Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card


  • Get $200 cashback when you apply by 29 February 2024, are approved, and spend $500 or more on purchases per month for the first 4 months.
  • No annual fee if you spend at least $300 in your statement period. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free.

Pros and cons


  • Get $200 cashback when you meet the criteria.
  • No annual fee when you meet the spending criteria.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free.


  • There is no rewards program on this card.
  • No international travel insurance.
  • There's a $3 monthly fee if you do not spend at least $300 in your statement period.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. Additional cardholders can be added to the account at no extra cost.
  • Digital wallets. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Gambling transactions. Commonwealth Bank will not process gambling transactions on any of their cards.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. There is no complimentary international travel insurance on this card.
  • Concierge services. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card does not offer a concierge service.
  • Insurances. This card comes with fraud protection.
  • Rewards points. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card has no rewards program.
  • Sign-up bonus. Get $200 cashback when you apply by 29 February 2024, are approved and spend $500 or more per month on purchases for the first 4 months.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. Enjoy a fee-free annual membership, provided you maintain a minimum spending of $300 within your statement period; otherwise, a monthly charge of $3 will be incurred.
  • Balance transfers. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card currently has no introductory balance transfer offer.
  • Cash advances. If you use this card to make a cash advance, you will be charged 21.99% p.a interest.
  • Cash advance fee. The Commonwealth Bank charges $3.00 or 3.00% of the transaction amount – whichever is greater.
  • Foreign exchange fee. The CBA Low Fee Credit Card charges a 3% fee on overseas cash advances.
  • Interest-free period. You'll receive 55 days interest-free on purchases.
  • Purchases. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card does not have any introductory offer for purchases, but it does have a purchase rate of 20.99% p.a.

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Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



I got a credit card for extra money

Reviewed by Rebecca Clarke

Now after having it i have trouble keeping up with payments but feel i will eventually get there. I will be able to start buying things for birthdays and Christmas to try and get in front so were not stressing at that time of year when you should be enjoying it.

Quick response if you get hacked

Reviewed by Sheree

Had mine hacked on several occasions… so much for the security! I was refunded the money but had to put in a dispute to have the conversion rates refunded. It has happened on 3 occasions now and I hardly use it. Still can’t figure out how they got my details…and the bank wasn’t forthcoming with any information about it so basically your left in the dark.

I wish I shopped around first

Reviewed by Shez

I have had this card for 13 years now and I really wish I had shopped around first to see all the good deals that are around. The interest rate is quite hight compared to other banks and the customer services are so poor.

Overall quite pleased

Reviewed by Tara

This card has been great for day to day expenses, but I find the rates get overwhelming when the cards balance is almost at max (after a large purchase). I end up paying almost $100 in fees a month even though I’m putting between $500-600 on the card per month to pay it off.

Very good

Reviewed by netdy

For me Commonwealth bank is the best bank and this credit card is a good for me when I need to purchase anything online. Thanx Commonwealth Bank and also I can check my banking online everywhere all around the world. All the Commbank staff is friendly.

Hate having this card now that I'm a pensioner

Reviewed by Nols

This card does not offer any rewards, the fees are still too high and I was slugged with overdue fees when the monthly charges are added to take me over my credit limit. No real assistance offered when I asked for financial assistance recently. I would not recommend this Commonwealth card.

Very happy with this card

Reviewed by Jayblz

This card does everything I need from it. Low fees, convenient and easy to pay. I have been using this card for a good 6 months now, and I use the card as opposed to my previous direct debit card. It includes PayWave, making my transactions quicker and easier. I have all my accounts with Commonwealth Bank due to their customer service, and any issues I’ve had with my card have been very quickly and easily dealt with.

Quite happy with this card

Reviewed by Alison

I have had this card for years as it is attached to my savings account at the Commonwealth. Which I love the convenience of being to access my savings account as well with this card. So I am generally quite pleased with this card although the interest rate is high.

MasterCard service and good customer service

Reviewed by Gary

Recently I lost my credit card overseas. The customer service in both the overseas operator and in Australia were excellent. A replacement card was ordered immediately and received in 4 business days. It is also convenient to have my credit and EFTPOS on the one card. Easy to use for online banking and shopping.


I am closing down this card

Reviewed by Liz Brown

After banking with the Commonwealth Bank for over thirty years, I am very disheartened by their service and recently I applied for an increase in my credit card by only $1,000 and they declined it – my limit is only $4,000 now. I am not happy so I have applied with another financial institution and am transferring the balance to them and closing my accounts with the Commonwealth.

