NAB Low Fee Credit Card

NAB Low Fee Credit Card


  • Enjoy up to $240 credit back. Get $80 back per month for the first three months when you spend $500 per month.
  • Low $30 p.a. ongoing annual fee.
  • 12 months at 0% p.a. on balance transfers (3% balance transfer fee applies). Reverts to variable cash advance rate of 21.74% p.a.

Pros and cons


  • The opportunity to get a cashback up to $240.
  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months.
  • Apply for an additional cardholder at no extra cost.


  • There is a 3% balance transfer fee.
  • Ongoing interest on purchases and cash advances is not low.
  • Doesn't earn rewards.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. Get an additional cardholder at no extra cost.
  • Digital wallets. This card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay.
  • Gambling transactions. Gambling transactions are not allowed with the NAB Low Fee Card.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. This card does not come with any complimentary travel insurance, either domestic or international.
  • Concierge services. There is no concierge service available for cardholders.
  • Insurances. This card comes with fraud protection but does not offer any additional insurance features.
  • Rewards points. As expected with a no-frills card, there is no rewards program.
  • Sign up bonus. NAB offers a signup bonus of $240 ($80 cashback per month) when you spend $500 or more in the first 3 months.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. This card has an ongoing annual fee of $30 p.a.
  • Balance transfers. You can transfer your existing credit card balances for a 3% fee and enjoy 0% p.a. interest on for 12 months. After that, any remaining balance will revert to an interest rate of 21.74% p.a.
  • Cash advances. Interest will be charged at 21.74% p.a. on all cash advances. Interest will begin accruing immediately from the day of the transaction. NAB charge a one-off fee of 2.5% for any cash advances made with this card.
  • Foreign exchange fee. Transactions made in a foreign currency while overseas or with an online store based overseas will incur a one-off 3% fee.
  • Interest-free period. Up to 44 days interest-free on purchases (except cash advances) when you have paid your previous balance in full or made the minimum required payment.
  • Purchases. There is no introductory offer on purchases. The standard ongoing rate of 19.74% p.a. will apply to any purchases that are not paid off in full.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Love my NAB credit card

Reviewed by Crumbden

I have been with NAB for over 30 years and they cannot do enough to help you with ANY banking problem that may occur from time to time. They really are a great bank to deal with

Generally pleased with this card

Reviewed by Heather

I use this card when I travel – safer than carrying cash. Handy for some transactions where my debit cards aren’t accepted. It’s convenient in the situation where I run out of money before my next pay. I don’t have it linked to frequent flyers so not really getting any benefit from my spending.

Pleased with the low fees

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have this card because of its low fees. Although I would love a lower interest rate. I find the customer service good and I trust the security this card comes with, I have been with Nab for a long time and believe you stick to something when its good.

Very happy with this card

Reviewed by Anonymous

I originally got this card because it was linked to Fly Buys and being a Visa card it is widely accepted. I purchase all my essentials on this card to maximise my Fly Buys points and pay it off monthly. I have travelled with this card and it has been accepted everywhere I have been.

Very convenient for online shopping

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have had this type of card for some time and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to keep the maximum small, for example, mine is at $1,000 and so no over spending. I also use it for periodic payments because its easy to set up. All in all a good service card.

My experience with the NAB Mastercard

Reviewed by Gary

The card is well known and travels well, i.e. it is easy and safe to use internationally. However, the interest rate is high for a “low cost” card. There are not really any “different” rewards offered for long term customers, like reward competitions etc. I would like to see NAB form more discount relations with some of the major retailers.


Bank changed cards without asking me

Reviewed by Marty

The bank just sent me out a new card with no fly buys on it & my old card had two years to go. When I finally go to speak to a human they said if I wanted fly buys it would be an extra $65 per year. I am a widower on a disabled pension so I wouldn’t even make that on points. I am not happy & I am sorting out my finances at the moment & will change banks.

Quite satisfied with this card

Reviewed by Beth

I find this card is very convenient. Whilst i pay the total debit on the card every month, I do not incur any extra fees other than the annual fee. I would like to see that fee either reduced or abolished due to the fact that I do not cause the NAB any extra mailing/telephone costs for overdue payments etc.


Excellent competitive product

Reviewed by Shirley

Card is competitively priced easy to use and terms conditions and fees are well explained and easily understood. Being on a limited income makes these issues important. Also branch location is important and NAB have branches everywhere making banking easier. Security is very important and the security measures NAB have are excellent.


Quite please with this credit card

Reviewed by Anonymous

The NAB low fee credit card is extremely convenient in situations when you need something then and there but don’t have the funds. I like the fact that I have a 44 day interest free period to pay off items and its great when booking and purchasing online! However if you don’t think you’ll have the money to pay back your purchases within the time period I would avoid using the card at all.


