Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Credit Card

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Credit Card


  • Experience 0% p.a. on purchases for the initial 3 months + potential cashback of up to $240 upon fulfilling the criteria.
  • Annual fee of $72 p.a. remains.
  • Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.

Pros and cons


  • Earn cashback when you meet the criteria.
  • Enjoy 0% p.a. on purchases for 3 months.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.


  • No rewards program.
  • There is a 3.5% international transaction fee.


    Our review


    Customer service

    Rates and fees



    The basics

    • Additional cardholders. Additional cardholders can be added to the account at no extra cost.
    • Digital wallets. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
    • Gambling transactions. Commonwealth Bank will not process gambling transactions on any of their cards.

    Rewards and benefits

    • Complimentary travel insurance. There is no complimentary international travel insurance on this card.
    • Concierge services. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card does not offer a concierge service.
    • Insurances. This card comes with Purchase Security and Extended Warranty insurance.
    • Rewards points. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card has no rewards program.
    • Sign-up bonus. Get up to $200 cashback when you apply online, are approved, and spend $500 or more per month on purchases for the first 4 months.

    Rates and fees

    • Annual fee. Enjoy a fee-free annual membership, provided you maintain a minimum spending of $300 within your statement period; otherwise, a monthly charge of $3 will be incurred.
    • Balance transfers. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card currently has no introductory balance transfer offer.
    • Cash advances. If you use this card to make a cash advance, you will be charged 21.99% p.a interest.
    • Cash advance fee. The Commonwealth Bank charges $4.00 or 3.00% of the transaction amount – whichever is greater.
    • Foreign exchange fee. The CBA Low Fee Credit Card charges a 3.5% fee on overseas cash advances.
    • Interest-free period. You'll receive 55 days interest-free on purchases.
    • Purchases. The Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Credit Card does not have any introductory offer for purchases, but it does have a purchase rate of 20.99% p.a.

    Nilooka Dissanayake

    Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


    User reviews


    Customer service

    Rates and fees



    Great card easy to use

    Reviewed by Happy Customer

    This credit card links straight to my account but I can also use it as a credit card online and such but still using my own money. The new tap system is also very easy to use. I’ve never had a card so convenient and that can do so much. And the service was outstanding.

    Easy, secure and convenient

    Reviewed by Ellis Tang

    My Commonwealth MasterCard is a low fee MasterCard. It is safe to use and secure. I can use it for shopping and buy things oversea online. In addition, I can use it as a direct debit for example my Mobile phone bill and Internet bill, it is very convenience and handy. Optionally, I can increase and decrease my limit but with condition applies. Overall, I regard it is a very trustworthy and convenient way to use and for shopping.

    Ideal for the occasional spender

    Reviewed by Mickey P

    I’ve never had any problems with my credit card, it offers the convenience of PayPass, doesn’t have a ludicrous limit and the Comm Bank are always helpful to answer any questions. Perfect for someone who is “wary” of having a credit card and who only needs it for emergencies and the occasional essential purchase.

    Very happy with this card

    Reviewed by Thumbs up

    I am happy with my card and the Commonwealth Bank. Customer service is excellent in the branch and on the phone – thumbs up – very happy to help you and there is not a long wait when you call. After suffering an illness CommBank was happy to help me with lower repayments giving me time to sort out my loan protection claim.

    Cheap annual fee

    Reviewed by Avani

    It is cheap annual fee card and easy to gain by CBA. As CBA can provide the credit card. The only thing I am worrying is about the insurance sometimes without the insurance bank is not happy to approve the card. I am not sure I will be using the insurance on a credit card ever.


    Very pleased with the card

    Reviewed by Aprajita

    Since we hold accounts with Commonwealth bank its easy to manage with single customer ID. And it has decent credit limit. Liked the flexibility and the usage of the card. We like the service also of the bank they are quite professional people take care of their customers. They have good accounts for kids saving also.