I recommend it

Reviewed by Faiyaazul

It’s really good. I would recommend everyone to get it. Because at the end of the day you don’t have to pay a single penny and it will make you realise that the best things in life are free. So go for it.

Great customer service

Reviewed by Darryl

They have great customer service and can use the card anywhere overseas. I have used the card in Thailand several times with no problems. The fees are reasonable and I use the card online for my flight purchases and other things as well. I would recommend this CBA credit card.


High interest

Reviewed by Michelle

This card is over rated. I’m finding this card is full of hidden costs and I always have been with this bank since childhood and am a long time customer which means nothing. I get charged for almost every transaction and my monthly repayments are getting out of control I would not recommend this to anyone.

Generally happy with the card

Reviewed by Member

The CBA wants my business and the other big banks don’t want my business. The other banks want me to change to a lower rate for six month and then the interest rates go through the roof. I don’t find the banks trustworthy and we are forced to use them.


Quite pleased with this card though fees are high

Reviewed by Julia R

My credit card is quite easy to use, I also get reminders sent to me by text message which enables me to pay my bill on time. However I do find the monthly fees charged to my card to be quite high (almost as much as the minimum repayment is).

Satisfied with this card

Reviewed by Denise

I find my credit card to be convenient, reliable and safe to use. I don’t have a rewards system attached to this, as I’m not interested. I like that it’s attached to my internet banking and payments are easy to make online or in a branch. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with this credit card.

Best ever

Reviewed by Gidge

My credit card provider is the best. They provide great service and they are always there to help when I have a problem or I don’t understand why I and being charged fees in some circumstances. Easy access to bank now that they are now open seven days a week.

Brilliant card

Reviewed by Laurette Power

Great product which was fully explained by knowledgeable, efficient, friendly staff so that all conditions & services were clearly understood enabling me to make an informed choice if this card was right for me. Having a local branch nearby & the convenience of being able to conduct transactions at the local post office are awesome as we live in a remote area.

Very happy with this card and its features

Reviewed by Bugzy

Great card to have as it is a low fee and low interest which makes it so much easier to repay any balance’s and customer service via Branch/Phone/Website and mobile phone app is very handy to keep track of spending along with the added card security makes peace of mind.

I have had this card for years

Reviewed by Margaret Roberts

I cannot remember how I first got this card but it has been such a comfort over the years to know it is there for whenever I need it & also I can access cash funds if needed. It is perfect for me & always there when I need it


Reviewed by Alison mc

Had the card for four years now and I have never had the interests rate changed not like other major coorperations that increase with inflation the annual fee or rates. Very easy and excepted on every online service or international holiday I’ve been on, also you can get added savings with insurance.

Credit cards are losing their appeal for me

Reviewed by Ken

Until I signed up with ING I used my credit card quite a lot for purchases. Then I got an Orange card from ING which gave me a 5% rebate off all purchases I made under $100

Very pleased

Reviewed by Susan

I have this card for the convenience, so I don’t need to carry cash with me. I like the rewards system. I didn’t originally pick this card, the company who I had my card with stopped having a credit cards and the commonwealth bank took over their customers. I’m glad I stayed with them and I feel very secure when I shop online with the card.

The best card if you have got 'everything'

Reviewed by Little Kiwi

I like this card as it has low or no fees which means you can save money. I chose this card as it is the best one for me. I only have one credit card and I use it every day for my purchases. I pay the full balance owing each month to avoid interest and would recommend this card to students and seniors.

An interesting card

Reviewed by Anon

The Commonwealth Low Interest Credit Card is very useful as it is useable anywhere in the world. It is very handy for online purchases and can be used in conjunction with PayPal. The annual fee is reasonable. It also has the PayPass touch and go system for purchases under $100. But with all these good things, is there a drawback? I should say so! Incredibly exorbitant Interest Rates!

So so

Reviewed by no name

No cash at that time that’s why I applied for the card to buy things that I need at the time. Because I bank with Commonwealth Bank that’s why they offer me the card. It’s convenience but it is hard to pay off. Anyway I got the thing I need and still paying off the card.

Simple no fee card

Reviewed by David

Simple Card, no fees, no rewards, and low interest rate. Pay off full balance every month and no charges at all. Make sure you check every month that fees not charged, especially first months and you may need to arrange for fee reversal/credit. Had no trouble using anywhere in real life or on the web.