Great for emergencies

Reviewed by Jennifer M

I have this card for emergencies, and I always pay off the balance. They are great for emergencies. You can get cash out but you get charged for it. I only use this card if I need something in and emergency or urgently or for payments that need a credit card.

Definitely worth it

Reviewed by love it

I’ve recently received a NAB low fee credit card and find it great. Easy access and extremely secure. I will definitely be recommending the NAB low fee credit card to both my family and friends. The customer service received by the NAB staff has been exceptional and definitely worth a 10 out of 10.


Only have this as I bank with NAB

Reviewed by CCdebt

I haven’t had issues with card and it is easy to use. NAB are easy to contact and helpful.
I do like the fact that it can be linked to your flybuys card and I find if I use it when I need to purchase anything and just transfer funds straight from my everyday account

Very happy!

Reviewed by Franca

I have had this card for years. It has been stolen on one occasion and NAB put a stop to it promptly and refunded the money that was taken. I pay it off monthly

Very confident shopping with with this card

Reviewed by Bunty

I have this card as my own little pocket money account so that I can budget for my luxuries without using the household main credit card. It has no fees or charges attached. I can put in as little or as much whenever I want. I had a choice of a pink or black card. Lots of ATMs around in my area too.

NAB Visa Mini

Reviewed by Dean

The best part of this card is the combination of 44 days interest free, and a 19 dollar annual fee. Other than that it’s just a Visa. Perfect for what I need. It’s with NAB so I suppose I feel like it is secure being one of the big 4 banks. I think this is a discontinued product though from a few years back. The only real advice I can give anyone who has it is to keep it until you can either get a bigger interest free period

Simple card that offers only the basics

Reviewed by Apple

I have this card due to its low annual fee and the fact it’s with NAB (whom I trust)

Nothing great about this card

Reviewed by Anon

I have had this card for 20 years and just got it when I opened my NAB account all that time ago. I have a very high interest rate and just have not had the time to change it. I only have it by default and need to motivate myself to get another card. Sometimes dealing with banks is stressful


Reviewed by Renee Au

Customer service is a lot better than other providers and makes a big difference to loyalty and time saving, especially with a busy and fast paced lifestyle where poor quality customer service can cause frustration, often unnecessarily. I believe this is something credit providers should be more mindful of, like NAB.


It's easy to handle

Reviewed by Anon

It’s easy to use and it’s got low fees. Low maintenance, easy to carry, and saves lots of money. You can use it when you go away or if you are low on cash you can use your card for anything. You can pay bills with it and use it to buy anything online.

Convenient bank

Reviewed by Shanelle

An easy bank to deal with. They let me know if they think something suspicious is going on which has saved me from getting hacked. They have low rates and plenty of options for different cards/rates that will suit your lifestyle.

I would recommend them to family and friends.

Always good

Reviewed by Anon

I have never had any issues with my NAB credit card. Always helpful on the phone. Statements are easy to read. Low rates and convenient to use. They have a reliable service and I’ve never had problems with it. Interest is low when I don’t get on top of my card. Will definitely continue using it.


Good card

Reviewed by Barbara

I have the NAB Low Rate card with no rewards because I am an older person and do not need rewards. I pay a low annual fee of just $55

Usually pretty happy

Reviewed by Melissa

Happy to keep this card as it has been fine and convenient, but it would be nice if the interest rate wasn’t so high. The annual fee is manageable also. It’s easy to add it to my online banking account and keep track of what’s happening when I sign in to online banking. Customer service has been quick and convenient when I have needed to enquire about anything with no long waiting times.

Balanced card to have

Reviewed by James

This credit card is alright to use. Fees are low, but the interest rate is a bit ordinary. There are no rewards, but it’s easy to use and good for normal day-to-day transactions as long as you pay the bill outright each month. As for interest rates, probably should be revised to make it a bit lower to attract more consumers.

I am generally very pleased with this card

Reviewed by Christina

This card has been with me for almost 6 years and I have no problem with it. The fee so far have been kept to
what was advertised. It’s very convenient when I go overseas. I am very happy with it and am still using it.

I have a supplementary card for my son, which was so convenient for him for emergency use when he was out of cash while he was exchange student studying in Korea for 4 months last year.

Thank you NAB. You make it convenient for us.



