Virgin Money credit cards

You can save money with low introductory rates or earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points as you spend on your new credit card.

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Details about how their cards work and how you can make the most of yours.

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Can I get a Virgin Money credit card without switching from existing bank account?

Yes. Your credit card account and bank account are two separate entities. You can keep using your existing bank account as usual. You do not need to switch.

Do Velocity points expire?

Points do not expire as long as you maintain your Velocity membership. You can keep your account active by earning or redeeming points.

How are points transferred to my Velocity Frequent Flyer account?

Points are calculated at the end of each statement cycle. Points are automatically credited to the Velocity Frequent Flyer account within three business days of the end of a statement cycle.

How do I earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points with a Virgin Money card?

Customers will need apply for a card that earns points into the VFF scheme. Typically you can earn points on retail purchases as you spend on your credit card.

What can I redeem Velocity points for?

Domestic and international flights to numerous destinations with Virgin Australia, V Australia, Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue and other international Velocity partners. You can also exchange Velocity Frequent Flyer points for accommodation at selected hotels and resorts, car rentals, gift cards and vouchers, and various other products.

What cards do they offer and who are they suited to?

The Virgin Money No Annual Fee credit card comes with no annual fee and up to 44 days interest-free on purchases, as well as a low balance transfer rate.

The Virgin Money Low Rate Card does have an annual fee, but the ongoing purchase rate is among the lowest in the marketplace.

The Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Credit Card is a rewards credit card linked to the Velocity Frequent Flyer program and has a low balance transfer rate. The annual fee is higher than their no annual fee / low rate cards but this could be offset by the Velocity Points and flight benefits with Virgin Australia.

The Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Credit Card is a premium credit card offering valued customers a range of generous rewards and benefits. It does come with a higher annual fee however this is offset by benefits including one of the highest Velocity Points earn rates around, plus it’s uncapped. You’ll also receive a range of complimentary insurance, flight benefits and more.

Will I be able to manage my card online or via phone?

Yes. Virgin have online banking. You can use it to check your balance, view recent transactions, send a payment, etc. You can also manage your account via telephone.