Never over spending

Reviewed by One Happy Customer

I have this card so I don’t over spend. I know it’s my money therefore I am one happy customer. What I buy I can take home knowing I don’t have to find the money later into the month to pay for my items and also know I have no interest fees to pay.

Bargain central

Reviewed by Happy as!

Costs NOTHING! Spend only $1000 a year and pay it off before interest dates and that’s it. Free! I use this for big payments so I go over the $1000 and wipe out the annual fee charge. Then I pay it off fast so I don’t get charged interest. Hasn’t cost me anything in charges since I got it.

Honest truth

Reviewed by Suzannah

Low rate, makes for easy repayments. However the card does not offer rewards, so keep that in mind when using it. They have excellent customer service and contact you if there is any unusual transaction on your account.
They will offer you a card increase, this can help if you need a little extra dollars for back up.

Simple, but effective

Reviewed by Liam

I don’t need much from my card – in fact, I prefer not to think about it too much. The Commonwealth Low Fee Credit Card does what it says, is there whenever I need it, and comes with great customer service support. I’m not too enthused about cash advance fees in general, but they’re reasonable on this card.

Very pleased

Reviewed by Anon

This low fee credit card from Commonwealth Bank has been very good for me. I have never had a problem. The annual fees are very reasonably priced, but the interest rate is average. This card has a 40 day no interest feature, which is very convenient as long as you stay on top of spending and repayments.

Lower interest rate than a personal loan

Reviewed by J Lockley

Initially got this card when I went overseas, and it included free travel insurance. Then due to sickness and time off work, it meant that I could still manage to meet my living expenses.

I have found that the interest rate is less than what I would get with a personal loan.

Saved me!

Reviewed by Jasmin

I applied for this card as an emergency back up fund as I live week-to-week and if anything was to come up I can use it. Two weeks after I received my card in the mail, my car broke down. I had to use $1500 straight up. The fees are affordable for me and I find it easy to keep on top of.

Savvy savings

Reviewed by Gina

I’m more than happy with my credit card. It suits my needs perfectly. I’m happy with what it offers me and would not consider changing. I’ve have had other products from other banks before and always have had issues.

With this card I don’t feel like I am being ripped off and the interest rate is reasonable considering the ridulous rates banks expect us to pay.

Helps when I need to use it

Reviewed by Chrissie

This card has low fees and I’m always notified when a payment is due so I don’t receive extra fees. I can bump up the credit limit immediately when need to and can rely on it when savings are low. It’s convenient to use, especially with online purchases. All my accounts are attached to this card so I can transfer and pay over NetBank, which makes it convenient for me to manage things.

I saved on interest

Reviewed by Suzanne

This is a great card when you’re working and keep up with payments. If you miss a payment they charge you interest and then if you pay on time it’s 55 days interest-free. That’s how it works they say, but I worked it out and it’s not all what they said.

The credit card for beginners

Reviewed by Skye

This is a great card for someone who has not had one before. It has a low interest rate, $0 annual fee for the first year and every year after if you spend $1000 or more. It is also good because you can control your security and spending by instantly locking international payments, blocking ATM cash advances

This helped with my home renovations

Reviewed by Jody

Very reliable, fees are low, and they aren’t too pushy if you are overdue with a payment, easy ATM access

Okay card

Reviewed by Kathryn

This card has no fees, which is great if you don’t use it often. The interests rates are relatively high at 19.74% p.a (although lower than some other credit cards supplied by Commonwealth Bank). It does not give any rewards.

Overall, I would recommend for someone who uses their card sparingly and does not want to pay fees.

Simple card, no complaints

Reviewed by Kellie

I’ve had no problems with this card. I have this card as I am a student and was after something with a low rate that’s simple to use. I haven’t had any problems and security has been great (the bank was able to identify and block some fraudulent transactions before they went through).

This card is great for students, or anyone trying to save.

Low cost or no cost if you put $1k through a year

Reviewed by Scott

This is very handy as a back up card. You only need to put $1k of purchases through it in a year and they waive the annual fee automatically. I use it for bigger purchases that my regular cards are limited on. It’s basically free if you pay it off before interest is charged—great!

Very pleased with the cost of keeping this card

Reviewed by Eloisa

I love banking with Commonwealth Bank, and whilst this card doesn’t allow me to get rewards, no fees is more valuable to my family. We would not spend enough per year to gain rewards anyway.

