NAB Low Rate Card

NAB Low Rate Card


  • Experience 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 28 months with a 2% balance transfer fee. Reverting to a variable cash advance rate of 21.74% p.a. after the promotional period.
  • Initial $0 annual card fee for the first year ($59 p.a. thereafter).
  • Receive a response within 60 seconds.

Pros and cons


  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 28 months.
  • A variable purchase rate of 13.49% p.a.
  • The waived annual fee for the first year.
  • Additional credit card is free.


  • There is a 2% balance transfer fee.
  • No rewards program for this card.
  • No insurance coverage.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



There’s more than one way to get rewards from your credit card. If collecting points is not your thing, why pay – via a high purchase interest rate and steep annual fee – for points you won’t ever use?

The true rewards that come with the NAB Low Rate Card are the low ongoing purchase interest rate, the very long promotional balance transfer offer, the higher-than-average (for NAB) interest-free days, and the very reasonable annual fee, waived in the first year.

Low 13.49% p.a. ongoing purchase interest rate

If you’re in the market for a low interest credit card, it’s possibly because you expect that you will sometimes be unable to clear your purchase balance in full by the due date, or simply forget to make the payment on time. The result will be that you will forfeit your interest-free days on purchases until you repay your outstanding balance. This can be painfully expensive, with standard credit card interest rates in the region of 20%.

However, since the NAB Low Rate Card has a much more reasonable 13.49% p.a. interest rate, your interest payment would be much lower in the same situation. And if you are going to have long-term credit card debt and have run out of balance transfer options, paying 13.49% instead of around 20% is going to make an enormous difference.

0% balance transfer option for 28 months

Bring across to your new card any accumulated debt from your existing non-NAB card or cards, and take advantage of 0% interest on balance transfers for a long 28 months – one of the longest offers around. There’s also no upfront balance transfer fee to pay, and, as a result of NAB’s new balance transfer policy, you can retain your interest-free days on purchases by paying for any new purchases in full each month.

This is a major departure from the previous policy on most credit cards of taking away the interest-free days of any cardholder who carried a balance of any kind past the payment due date. Now, NAB will allow you to keep your interest-free days on new purchases in the next month, provided you make the full ‘interest-free days payment’ shown on your statement. The ‘interest-free days payment’ is the closing balance minus the remaining balance transfer amount – in other words, the total of all purchases and cash advances not yet cleared from the account. It means that you can make use of the balance transfer offer and still use your new card for purchases.

High revert interest rate

Do be aware, though, that after 28 months you will pay interest at 21.74% (the ongoing cash advance interest rate) on your balance transfer amount if you haven’t paid it off in full, so try to pay off substantially more than the ‘interest-free days payment’ each month. Alternatively, collect in a savings account the cash needed for full repayment by the end of the promotional period, in order to avoid the revert rate.

Extra interest-free days

One of the downsides of NAB credit cards is that the vast majority of them come with only 44 interest-free days each month. But not this one. This is the only NAB card that comes with up to 55 interest-free days.

It may not sound like a big difference, but in fact, it amounts to 132 days of extra credit each year. That’s an extra 132 days in which your hard-earned cash can remain in your savings or mortgage offset account, either earning a little interest or reducing your mortgage interest bill.

No points, no insurance, no frills

Bonus benefits, like frequent flyer and other reward scheme points, airport lounge passes, and wide-ranging insurance cover, all come at a price. You will end up paying for them in the form of high purchase interest rates or, more likely, a high annual fee. With this very basic card, however, there’s none of this to pay for, and no complex rewards system to get your head around.

But some built-in benefits you can actually use

You will, however, receive lots of other benefits that make your card more convenient as well as more secure. You’ll be able to make contactless purchases up to $100 with Visa payWave, rely on NAB Defence to monitor fraudulent transactions, and take advantage of Verified by Visa online fraud protection service, as well as Visa Global Customer Assistance if you need emergency travel support.

Download the NAB app for more control over your card: One Touch ID lets you log in to your account with more security; you can block and unblock your card if you temporarily lose it (no need to cancel the card in this situation); you can turn payWave, online transactions and overseas transactions on and off with just a swipe; add NAB Pay for Android to your compatible phone to turn it into a Tap and Pay digital wallet.