Reviewed by Barbara

I have just received my new Low Rate credit card. I am happy that I am only paying under $50 a year for the privilege of using it. This card was the cheapest at NAB and

It's been helpful to have this card

Reviewed by Rebecca

It hasn’t got the best rate, but NAB customer service is always lovely to deal with. The card is accepted overseas

Bonus card offred with our home loan

Reviewed by Maree

It’s easy to use and pay because it has payWave and you can also choose your own PIN. I find it convenient as it is connected to my current bank account. Unfortunately

No perks, boring card

Reviewed by Lisa

There are no rewards with this basic Visa credit card. I think the interest rate is high, but a big bonus for NAB

Looking for an interest-free card

Reviewed by Sandy

I am not happy. I have had this card forever and NAB is not looking after my interests. I was told that I could get interest-free for 2 years on balance transfers. NAB have not given me anything good. When you ring

Been very handy at times

Reviewed by Corinne

This card is a good low fee card and has been a very convenient card to have at times. My son has a card linked for free and it has been great for him in emergencies. I have found it very reliable for booking tickets online within Australia and overseas. I have had it for many years and never had a problem with it.

Has been a good card

Reviewed by Trish

Although this card does not give rewards, I have found it very good and am happy with it. I have used it for approximately 8 years and found it easy to use and secure. The low annual fees make up for not receiving any rewards. I originally got this card with my mortgage.

Easy to use

Reviewed by Carl

Easy to use as hooked into my accounts, and can move money in account any time. Call centre staff were polite and easy to understand, very helpful, Velocity points are simple to accumulate, and simple to see on statements. I was given two cards, so one for the wallet, the other kept separate for emergencies.

My first ever credit card and not the best choice

Reviewed by s

It was my first ever credit card and I did not do my research before choosing a provider. In the future I will compare different offers before making a decision. It had hidden fees and no rewards and it was not the cheapest interest rate available at the time. I know for next time, don’t rush in.

Low fee and low interest

Reviewed by Catherine

Good customer service — I have been with this bank for a while and the interest is pretty low as well, only an extra $8 a month. And there’s low fee once a year. It’s a pretty decent card if you are after a small amount of cash for security. I would recommend this card to students as well — low fee and low interest.

Don't need rewards or high fees

Reviewed by Barbara

I have selected the NAB Low Fee Card as I am a pensioner. I do not need or want rewards and high fees. I like this card because it is only $59 a year and has no rewards.

it is a red card

Low fee but high charges for international use

Reviewed by Sandra

I have had this card for many years and keep it because it suits me. The annual fee is one of the lowest available and NAB was responsive when my card was compromised three times in the past eight years.

I am disappointed

Good for people on a budget

Reviewed by Katie

This card is great because it has a really low annual fee.

The customer service I have received from NAB regarding the card has been really good too.

It’s a great card for people not concerned with frequent flyer points. It’s suitable for those who want a simple

'Low fee' not as low as I expected

Reviewed by Lua

I liked the name 'NAB Low Fee Card’ as I expected the fees to be low

NAB is well-known for low fees and charges.

Reviewed by Steven

I don’t use it as a credit card but use it as a convenience instead of carrying cash. NAB is known for low fees and charges and it is recognised as one of the major banks so it is accepted anywhere in the world. Some airlines especially are selective about which cards you can use.


Provides cash when needed

Reviewed by Lisa

This card allows me to always have cash when needed, for groceries, holidays and anything that randomly pops up.

I definitely recommend this card to friends and family.

Low cost, good for emergencies

Reviewed by K

It’s easy to use, monthly repayments are in the middle range between high and low, and it has a low interest rate. I have this card because it comes in handy in case of emergencies or if anything unexpected happens. I don’t generally carry cash on me unless i know i am buying something.

i would recommend NAB to everyone as I always get great customer service.


Credit in a hurry can be a lifesaver

Reviewed by Pauline

The credit card is great for using online, or when there’s a bargain and pay day is too far away.

It’s also good for when something breaks and needs to be repaired or replaced in a hurry, for example your fridge or freezer, which has actually happened to me. So having this card in my purse can be a life saver at times.

Nine months interest free, interest still low

Reviewed by Jess

I would not go with any other bank. These guys always keep me informed about interest rates, etc. I love my NAB credit card.

I got nine months interest free

Competitive low fees, exceptional service

Reviewed by Emily

This was my first credit card with my major bank. I have had no troubles with them over the years and fees and charges remain competitive and low. Linking to my main bank account makes keeping on top of everything easy.

They have also offered exceptional Australian-based customer service when issues have come up. I have never been left feeling like I was not a valued customer.

No frills card from good bank with good service

Reviewed by Julie

Got to love a bank that doesn’t keep its customers waiting. It’s a great card with no frills, just a low rate. I would recommend the NAB

Great card and service, but too tempting for me

Reviewed by Tara

I had previously obtained this card because I have been through NAB for a number of years

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