About the Credit Simple credit score service

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Credit Simple

Launched in 2016 as an alternative to the big-name credit score brands on the market at the time, Credit Simple is a credit score service provides yourillion credit score. As with many credit score platforms, Credit Simple also offers financial tips, advice and guidance, which is where it makes commission.

Want to know more about how Credit Simple works and if you can trust them to get your credit score? Read on for all the details.

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Who owns Credit Simple?

Credit simple is a part of the illion Australia group, a data analytics company that provides a range of services in Australia and New Zealand.

Are they a legit service?

Credit Simple is owned by illion, a company that is regarded as one of the main credit reporting bureaus in Australia (Experian and Equifax being the other two).

While Credit Simple is a legit platform, they currently have a below-average rating on online review platforms such as Product Review, with particularly low ratings in terms of transparency and customer service.

What credit reporting bureau do they use?

Credit reporting for Credit Simple is powered by illion, the parent company of the service. As a data analytics and credit reporting agency, illion adheres to all required rules and regulations set out by the Australian government.

How much does it cost?

Credit Simple provides completely free access to your credit rating, with additional tools such as Money Simple and file monitoring included as part of that service. Instead of asking for an up-front fee, Credit Simple features a range of targeted offers for loans, credit and more. They make their money through commission on these offers instead of charging a subscription fee.

What ID is required to sign up?

To sign up for a free Credit Simple account, you’ll need to provide some personal information. This includes your name, gender, and date of birth, as well as a form of photo ID: your driver’s licence; or passport (international passports are accepted); or Medicare card. Your address and previous addresses are also needed to confirm your identity.

How often can you check?

As with most credit report platforms, Credit Simple offers monthly updates to keep you on track with your credit score. However, you can access the platform at any time to look at your dashboard, check out offers, or use their additional tools and apps.

Do they provide your full credit report?

While Credit Simple primarily offers a simplified credit score, you can also export your full report as a PDF.

Do they have a mobile app?

Credit Simple’s app is available on iOS and Android. Apart from monitoring your credit score, their app can be linked with your transaction and savings accounts to track your spending and manage your budget.

Does using Credit Simple affect your credit score?

If you sign up for Credit Simple, a soft check will be performed to pull your report. This has no impact on your overall score — every credit reporting service performs the same check.

Can I use it to get the credit score for a business?

Credit Simple for Business is a separate, free service to track business credit scores. You’ll need to hold a directorship of a registered business in Australia if you’d like to use this service.


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