    Reasonably satisfied with the card

    Reviewed by Anon

    The reviewed card is has fairly basic features so not much comment by way of rewards etc. Convenient enough to use however I do not find it is particularly beneficial in relation to my situation at this time. Overall, I have not encountered any issues with the product although. In hindsight I wouldn’t have obtained this product.

    I'm very happy I joined

    Reviewed by Sarah

    I love the service and cooperation they do thing very quick and simple. I’m so glad I have joined up with Commonwealth Bank they are excellent and very professional in how they operate and also how they run there business and they give you the best advice they are remarkable.

    Best bank ever

    Reviewed by Jessica

    Overall, Commonwealth Bank is highly recommended due to they set a high rate of interest and also this bank take a fast actions in serving the customer. It has a good customer service and time savings also. The tellers are mostly nice and kind. Also, this bank is located almost everywhere and the ATM also. So

    Good to have this credit card

    Reviewed by Mr X

    This credit card is convenient to have because I can purchase online products or at the shops. But you got to make sure that you pay your monthly statements or the bank will hassle you for the money which has to be paid on time or you will be paying interest.

    Master of all cards

    Reviewed by kristy

    My rates and fees are small enough that I don’t notice them. I use my card for all my online purchases it is so easy and I trust it 100 percent as it is my own money. No Hidden charges at all as easy as using my own bank card.

    Average credit card

    Reviewed by Justine

    This card is very convenient for me to have, except it is not exactly what i wanted. I would like to change it but i haven’t found any new cards that i like. It could also look a lot nicer too. It’s quite manly and dreary, I’m not confident that I would recommend this to anyone.

    Happy, would recommend

    Reviewed by Moura

    This is a good product for those who want to pay a small annual fee and get a low rate, I had this product for a couple of years now and I am happy with the product, would recommend it to my friends.

    Pleased and satisfied

    Reviewed by Mandy Young

    We have always banked with cba and it just worked out that the card came from them to, but it has definitely worked out well, because we have done a comparison and it is great. An awesome bank and an awesome card to have would not change it for anything.

    Very pleased with this card and the low fees

    Reviewed by Zara

    I have had this card for three years now, I travel sometimes and the security has always been good. If they think that there has been anything fraudulent, they put a stop on my card but then tried to contact me as well so that I knew about it. It is also nice to know that I don’t pay high interest rates like other cards charge.

    Generally fairly satisfied with this card

    Reviewed by Alice

    Very convenient, can use for paying bills online, to access my paypal account online, to pay all things that generally require a credit card without actually having a line of credit! I feel fairly secure using it, and I’ve not had any huge issues with it at this stage. Like the paypass function too!

    Very pleased with this credit card

    Reviewed by Sylvia Marino

    The low interest rate is what appeals to me and being an existing Commonwealth Bank customer my yearly fee is almost half of what a non-customer would pay. 24/7 customer service is excellent I recently needed help internationally. All fixed with no hassle. No rewards on this card which is fine by me.

    A good basic card if you don't need rewards

    Reviewed by nat85

    A great credit card for people who don’t use their credit card very often, or for someone who uses it for mainly emergencies. Have a low rate, which suits me fine, as it doesn’t get pulled out very often. No rewards / perks offered, but if I wanted those features I would’ve shopped for a different card!

    Pretty good for my needs

    Reviewed by Tom

    i pretty much just have this card to access my money. Saves time and effort than carrying around large sums of money. The paypass feature makes buying products easy. As a full time student having this card makes it easier to keep track of my finances and the customer service i received has made me a happy Commonwealth Bank member and I will remain so.

    Overall I'm fairly happy with this card

    Reviewed by Ky's

    I have the card more for the convienience of the being the same banking institution I already hold an account with. I have no issues with the security of my Net banking it is a very secure site, although with its high security level I sometimes find it difficult to access my own account when banking online.

    Simple and helpful

    Reviewed by Greg

    Big banks have the negative view that they are in some way taking your money sneakily through fees. When I got this card for a one off purchase everything was explained slowly and clearly. Nothing hidden and the customer service is great: as soon as you have a problem they are all over it.


