Virgin Money Low Rate Credit Card

Virgin Money Low Rate Credit Card


  • 0% p.a. for 15 months on balance transfers with no balance transfer fee. Reverts to the cash advance rate at 21.69% p.a.
  • Low ongoing purchase rate of 12.99% p.a.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.

Pros and cons


  • 0% p.a. for 15 months on balance transfers.
  • No balance transfer fee.
  • Low ongoing interest rate on purchases at 12.99% p.a.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


  • If you want additional cardholders, it will cost $29 p.a. per cardholder.
  • Doesn't earn Velocity Points.


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    Customer service

    Rates and fees



    The basics

    • Additional cardholders. This card allows up to 4 additional cardholders for free, but there is an initial fee of $29 p.a. per additional cardholder.
    • Digital wallets. Compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
    • Gambling transactions. Gambling-related transactions are not allowed on this card.

    Rewards and benefits

    • Complimentary travel insurance. Being Virgin Money's "no-frills" card, the Virgin Money Low Rate Credit Card does not provide complimentary international travel insurance.
    • Concierge services. Want a credit card with a concierge service? This one won't tick that box.
    • Insurances. This card comes with fraud protection but does not include domestic hotel burglary insurance, extended warranty insurance, international travel insurance, price protection insurance, purchase protection insurance, or transport accident insurance.
    • Rewards points. This credit card does not have a rewards program.
    • Sign-up bonus. There is no sign-up bonus for this card at this time.

    Rates and fees

    • Annual fee. This card has an ongoing annual fee of $99 p.a. This is reasonably high for a low rate card.
    • Balance transfers. The Virgin Money Low Rate Credit Card offers a 0% p.a. balance transfer rate for 15 months, with no balance transfer fee. After the promotional period, the revert rate is 21.69%. Balance transfers from personal loans are accepted. Overall, it's a solid balance transfer offer.
    • Cash advances. If you make a cash advance using this card, or another transaction is classed as one, you will be charged interest at 21.69% p.a., which will apply immediately. A one-off fee will be charged on top of the interest rate.
    • Foreign exchange fee. A 3.3% fee is charged for any purchases made in a foreign currency, either online or outside Australia.
    • Interest-free period. Offers up to 55 days interest-free on purchases (except cash advances) when you pay your account balance in full by the due date or make the required minimum repayment.
    • Purchases. Purchases will be charged interest at the low ongoing rate of 12.99% p.a. Although there are cards with lower ongoing purchase rates, this is competitive.

    Nilooka Dissanayake

    Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


    User reviews


    Customer service

    Rates and fees



    Generally very pleased with this card

    Reviewed by Sueev

    This card is convenient, easy to use, and gives you full access to most ATM’s. I have this card because I’m a mother of 3 and very rarely get a chance to go to the bank, with this card I can do all my banking online if I have too or I can withdraw cash too. When I have needed to call for assistance, the customer service has been friendly and efficient.

    Points and flight voucher help with family visits

    Reviewed by Kristal

    I recently got a new credit card with Virgin Money and the fee each year is substituted for a flight voucher, which is great. So far I see the advantage in earning Velocity points every time I shop, which helps with domestic trips to see family. Customer service could definitely be improved, but overall the benefits have been worth the shift.

    Good service and sign-up incentives

    Reviewed by Alison

    If used properly, and if you can pay more than minimum payment, like most cards, this is a good card.

    Customer service is fantastic. They are always happy to help and it is quick and easy to get onto a real person. They also have good value incentives when you sign up.

    Customer service very patient

    Reviewed by Alexandra

    Virgin Money are great. I must admit the patience of the people over the phone has been great when there has been an issue with me not knowing how to access my account or other activation.

    The fees are cool for me for the moment, and convenient. I am using the credit for a new laptop and other things to start my down under coaching business online.

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