Commonwealth Bank have been excellent when dealing with reducing and increasing my credit limit when applicable and were fairly good when my card was used by someone overseas. While they sorted the issue quickly, unfortunately the operating staff struggled to explain things to me (but I figured it out on my own). All monies were refunded almost immediately.


Reviewed by Tim

I am pleased with this credit card, although I would love to see more rewards on it. It’s easy to buy airline tickets, and the payWave feature is great too. I wish the interest rate was a tad lower, however it is the lowest rate credit card you can get (when I checked).

No fees saves me a lot, for my spending habits

Reviewed by Jarrad

I have had this card for a year, having dealt with annual fees for every other card I have had previously. It was a refreshing change to be able to use the card without worrying about paying for the privilege.

The card waives the annual fee ($59 last I checked) if you spend over $1,000 over the year—this is easily achievable.

I have been a CBA customer for years and generally have found them quite easy to deal with. The only drawback is that they are quite persistent in offering you credit increases

No fees!

Reviewed by Sab

Great emergency card. You don’t need to pay fees if you use it to spend at least $1,000 a year, which is really easy to do. The card itself is nice looking. I like the see-through window thing. I always pay on time so I don’t get charged any interest. It’s really great to have when you need something before you get paid.

Good as a backup

Reviewed by Michael

Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases and the ability to lock transactions until you need them is great. The Low Fee card is higher than others when it comes to the interest rate.

It was very easy to apply and upload the documents needed to get approved. Overall, I’m very happy with this card and my experience.

Fairly pleased

Reviewed by Elise

Compared to other cards, this one offered the lowest fees. Commonwealth Bank customer service has been very helpful with any matters to do with this card, which is what makes me more likely to recommend it over others. The low fees make it worthwhile if you make all your payments on time.

Very pleased with customer service

Reviewed by Dean

I was very pleased with the level of service I received. I have had an account with Commonwealth for ages. I knew to trust them and they were very helpful if I had any questions about the security of my credit card. There are no rewards on offer with this card and the fees are not that bad.

Works for me

Reviewed by Melissa

The card has a low annual fee and a low interest rate, which suit’s my lifestyle well. This was the first credit card I got and it was easy to apply for and be accepted into. It helps me organise my bills, so they can be directly debited on time each month.

This card is great and the fees are low

Reviewed by Josh

This card is fantastic! There’s no issue with it if you intend to pay it off on every billing cycle. The annual fees are low and it is convenient to pay it off online via NetBank.

I would recommend this as an entry level credit card without the mod cons. Commonwealth Bank is long-established and reliable when it comes to credit card services.

Happy so far

Reviewed by John

We are happy with this card because the annual fee is waived if we spend a minimum of $1,000, but that is the only benefit. Interest rates if we cannot pay the balance on time are, I believe, exceptionally high and discourage us from using the card for purchases. As we hope to travel, a card with a reasonable annual fee, interest rates, and free or low-cost travel insurance, would possibly be attractive.

Hassle-free with no fees (though no rewards)

Reviewed by John

I’m using my credit card primarily for budgeting and also I believe in “take early, pay late”. Commonwealth Bank has a few facilities that worked really great including giving me a call to check if I was overseas and when I wasn’t, they investigated the fraud and got me a full refund of fraudulent transactions. Oh… also it was a no fee card so I wouldn’t have to worry about paying any money to the bank so long as I pay the closing balance on time.

Problems reducing my limit

Reviewed by Rachel

It was very difficult to reduce the credit limit. I was unable to do it on NetBank and had to go into a branch. It took weeks for the limit to reduce. I found I was hassled a lot about increasing my limit. The fees were okay, the interest not excessive. Just another credit card.

Generally very pleased with this card

Reviewed by Kellie

The card does what I need it to, with minimal fees although no other real rewards. It can be used in multiple places, however the cash withdrawal fee is quite high. Currently it has worked quite well and I have had no issues with usage, such as inability to use at different terminals or via payWave.

Very happy

Reviewed by Karleen

I am very happy with this card. As I’m not working at the moment, they have been very flexible with monthly payments. I had my details stolen about 11 years ago and they ran up a lot of debt in my name, so I was very happy and surprised when they issued it to me.

Reliable and trustworthy

Reviewed by Haylee

I’ve never had an issue with my card. It has been approved everywhere (online and overseas).
It’s easy to pay off (through an app) and Commonwealth Bank is really trustworthy. When my card didn’t arrive on time the team at Commonwealth were really helpful and sent out a replacement card within a week of my phone call.

