How to pay a parking fine with a credit card

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Getting a parking fine is guaranteed to ruin anyone's day. Paying for it is even more annoying.

You can pay a parking fine using a credit card. Keep scrolling for more about your options and the costs.

Can you pay a parking fine with a credit card?

Parking fines can be paid for using a credit card in every state and territory. American Express is accepted by some authorities.

Depending on the fine's issuing authority, there may be a fee to process card payments. This is typically a percentage of the amount paid.

StateAccepted credit card types
ACTMastercard, Visa
NSWAmerican Express, Mastercard, Visa
NTMastercard, Visa
QLDAmerican Express, Mastercard, Visa
SAMastercard, Visa
VICMastercard, Visa
TASMastercard, Visa
WAMastercard, Visa

A credit card processing fee may apply.


Here's what you need to know about processing fees for credit card payments.

  • Not every state charges a credit card processing fee. Where one is charged, it is typically a percentage of the amount owed.
  • A parking fine will be classified as a standard purchase. It will incur interest at the ongoing purchase rate if not paid off in full.
  • Paying a parking fine with a credit card via BPAY may be classified as a cash advance, which means being immediately charged interest at the cash advance rate and a one-off cash advance fee. Check if your credit card classifies BPAY payments as a cash advance.

Keep in mind

  • You can use Mastercard and Visa credit cards to pay any state.
  • American Express cards are less widely accepted and typically incur the highest processing fees.
  • Not every card earns rewards points on government spend (such as paying parking fines, speeding fines, or rego).