    Reviewed by Anon

    I love this card. It’s so handy and with regular small payments you don’t get interest! I do not regret getting this card and it has not given me any hassles as yet, The repayments are low depending on your card limit and how much you have spent. I would recommend this card to everyone!

    Consistent satisfaction

    Reviewed by Tyson

    Overall it’s simply a reliable card. I have never needed to worry about it not working and have had no problems with trust. I’ve seen multiple other people who have struggled with their cards and have become frustrated due to poor functioning and customer service, and I feel lucky being able to have piece of mind about functionality.

    A good basic card

    Reviewed by Christie

    This is a good basic card. I applied for it originally when I had a large purchase to make and was a Commonwealth customer already. There is nothing extraordinary that would make me get it again, particularly now as I pay it off each month. If you can pay off a big purchase before the variable rate changes than this may be for you.

    Very pleased with this card

    Reviewed by Ashlee

    I only have a small amount on this card but it is there when I need it. I always have the great customer service team at the Commonwealth Bank to help when required without harassing! Would recommend the Commonwealth Bank and the Low Rate credit card to anyone like me that has this card for emergencies.

    Would recommend

    Reviewed by Jess

    I got this card with 13% interest rate, 55 days interest free since date of purchase, and an annual fee inder $100. I can also change my credit limit. Really ugly colours though: yellow and black.

    I would recommend this to anyone trying to avoid high interest rates and also have the flexibility of paying off a payment without the interest rate going up.

    Ok card no major complaints

    Reviewed by Chris

    I have banked with Commonwealth for a long time and this is just the card I started with. I don’t think the card is anything special. I don’t think I receive any particular benefits. The customer service of Commonwealth is pretty good and they have always been hot on security, calling me to confirm suspicious transactions.

    Credit with a low monthly rate

    Reviewed by Blossom

    The convenience of credit when I need it, with a low monthly rate for those times it’s not convenient to pay the balance off. Easy online banking services through Netbank allows me to make payments and keep track of my spending. The only thing I miss after changing from a higher rate card is not having a rewards program as part of the deal.

    I wish I had never increased the limit

    Reviewed by Erica

    This credit card is good with a smaller limit around $1000 or less. Any larger than that and payments become difficult to keep up with.

    I started with a smaller limit and then the bank offered me limit increases that I took. I wish I hadn’t. I also never know when the fees get charged to the account before they are, it is quite random. Fees and charges for missed or late payments are quite high and so is the interest rate.

    This is a product I wished I had done more research on to save myself far more money and keep myself out of debt.

    Card needs a new name of high fee instead of low

    Reviewed by Alexandra

    Commonwealth has been a bank i have trusted over the past 15 years, but unfortunately within the last 2 years, their rates and fees have been getting higher unexpectedly and hoping to be unnoticed.

    They also have extremely bad customer service, no understanding towards the unexpected problems that happen in life which can lead to minor payment set backs. Will be changing banks within the next few weeks.

    It's a great card!

    Reviewed by Alice

    Convenient card, notable is the CommBank customer service. They’re always quick and easy when enquiring about the card.

    You can use it everywhere, PayPass is really good. This was the first time I’d had a credit card with that feature enabled. Netbank makes managing payments simple and easy and if you enable auto payment you never miss it!

    Gold free travel insurance

    Reviewed by Barbiedoll99

    I took out the Gold Low Rate Credit Card (no rewards) 4 years ago for the free travel insurance. It was great when travelling overseas, and saved me, an older lady, a great deal of money.

    But this cover cuts out at 80, so find another company that will service you with travel insurance if over 80.

    Have had this card for a long time & am pleased

    Reviewed by John

    I have had my CommBank Low Rate Visa for many years and have found it very convenient as it is accepted everywhere and has never left me without means to pay.

    I have found the Commonwealth Bank internet banking site simple to use when paying bills through BPAY and easy to follow to check debits and credits.


    I have saved a lot so far using this card

    Reviewed by Kellie McGoldrick

    I like this card, but I don’t like the annual fee. I feel it should be waived as the interest works out to be able to pay the fees. I feel the cash advance interest is far too high. Cash advances would be convenient if the rate was lower. If it got used too much, double the interest rate and suspend credit until at least half of your advance is paid, then reinstated. No penalties just interest on top.

