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Apply by 25 June 2024

American Express Platinum Card


  • Receive 150,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points when you apply by 25 June 2024, are approved, and spend $5,000 on your new Card within the first 3 months. T&Cs apply. New Amex Card Members only.
  • Receive a $450 Platinum Travel Credit each year, which can be redeemed for flights, hotels, or car hire.
  • Enjoy up to $400 per calendar year when you dine from a curated collection of over 1,400 hand-selected restaurants both locally and abroad. Terms and Conditions apply.

Pros and cons


  • Receive 150,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points when you meet the criteria.
  • Receive a $450 Platinum Travel Credit each year.
  • Enjoy up to $400 Global Dining Credit per calendar year.
  • Access to more than 1,400 lounges globally, including The Centurion® Lounge.
  • Get the Amex Experiences App to access information on Platinum benefits, travel offers, events and recommended merchants.


  • The annual fee of $1,450.

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Rates and fees



Almost anyone can have a credit card. But not just anyone can have an American Express Platinum Card.

For a start, there’s a very high minimum income requirement. Then there’s the extremely high annual fee, which may deter even some high-income earners. But once you jump over those two hurdles, you enter a world of prestige and privilege with a seemingly endless list of benefits. Amex has bent over backwards to make you feel special.

A charge card, not a credit card

This is not a credit card, so there’s no messing about with interest rates and balance transfer options. There’s no effective interest rate because there’s no minimum payment opportunity. You will be required to pay off the total amount of your purchases on the card each month, so don’t choose this card unless you are willing and able to do so. But because of the monthly billing cycle, you will in fact get up to 44 days of credit each month, interest-free. Up to four supplementary cardholders can be included in your account without paying additional annual fees.

Great rewards program and potential for a huge number of bonus points

One of the best things about this card is the membership of the American Express Ascent Premium Membership Rewards program, the highest level available for an Amex personal card. And by reaching an easily achievable spending target in the first three months of holding the card, you will earn a very large number of bonus points. It would be a great kickstart to points earning for Amex first-timers, and you could even make an early redemption for a substantial item.

You won’t qualify for the bonus points if you have held an Amex card in the previous 18 months.

Lots of points redemption options

The lower levels of Amex Membership Rewards don’t allow you to transfer your points to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, but as an Ascent Premium member, you will be able to do this. You can transfer your points to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer, Etihad Guest, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Air New Zealand Airpoints, THAI Royal Orchid Plus, Malaysia Airlines Enrich, and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

Points can also be transferred to two ‘Frequent Guest’ programs: Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy.

Alternatively, you could use the points for other forms of travel through the Amex Platinum travel service, to shop at David Jones online, for gift cards to use at major retailers, or convert them into cash credit against your card account balance.

Easy-to-understand points-earning system

The points-earning system for this card is quite simple and very rewarding:

  • 2.25 points on all purchases, except
  • 1.0 points on spending with government bodies

There’s no points threshold or cap, and points never expire as long as your card account is current and in good standing.

Valuable travel benefits

Amex knows that prestige cardholders are regular travellers, so there is a long, long list of tempting built-in travel and entertainment benefits:

  • Every year you get a $450 Platinum Travel Credit, redeemable against airline, car hire, and hotel bookings for yourself or anyone else you choose.
  • Complimentary access to American Express Global Lounge Collection. Over 1,400 lounges in more than 140 countries, including Centurion, Priority Pass, American Express, Virgin Australia, Delta Sky Club, and Plaza Premium airport lounges, for the primary cardholder, and in most cases one supplementary cardholder and one or more guests.
  • Complimentary enrolment into the elite tier of Radisson, Marriott, and Hilton hotels.
  • Membership of Fine Hotel & Resorts program, providing upgrades, complimentary benefits, and preferential treatment at luxury hotels worldwide when booked through the Platinum Travel Service. Amex estimates this to be worth more than $800 per year.
  • Complimentary access to Accor Plus membership, valued at $399 per year, for 1,100+ hotels in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Membership of the Platinum International Airline Program, offering up to 20% discount on first and business-class fares with leading airlines.
  • Complimentary worldwide travel insurance and shoppers insurance.

More details about the free insurance cover

As you would expect with a card of this high status, there’s a host of built-in insurance policies with above-average features.

