BankSA Vertigo Credit Card
Apply by 30 April 2024

BankSA Vertigo Credit Card


  • Earn up to $400 cashback on your supermarket shop or enjoy 0% for 32 months on Balance Transfers with a 1% balance transfer fee. Reverts to cash advance rate of 21.49% p.a.
  • 13.99% p.a. low variable interest rate on purchases.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.

Pros and cons


  • Get 10% cashback on your supermarket shop or 0% p.a. for 32 months on balance transfers with a 1% balance transfer fee.
  • 13.99% p.a. low variable interest rate on purchases.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.


  • Balance transfer rate reverts to 21.49% p.a. after 32 months.
  • There are no rewards program for this card.

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Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. You can add an additional cardholder for free, and you will be responsible for managing the account and making repayments.
  • Digital wallets. This card supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Gambling transactions. Gambling transactions are not allowed on the BankSA Vertigo Credit Card.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. The BankSA Vertigo Credit Card does not provide complimentary international travel insurance coverage.
  • Concierge services. The BankSA Vertigo Credit Card does not provide any concierge services.
  • Rewards points. This credit card does not have a rewards program.
  • Sign-up bonus. Earn up to $400 cashback on selected supermarkets including Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Harris Farm, and Aldi when you sign-up and get approved for a BankSA Vertigo Credit Card.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. The annual fee for this card is $55 per year.
  • Balance transfers. This credit card offers a 1% balance transfer fee for the first 32 months, with a maximum balance transfer limit of 80%. After the promotional period ends, any remaining balance will be reverted to an interest rate of 21.49%.
  • Cash advances. The cash advance rate for BankSA Vertigo Credit Card is 21.99% p.a. with interest accruing from the date of the cash advance transaction. BankSA will charge a one-off fee for any cash advances made with this credit card.
  • Foreign exchange fee. A 3% foreign exchange fee applies to any transactions made in a foreign currency online or overseas.
  • Interest-free period. This card offers you up to 55 days interest-free on purchases, provided you have paid your previous balance in full or made the minimum required payment. Cash advances are excluded from this offer.
  • Purchases. There is no introductory offer on purchases with the BankSA Vertigo Credit Card, so all purchases will attract an interest of 13.99% p.a.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Fair go?

Reviewed by help required

They were good at the start and when I got into trouble they didn’t want to know about it. I wanted to combine my cards and make it easier for me but they refused. They were quick to give out the cards but not to assist. Fair go – help australians.


Reviewed by Christina

At the beginning the credit card was easy to maintain and pay off, but I have extended many times and am finding it hard to keep on top of! It’s not the card so much, but myself allowing it to get out of control and maxing out my limit too much.

Too expensive, bad service

Reviewed by Ebi Riemer

I found BankSA to be not very user-friendly and restricted usage – whilst overseas the card did not work in all ATMs and the entire credit limit could not be used as expected. Bear in mind that my credit limit was $600, which is too low to be called credit – it should be in the $1000 range. I’m going to change to a different bank soon.

I save a lot of money with this card

Reviewed by Nikita

I have had my BankSA Vertigo low interest card for many years now as it is very beneficial with the very low interest rate. I save lots of money. With this card I have also received balance transfer offers with no interest for a certain period, which I have used and saved thousands! Love my card.

Good interest rate

Reviewed by Angie

When I compared other interest rates, this card worked out cheaper. However, it carries an annual fee which is annoying when so many credit cards don’t any more. I have been looking for another credit card because of this. I usually pay my balance off each month so it works out, but at the moment I’m being hit with interest which is a money drain!

Good everyday card

Reviewed by Karina

The BankSA Vertigo credit card is a good everyday card with a low annual fee and I would highly recommend it to everyday users. If you pay your card off each month, then you don’t get charged interest. This means you can purchase something and depend have up to 49 days to pay for it.

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