    Works very well

    Reviewed by Michelle

    Not only is the Low Rate MasterCard handy when purchasing, it also helps me manage finances by spreading money throughout my other existing accounts without me having to take from said existing accounts. It also has a handy top up feature.

    The only issue I have with this particular card (because it is a credit card) is that I can’t withdraw cash from certain machines.

    I've never had a different credit card

    Reviewed by Julia

    I have nothing to compare this credit card with as I have always been with Commonwealth Bank. Minimum payments each month are confusing. There is nothing special about this card that I would tell a friend so therefore I would not recommend it to a friend. Using the card is easy though.


    Reviewed by Alan Merrington

    I have a credit card for convenience and for the advantage of not having to carry much cash. It also comes in very handy to purchase and pay bills online. I just receive the Age Pension from Centrelink as my only very limited income, and I have hardly any personal savings, etc. at all. I seem to be only living off my credit card, which just means that it is often maxed out without any chance of it being paid off at all. This is probably the only real disadvantage with having a credit card: a mounting balance to be paid off, with no money to do so.

    Has been handy

    Reviewed by Adam

    This card hasn’t given me any hassles yet! It has helped me when I’ve needed it most. I like the new design cards that just came out compared to the old ones. It’s nice to have a change. This is a good starting card for people who are just starting out and wanting to save money.

    I love my credit card

    Reviewed by Jessie

    I was always hesitant to get a credit card after hearing of others having difficulty with them and getting themselves into trouble. This isn’t the case with my Commonwealth Low Rate credit card. It has gotten me out of trouble more times than I can count. My heater decided it was the end during winter—I was able to purchase a new one and repay the amount without any interest. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough!

    Low rate and convenient

    Reviewed by Thuy

    Can use PayPass and get a low rate with 55 days interest-free. It was easy to apply and I got a reasonable credit limit. Customer service have been good with knowledge and a pleasant attitude. There were helpful hints and instructions in the paper booklet sent via mail. It’s easy to manage the card and pay for everything using NetBank or the CommBank app. Direct debit was easy to set up.

    Good low rate card

    Reviewed by Rachael

    Great low rate card if you are able to pay off balance quickly. I feel the yearly rate is a little too high compared to others, but isn’t too high to be a deterrent.

    This is a quality card and is obviously accepted at most places because it’s a MasterCard. Commonwealth have also had great customer service.

    I wish I never had it

    Reviewed by Stephanie

    The interest is ridiculous. I can’t believe how much I’ve payed back compared to what I’ve actually borrowed!
    The only reason I applied for a credit card was for emergencies and work purposes such as fuel, coffee, transport, medical bills, and other bills. Wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to ruin your credit rating.


    Reviewed by Paul

    The low interest rate is a plus, especially in the long term for saving on interest. It is convenient and I have never had any problems. The card is made of plastic and lasts the three years in between cards in your wallet. Never really had any problems. Can recommend.

    Overall the best I have had so far

    Reviewed by Amanda

    I love the low interest rate. All our accounts are with CBA

    Lower rate card

    Reviewed by Sally

    This card charges less interest than my previous card, which makes a significant difference with repaying the balance. There are no rewards, so payments come off the balance instead of repaying higher interest to accrue points for things you don’t want. It is easy to use and accepted both in Australia and overseas.

    Great $250 cash back offer

    Reviewed by Carmel

    Commonwealth Bank currently (until 31 July 2016) have an offer to receive $250 cash if you apply online for their new low rate credit card. The $250 will be deposited into your card account on your first spend of $500 or over. The annual fee is only $59. What a great way to get $250.

    I’ve had no problems, the online account was easy and quick to open, and the credit card was approved within 2 days. Can’t say enough about this offer, do yourself a favour.

