Bankwest credit cards

You can apply for a Bankwest card regardless of where you live in Australia. Take advantage of their competitive low rates and introductory offers.

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Comparing Bankwest credit cards

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Further details on rates and fees, plus maximising the benefits of promotional offers and rewards.

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Can I get a credit card from Bankwest if I live outside WA?

Yes. Bankwest have branches located around the country. If none is available nearby, you can use their online, telephone and mobile banking to manage your account.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes. Bankwest have a very good online banking system to so that you can check your balance, view recent transactions, see when payments are due and for how much, etc.

Can I manage my account over the phone?

Yes. They have a call centre located in Australia that you can call for assistance with account management queries.

Do they have a smartphone app?

Yes. The have a mobile banking app for iOS and Android.

What kind of credit cards do Bankwest offer?

Bankwest offers a selection of credit cards to suit different types of cardholders, each with its own advantages, from the low rate Bankwest Breeze MasterCard to the no annual fee Bankwest Zero MasterCard. Several cards offer membership in rewards programs, such as Bankwest’s Gold and Platinum credit cards. Bankwest typically have a balance transfer offer on their cards, which you can compare against what's available from competing banks with this comparison.

Will I need to change who I bank with to get a card from Bankwest?

No. You can continue to bank with your existing bank and still have a card with Bankwest. They are two separate products.