  • Comprehensive travel insurance cover at a superior level, including medical emergency expenses, repatriation if necessary, hijack and kidnap cover, baggage, money, and documents cover, loss of income cover, and cancellation cover. Travel insurance cover is extended to up to four supplementary cardholders when return fares are paid for with the card or Membership Rewards points.
  • Travel inconvenience cover for delays, missed connections, and luggage problems.
  • Transport accident cover for when you travel on public transport, including waiver of your card account balance if you suffer a transport accident.
  • Loss and damage waiver cover for car rental of up to AUD125,000.
  • Buyer’s advantage, which extends manufacturer’s warranty by up to 12 months (but note that it excludes toys, electronic games, and motor vehicles).
  • 90 days purchase protection against loss, theft, or damage for items bought with the card.
  • 90 days refund protection cover if a retailer refuses to accept a return of an unused item purchased with the card.
  • Smartphone screen insurance for up to $500 in screen repairs, for phones purchased with the card.
  • Platinum Assistance Services, provides legal assistance, roadside assistance, and home assistance in emergency situations.

As you would expect, the travel insurance cover is activated by paying the full fare for your trip with your card. But you can also activate it by paying the fare with Amex Membership Rewards points or with any type of rewards or frequent flyer points provided you use your card to pay the associated taxes and surcharges for the booking. Also, if you can prove that the travel merchant would not accept Amex cards, meaning that you had to use another means of payment for your fare, you’re still covered.

The insurance cover provided with this card leaves almost nothing to chance and is extremely generous in many of its provisions, appropriate to the probable high-end lifestyle of the typical cardholder.

Even more benefits

The card’s privileges don’t stop at travel benefits. Some of these additional benefits may be subject to change, but at the time of writing they also include:

  • Complimentary Premium Subscription to The Australian for all your devices, including access to The Wall Street Journal and other exclusive material, plus special virtual events.
  • Amex Offers, constantly updated discounts, and bonus points offers from your favourite brands and entertainment.
  • Centr by Chris Hemsworth, complimentary 12-month subscription.
  • Dedicated Platinum Card Services gives you priority assistance with account enquiries, points redemption, additional cards, or emergency replacement cards.
  • Online Fraud Protection Guarantee gives you confidence that you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges.

Is there any competition?

This card is really in a class of its own because of the high rewards earning rate, the flexibility to transfer to other reward schemes (including, particularly, Qantas Frequent Flyer), and the truly valuable complimentary travel, insurance, and other benefits. But if the extremely high annual fee is just too much, you could take a look at other high-income cards, such as the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card, the Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card, or the St. George Amplify Signature Credit Card, all of which have fewer benefits but significantly lower annual fees.

Why should I want this card?

If you’re a well-heeled frequent traveller who likes to enjoy life’s luxuries as well as the peace of mind provided by exceptional travel and purchase insurance cover, the high fee should not be too difficult to justify, especially in the first year when the significant number of bonus points easily covers the fee is used to maximum advantage to purchasing Business Class flights or even First Class upgrades.

Yvonne Taylor

Reviewed by Yvonne Taylor

Lead Product Analyst

User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Very pleased with AmEx

Reviewed by SL

Overall I find the American Express Platinum Card is very good. It has 50 days interest free and the rewards program comes with a return domestic flight once a year, anywhere in Australia, including travel insurance. Customer service is good. I have been using AMEX for years and I am overall satisfied with them.


Rewarding for high volume use

Reviewed by Tell it like it is

This card is quite expensive on the yearly fees but offers a free flight every year in Australia plus many points for purchases that may be used for other materialistic hedonism or accumulated for further flights. The company personnel are always very helpful. The trick is to pay it off every month and it keeps a record of your expenses and donations. Some merchants like to charge extra for this card – if that’s the case I don’t use it, as that’s not cost effective.

Very pleased with card

Reviewed by Andy

Fantastic card – but some places don’t except it still. The sad part is that the reward program changed from buying items from AMEX direct to buying gift cards / vouchers for a small number of businesses

Good rewards but not accepted everywhere

Reviewed by D

Lots of stores do not accept and a surcharge often applies – have another for when this happens. Generally no other problems and offers a good points earn rate when using. Limits can be easily added and services always been good when dealing with issues. Thanks for listening AmEx!

100k sign up bonus

Reviewed by Dan

I have been a happy AmEx customer for many decades and currently have another AmEx product.