    Best one of them all

    Reviewed by Frances

    It is convenient to have a credit card to use wherever I like and wherever I please, plus not have to worry about the small fees the bank charges me to have it. I have had this card for many years now and usually pay the full amount owing each month. Excellent for people on a small fixed income.

    Comparatively low interest rate and no frills

    Reviewed by Jeremy

    I’ve had this card for over 8 years. It has a comparatively low interest rate and low annual fee compared to others. This is a no-frills card without rewards points or anything, which is what I wanted. I’m currently in the process of becoming debt free, so wouldn’t mind doing a balance transfer.

    On the whole, though, I have been very happy with this card. Commonwealth have been awesome to deal with and I haven’t been knocked back in the past when asking for more credit.


    Reviewed by Dee

    The minimum repayment is reasonable and the interest rate is reasonable as well. The application process was relatively easy.

    My main criticism is I feel they have irresponsibly offered to increase my credit limit too many times, which has made it harder to control my spending. It was supposed to be a low limit card.


    Reviewed by Kelli

    CBA provides good customer service that’s easy to access whether online

    Convenient and widely accepted

    Reviewed by Gerasimos

    Easy to use — I use it almost everywhere. It has a very low fee which is good. It is accepted at all card machines around the country.

    The only downsides are that I don’t get any rewards, tokens, discounts or bonuses using this card, and also the fee when I’m travelling overseas is too high when I withdraw money from an ATM from any country overseas I have been to for holidays.


    I wish I never got this card

    Reviewed by Lauren

    Fees are high, it doesn’t give you any frequent flyer points. The only good thing is that I already bank with Commonwealth, so it’s on my NetBank (the app is fantastic).

    They really need to improve their rates and benefits, but will say it is convenient and easy to use with PayPass.

    Good service and a good deal

    Reviewed by shaun

    I have found that the Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Credit Card was perfect for my needs. On purchase, the rate was low which meant I wasn’t getting ripped off like other cards I have had in the past, which charged exorbitant fees on payments. Such a good card, good service, and a good deal.

    Annual fee Increases

    Reviewed by Catherine

    Initially, this card was a godsend. I got it to help pay for university text books/car emergency repairs. I soon discovered that the annual fee increases noticeably every year. Their 'hardship’ assistance is not useful, as no longer than five business days extension is allowed on minimum monthly repayments.

    Simple low-fee card

    Reviewed by Rita

    It’s a simple low fee card that is is easy to use and doesn’t cost me much in yearly fees or interest. It’s no frills, so you get what you pay for. I have always had exceptional service from the Commonwealth bank and have had no issues with this card.

    Good card, OK rates, but no reward incentives

    Reviewed by Rachael

    This is a good card and has served its purpose for us. It’s a low rate with a reasonable yearly fee, but there aren’t any real rewards benefits that I am aware of. Customer service from Commonwealth has always been positive. However, I’m not sure if I will continue with it once no longer needed. Rewards would be great.

    Pays to shop around

    Reviewed by Wendy

    I like the better service from some of the other leading banks and I now prefer to use prepaid. The one advantage was access to use worldwide, but other cards can do this also. I am dissatisfied with their service—I feel as though the bank gives little back to their customers, which is a shame as the banks are making so much profit.

    Low rate on purchases and cash advances

    Reviewed by Marco

    Good card if you wish to purchase a lot and pay off over time. The low interest rates given on purchases and cash advances do help you to not accumulate too high interest payments over the life of the card.

    There is no award program available on the card, therefore it’s just making it a good deal for people who only want to save on interest charges.

    CBA no frills credit card

    Reviewed by Katherine

    This card is a very basic credit card. There are no rewards or gimmicks with it, so the fees and high interest rates mean this card should be used only when necessary and paid off as soon as possible. The customer service side is, as always with the CBA

    Low interest everyday card

    Reviewed by Rachael

    No problems with “downtime”, (I have friends with other cards that have trouble with this). It is accepted everywhere, one of the more accepted cards overseas. Always works and when I need customer service for any reason there is help 24 hours seven days a week. Interest rate is comparatively low and therefore competitive.

