the card

Reviewed by Troy

The credit card is great and handy. I spent too much money because it’s so convenient. Having excess money to spend is not really a great idea, but that’s what the bank wants. The late fees and interest is ridiculously high and I think that once I pay the bank I wont use a credit card again. I do like the card, but but it’s not good for me having a credit limit that is so large.

Never had a problem with this card yet

Reviewed by Greg

I have this card as I travel a lot. It has good and bad points like all cards, but in the long the card does everything for me that I need it to. Having this card has been a good move for me. I also tell people that it is a bargain for anyone.

Average card

Reviewed by Rach

I was given this card as i am a loyal member of the Commonwealth Bank.

There are no fees, I have good interest rates, and the security of the card is meant to be increased. But during my use of the card (apart from payWave) I have not noticed a difference.

I do not receive rewards etc.

Awards points outweigh high fee

Reviewed by Ishita

It’s really convenient, with both an AmEx and a MasterCard. It’s also very easy to redeem points through CommBank Awards and Myer. Annual fees are high but easily made up for by accumulating points.

It’s also great to use NetBank, which has many convenient features including BPAY payments and categorisation of payments to track your spending habits.


Great rewards, good rates

Reviewed by Danica

I’ve always had great results with my card, but I wish the access to my rewards was a little clearer and easier to find the best choice for me personally. I like the fact I get double points by being able to use my AmEx card as well as my MasterCard.

Using this as my spending account then replenishing the money is the best way for me to use my card and achieve the maximum points.

MasterCard great, AmEx not very useful

Reviewed by Karen

I find this card very useful and the unlimited points are a bonus. I find MasterCard is better to have than Visa as it appears to be accepted everywhere. I don’t like the bonus American Express card. I didn’t activate it and have never used it, as the fees are higher and it’s hardly accepted anywhere.

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