Coles credit cards

Credit cards with a choice of a low everyday rate on purchases, no annual fee ever or the fastest way to earn flybuys points.

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Find out how Coles credit cards work so you can save money and earn more flybuys points.

  • FAQs

Can I manage my card online?

Yes. You can log use online banking to check your balance, make payments, update your details, etc.

Can I use a Coles credit card at other stores?

Yes. You can use it to buy in stores and online wherever credit cards are accepted. Even Woolies!

Can I use telephone banking to manage my card?

Yes. You can call them up and speak with an operator if you need help. You can also get balance checks, make payments, etc. via the phone.

Do additional Cole credit cardholders earn flybuys points?

Yes, whenever your additional authorised cardholders make eligible purchases they earn points which are added to your flybuys account.

How do I get discounts on my Coles Supermarket shopping?

Whenever you have collected 2,000 flybuys points in your account, the next time you get your flybuys barcode scanned when paying for groceries at Coles Supermarkets you will be asked if you would like to redeem the points for a $10 discount. You can claim the discount immediately and then start earning points again.

How do I join flybuys?

If you get approved for a Coles credit card, you get automatic membership to the flybuys program and can start earning points straight away. The Coles Mastercard is a credit card and a flybuys membership card rolled into one.

How do I make sure points are added to my account?

Your card features a flybuys barcode on the reverse of the card. When you make purchases at participating flybuys retailers, make sure the barcode is scanned so the points are added to your account.

How long does it take to process my application?

You should get a preliminary answer within 60 seconds and, if approved, you should receive your new card in the post within five to 10 working days. A balance transfer to Coles should not slow things down.

I am already a flybuys member. Can I use my existing account number with the Coles Mastercard?

When you apply, you should give your flybuys membership number. If you are approved, your new credit card is automatically linked to your flybuys membership account. Your card can replace your flybuys membership card, or you can continue to use both cards, which are linked to the same flybuys membership account.

Is there a limit on claiming the $10 discount?

You can get a $10 discount as many times as you like, whenever you have at least 2,000 points in your flybuys account. However, you can only claim the $10 discount once per shop.

Is there any small print I should know about?

Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Coles unsecured credit products are issued by Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080, AFSL and Australian credit licence 238098 (Citigroup) and distributed by Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd ABN 45 004 189 708 (Coles). Coles may receive commission for the introduction of credit business to Citigroup.

What can I use flybuys points for?

flybuys points also be redeemed at the program’s online store for other rewards, including audio-visual equipment, home and garden items, entertainment, sports and leisure, wine and dining, luxury items, travel and gift cards.

What is flybuys Rewards?

This is the name of a popular rewards program that allows you to earn points based on the amount you spend. Points are redeemable on a range of everyday products and services.

Will I have to switch banks?

No. You can apply for a Coles credit card without changing who you bank with.