    Easy bill paying

    Reviewed by Sophie

    The low rates are great and make it easy to pay bills, but I don’t get any rewards. However, the main reason that I signed up for a credit card was to get a credit rating. The maximum of $10,000 is different to many cards that have a lower limit. But, if I was getting a credit card for a reason other than a credit rating, I’d go for something with more benefits.

    No hidden costs

    Reviewed by Alice

    It’s a good cheap credit card. Fees are reasonable and the card has no hidden costs. I have had other types of credit cards through the Commonwealth Bank, and this is easily the best I have used. I have recommended it, and will again recommend it to a friend.

    Customer service is always prompt and they have always been able to help with my enquiries.

    The security is good.

    Pretty great card, but no rewards

    Reviewed by Art

    This card has been instrumental in helping me live the kind of lifestyle I wish to enjoy. The fees are not bad, although it would have been good to earn rewards through using it.

    Overall, this card has been a lifesaver for me throughout my twenties, allowing me to live a full life.

    Good rates, easy to apply

    Reviewed by Jackie

    I applied for this card before I was going on an overseas holiday. It was very easy to apply as I am an existing CommBank user.

    I now have a few credit cards with several banks, and this card seems to have had the best rates. The CommBank app is so functional, so it is easy to repay and if necessary lock your card if you misplace it, etc. I would definitely recommend it.

    Convenient, and good for emergencies

    Reviewed by Alan

    I have had this credit card for quite some time, and I find it very convenient, especially with my online purchases, etc. It is also really convenient for emergency payments.

    As I am just a pensioner with very little money, I have to depend upon my credit card and my bank’s assistance all of the time.

    intrest rate is low

    Reviewed by Alpha

    I’ve never had any issues with the card. CommBank is easy to deal with and there are no surprising charges.

    The CommBank security is great. They alert you on dodgy transactions.

    The interest rate is low in compared to other credit cards offered by CommBank. I had a rewards card earlier, and got it changed to this.

    Convenient and safe

    Reviewed by Iolanda

    When you run out of cash, it is so convenient to have in your wallet to use, and also for safety reasons, given what our society is nowadays, I feel safer carrying a credit card rather than cash. Also, it is a low fee one, which is good.

    No rewards, but no annual fee if you spend $1000

    Reviewed by Robert

    While the card doesn’t provide any rewards and has a 3% fee on all international transactions (even if paying in Australian dollars), the biggest saving with this card is that the annual fee is waived if you spend $1000 or more in a calendar year.

    It also has payWave functionality and great customer service from CommBank.

    I saved a lot of money with this credit card

    Reviewed by Betty

    I have found this card to have low rates, which has allowed me to save a lot of money over the years. I’m always receiving new offers.

    The conditions are very clear with no hidden fees. I’m regularly updated with statements and any new information that can assist with further savings.

    This card is great in a pinch, but not otherwise

    Reviewed by Selene

    My credit card is fantastic when getting myself out of a jam, but definitely not for any other purpose as it’s just not worth it. There are honestly no rewards for paying on time or using it at all, and the first time you miss a payment you will be harassed non-stop until you make payment.

    Handy to have for emergencies

    Reviewed by Isobelle

    The card should be more convenient for when you need cash on the go, and there should be more time to pay your card off if needed.

    I think a credit card is very handy to have for when you have an emergency or an unexpected bill comes in. I also think there should be no minimum spend, just a maximum.

    Low interest rate, no rewards

    Reviewed by D

    It’s a simple card with a low limit and low interest rate. The annual fee is a little pricey.

    You get two months interest free on new purchases, but what they don’t highlight is that it’s only interest fee if your credit card balance is $0. You have to pay everything off before you purchase more items, otherwise you won’t get the interest-free days on the new items you purchase. Bit of a trap.

    OK as an everyday card

    Reviewed by Renae

    The card came with our home loan package, and there are definitely better products out there. The fees are no better. I just organise my month so I don’t get any interest charges or fees. I still have to pay for the card in the package fee each year. There are no rewards and no extra incentives. It’s OK as an everyday card for general use.