This card is ideal for students as the maximum is only $8000 and the fees are low.

Quick to get and good rewards

Reviewed by Scot

This card was great for the purpose of a high-cost purchase I wanted, but a personal loan would have been better, although not as quick to get. It’s a good card with a good bank. If you love travel and entertainment then you should take advantage of its rewards, but pay it off before the interest-free period is up.

Saved me a lot of money

Reviewed by Lucinda

This low fee credit card saved me a lot of money while working and studying. My school expenses were costly and this credit card was very reliable as the first three months were interest free, and it allowed me to pay off my debts more quickly.

If I had any problems it was no hassle to get in contact with them efficiently. Overall I would recommended it to any one, especially someone on a low budget.

Great low-fee card

Reviewed by Alice

This card is great for people who pay their card off every month. There are no fees, so it doesn’t cost anything, and you can use it online for purchases here and overseas. You don’t earn rewards, but you also don’t have to pay anything.

I have this card because I don’t want to be charged to use my card, and I don’t need a low interest rate card because I always pay it off each month, so the interest rate doesn’t affect me.

Able to set my own credit limit

Reviewed by Shannon

I originally applied for this card because the low fees were attractive, and I know Commonwealth’s policies and procedures as a long-term customer. The repayments on the card are easy to make, and CommBank allowed me to set my own limit pursuant to what I felt I needed.

I like how you can easily access balance and other information easily via the app, and the customer service is always great, both in-store and via telephone.

It helped pay off some of my debts

Reviewed by Scott

I don’t like paying a yearly rate but I was told his card has the lowest interest rate and 60 initial days interest free. I was unsure of transferring money onto it from my bank account to lessen the fees and the interest I was charged by the bank itself.

Lots of features to help me stay in control

Reviewed by Kellie

I always thought I was the sort of person who couldn’t be trusted with a credit card. Turns out I was right. I was up to my neck in debt and swore I’d never sign up for another credit card. But a friend recommended the Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card and I’ve never looked back. The minimum credit limit of $500 helps keep my spending in line (and my shoe collection to a minimum!) and I love that it gives me up to 55 interest-free days when I pay it off in full each month — a great incentive.

I’ve been doing a bit of travelling over the past year, so fraud protection and worldwide access via the MasterCard network is a plus. I was quick to access the blocking feature that stops me using my card for ATM cash withdrawals. Overall

The good and the bad

Reviewed by Margaret

My card has no fee if a certain amount is spent. Good
My card is very difficult when trying to increase the credit limit based on asset levels, not income. Bad
My card is bad, as loyalty over over 50 years with the bank is not rewarded.
My card is good if paid off every month.
My card is bad if not paid off every month.

Basic card, user-friendly

Reviewed by Liam

I have had this card for roughly 3-4 years. I have had no issues with security and the interest rates are fairly reasonable. I would have expected offers for upgrades by now but do not seem to have received them.

As any customer of CommBank is aware, the service is second to none in Australia and the CommBank app is without a doubt miles ahead of the competition. This makes having/using this credit card very user-friendly.

Expensive if not cleared every month

Reviewed by Chantelle

For a low fee card, interest rates are expensive.

I like and trust CBA security and the fact that I can block overseas transactions using their app.

I’ve had no issues with retailers accepting the card.

The only benefit is the low fee. I would not recommend it to those not in a position to clear the balance each month to avoid interest charges.


Superb for travelling without added worries

Reviewed by Max

I’m happy with my low fee credit card, as with all purchases made I get a 55 day interest-free period. Also, if I spend a certain amount each year, my annual credit card fee is waived.

Transactions with this card are displayed instantly in real-time too.

Customer support with this card is great. I recently travelled abroad and lost my card. I took advantage of the 24/7 emergency assistance and was looked after then and there.

Low fees, regular updates, great service

Reviewed by Tamika

This is a great credit card for students. It has low fees, I get sent regular updates, and I have the mobile app on my phone. I can use the deposit ATMs at any time, so it’s very convenient.

If I have any troubles I call and the customer service team help out. I would recommend it to all who dislike high fees and interest.

Outstandingly low fees

Reviewed by Emma

The fees on this card are truly outstanding in comparison to any other credit card I have previously had. There are almost next to no annual fees, and cash advance and monthly fees are always very low. I would recommend this card to anyone to who is wanting to pay their credit card off.

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