The 100,000 points sign up bonus for the Platinum Charge Card is attractive enough to want to upgrade my current product, however, terms of the sign up bonus state this is only available anyone who is new to AmEx or didn’t have another AmEx card in the past 12 months. When I called AmEx for clarification whether 12 months refers to having had the Platinum Charge card in that period, I was told this rule refers to having had any AmEx card in that period. When I asked if AmEx wants me to leave them for 12 months so that I can qualify for the 100,000 points sign up bonus in 12 months, their response was pretty much 'yes’. This is exactly what I am about to do. I am just waiting for my last lot of AmEx points to transfer to the airline program, after which time I am closing my AmEx card so that the period of 12 months can start clocking away.

I am really perplexed with this attitude on the part of AmEx, which makes no commercial sense whatsoever. I understand they would want to prevent people speculatively closing one Platinum Charge Card only to obtain the same card with a sign up bonus, but I don’t understand the logic behind stopping somebody upgrading their current AmEx product to the Platinum Charge Card, or even take it up in addition to keeping their existing card. So here I am leaving AmEx for no good reason other than to fulfil some idiotic marketing clause. Let’s hope the new financial institution doesn’t treat me too well or maybe in 12 months’ time I won’t want to return to AmEx.

Reliable and the fees are great

Reviewed by Anne

I decided to go with American Express and even though it isn’t accepted in a few stores, it’s becoming more widely accepted. The rewards are amazing, with an option to pay some of your debt off using the points accumulated for spend. I think other banks and credit providers should also do this, as it does help with repayments.


Reviewed by Steven

Simple and easy to use, stress-free with maximum rewards.

I get double points for every dollar spent and the benefits and rewards accumulate quickly, so you can purchase anything, within your points limit, until your heart’s content. With fifty five days to pay your credit card back, interest-free, the American Express Platinum Card, makes life less complicated and care-free.

Great for earning extra Qantas points

Reviewed by Neil

This card earns triple points at supermarkets and double points for fuel and purchases with Qantas—it’s great when planning overseas trips for travel bookings. You can use these points to upgrade to Premium Economy and Business Class and for basically no added cost. The team at American Express are great to deal with and always provide great customer service.

One of the best in the world

Reviewed by Michael

I don’t really like credit cards much, but having the Platinum American Express credit card is rewarding. It has great rewards, an excellent app, and is even compatible with Apple Pay. It definitely destroys all the other credit card companies.

The downside is that the credit card is a bit expensive and not all places accept it, but it is always my first choice by far.

Great product for a busy and luxury lifestyle

Reviewed by Bingxuan

Apart from the $1,200 annual fee, this card is a great product for a luxury lifestyle. It has access to a wide range of worldwide airport lounges, complimentary insurance coverage, complimentary elite hotel and car rental memberships, and an annual domestic return flight on Virgin Australia. This card is a charge card, which works well only if you repay your full balances every month.

Great offers

Reviewed by Mike

I love this card. Great offers can be saved to the card. Fees are reasonable, but often they give a loyalty bonus around renewal times (if you ask).

When I contact them, I always receive excellent customer service, day and night. The online and app access are good also. Overall, a great deal.

Earned enough points for two overseas flights

Reviewed by Bianca

There are great rewards, the staff are very helpful, and I have never had any issues with the card. I have managed to save enough points to fly myself and my partner overseas and back.

I have no complaints at all. I love the trust of the company and wouldn’t go with any other one.

Best card I have ever used

Reviewed by Harpreet

This card is the best card I have ever used. It gets accepted pretty much anywhere, in Australia or overseas.

There are very attractive rewards for frequent flyers, and customer service is the best in the business. There are great security features attached to it.

i use it for daily expenses, booking and buying stuff online, and over-the-phone transactions.

Not a lot of shops take AmEx, or they add on a fee

Reviewed by Linda

Great card, just not a lot of stores accept them. When you do go to use them they also charge a fee at petrol stations, etc. I do use mine for grocery shopping every now and then at Woolworths — I get $20 off which is great. It would be a better card if it was accepted in a lot more places.

It's good, but I can't use it everywhere

Reviewed by Callum

I like the card but wish I could use it more often and get more points. And I know it sounds stupid, but it would be nice if they made the cards look more attractive. That way I would be obliged to put it in my wallet and keep it there, instead of losing it every few months.

Great for travel insurance

Reviewed by Katie

This card is great because it includes free travel insurance, which I used when I was overseas for six months, and it saved me so much money.

I love the rewards, but it’s a shame that it’s not accepted everywhere, and where it is accepted there is often a surcharge.

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