    Zero interest period on purchases can be a trap

    Reviewed by Shanna

    This was good for the first year because there was no interest on all purchases, but after the first 12 months the interest is very high, which makes it very hard to pay off.

    There are also lots of fees, like monthly fees, interest fees, and repayment insurance which i was unable to claim.

    All in all, next time i would probably try a different bank.

    Card gave me independence

    Reviewed by Nicole

    I got this card with a $1,000 limit when I was 18, and I remember not wanting my parents to know. I wanted to ensure I could go out clubbing with the latest fashion, without having to wait until pay day and wouldn’t have to borrow money from my parents.

    No rewards and only 45 days interest free

    Reviewed by Ven

    I’ve had this card for almost two years now. It has the standard 45 days interest free. The interest rate isn’t that low, yet they give you no rewards for making purchases. It will suit someone that doesn’t shop much, as there are no loyalty point for your purchases.

    Introducing some kinds of points system or offering more than 45 days interest free might make this card more appealing.

    Manageable card for a young person

    Reviewed by Jaidyn

    As an 18 year old, I find this card is very effective for being able to manage money and maintain a good credit rating. The limit provided is responsible and manageable.

    I primarily got this card to use for travelling, as it allows me to pay back the money after I return, meaning I get the most of out any trip. It’s a very good card for a young person.

    Annual fee is high, but otherwise a good card

    Reviewed by Hilda

    I’ve had this card since 2007 as I needed it to buy some furniture at the time, and I have only managed to pay it off entirely once during that time. There’s an annual fee of $59, which I find to be a bit excessive, and I will be considering changing to a lower-fee card in the new year. I tend to only use it for online purchases nowadays, or when using PayPal.

    Fits my needs perfectly

    Reviewed by Jackson

    I have been with Commonwealth since I started banking and I love the service. The credit card they suggested to me is perfect and fits my needs perfectly. The rates and fees are clearly stated with no hidden costs and I receive my rewards. Commonwealth has never let me down since day one!

    Useful for day-to-day purchases

    Reviewed by Grace

    This is a good card if you’re looking for a backup finance option for paying bills or for everyday costs like petrol and groceries.

    The card doesn’t offer many rewards or special offers but is fairly reliable, with the backing of Commonwealth Bank’s brand. It gives flexibility with limits and payments if you have a good credit rating.

    Nice first credit card, but low rewards

    Reviewed by Russell

    It has low interest rates and is great for budgeting and debt consolidation. However, there are other cards out there which give you more rewards for a very similar or almost identical interest rate, so it’s really only for people who need a low rate card and aren’t interested in rewards.

    I prefer my AmEx myself. It has a marginally higher rate but with far superior rewards.

    Misleading advertisement

    Reviewed by Courtney

    I applied for my credit card during the period of $250 cash back if you spent $500 by 31st July. I met all required criteria for the $250 cash back reward and reached out to ask where it was, 90 days after the set date. It was confirmed that it would be granted soon, and that I was entitled to this amount. I then rang four times, with CBA claiming i did not meet the criteria and that a manager would contact me regarding the information I was given previously. I’m yet to hear. It’s not yet 120 days since the criteria were met. I’ll never recommend this card again.


    Understanding, patient and explain everything

    Reviewed by Jessica

    I’d recommend this card to anyone looking for a first credit card. It has low interest, up to 55 days interest free, and the first year fee is waived. There’s no application fee, a quick approval process, and Commonwealth are very understanding, patient and explain everything in great detail.

    As this was my first credit card, I was nervous, but I’m glad I chose this one.

    Cheap card, gives me flexibility

    Reviewed by Kerry

    I love it. It helps me pay my bills on time and I can do what I want to. If I want to go away for a night or two I can . And when you have something come up and you don’t have the money, you can use your card.

    i wish they would allow limit increases as needed

    Reviewed by Melinda j

    i wanted this card for just having a few extra dollars to spend on my house and also its monthly rates were affordable as I am only on a pension. I love this card but i think they should be a little bit more flexible where refinancing is concerned. It is still a good card.

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