Low annual fee, waived on the first year

While it’s possible to argue that a ‘no frills’ card like this one should have no annual fee at all, the $59 annual fee is pretty reasonable given that you’ll always get up to 55 interest-free days on purchases each month, provided you have no unpaid purchases and cash advances balance on your account. There’s also no annual fee for an additional cardholder, and you will get at least one complimentary benefit in the form of membership of Visa Entertainment’s pre-sales privileges and discounts for concerts, shows, movies, and sporting events.

But, even better, the annual fee is waived in the first year. You can try out all the benefits of the card for 12 months and pay no fee.

Simple application process, fast response

NAB estimates that it will take you about 15 minutes to complete their online application form, and you’ll get a response in one minute after that. If your application is successful, you can expect to receive your card in the mail within five business days.

Who it’s for

There’s no doubt that the uncomplicated NAB Low Rate Card is aimed at lower-income earners, since there is no minimum income requirement and a minimum credit limit of $1,000. Frequent flyer and other rewards points collectors should look elsewhere, and if you expect anything other than basic Visa lifestyle benefits you won’t be impressed. But everyone, at any income or spending level, can find benefits in the combination of a long-lasting balance transfer offer, a low ongoing purchase interest rate (even if it’s only for when you’re forgetful), and a low annual fee.

Other low-rate cards to consider

Before you make your mind up, take a look at some competing cards with low purchase interest rates, for example, the Bankwest Breeze Mastercard, the St.George Vertigo Visa, and the Westpac Low Rate Credit Card.

Yvonne Taylor

Reviewed by Yvonne Taylor

Lead Product Analyst

User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Okay card, no complaints

Reviewed by Kelly

I obtained the card to roll my other cards limits to the 6th month 0% for six months … NAB are very strict with their limit and didn’t allow me to increase to roll over. Very strange as my request was declined yet I approached another bank to check if the same thing would happen and they approved me.


Makes shopping so much easier with payWave

Reviewed by Lisa

I love my card it makes shopping so much easier with the payWave on it. And the fact that I can buy online with my card makes thing just that little bit easier. I don’t think I would go to anyone else for a bank card NAB seem to be the best so far.


No extra hidden charges

Reviewed by Linda

NAB is good. They have no extra hidden charges. I have been overdrawn and they have not charged me for it. The fees are low and acceptable. The online service is easy to follow and the customer service is terrific. It is linked to Qantas Frequent Flier points as well.


Awesome service

Reviewed by Meredith

Awesome service and rewarding. I always pay it of monthly and never pay interest. I love my flybuys rewards and only pay a yearly fee. We have all our banking business with the National Bank. I would recommend the National Bank Credit Visa card to everybody and the National Bank also.

This one seems pretty good

Reviewed by Cath

I have never had a credit card before, but this one seems pretty good. You get 45 days interest free and paying most bills online count as a purchase not a cash advance. it was convenient to have that extra money for groceries or bills and then have 45 days to pay it off without any charges

Low fees and easy to use

Reviewed by Trish

This card doesn’t try to confuse you with reward systems that will never earn you anything. The true rewards with this card are the low interest rate, ease of use, internet banking that is easy to use, an app for making banking easy to access for smart phones, and the great customer service you get being with the NAB.


Why you should apply

Reviewed by nab visa pay wave

As a pensioner I find this is a very good card to have there is no fees the customer service can not be faulted easy to use if you don’t spend to much. All you have to do is wave the card over the machine which save time and some people have trouble remembering pin numbers.

A good choice credit card

Reviewed by kerri

I have had the NAB low rate visa card for around five months and I am pleased that I have chosen it. It is much more competitive against other cards and customer service is great.


Extremely happy with NAB

Reviewed by Exceptional NAB

The credit card through NAB was phenomenal. I can use it most places around the world with no issues. I am not signed up for frequent flyer points or the like. But I have this card to use mainly for travels. The low rate of repayments is easily manageable and really makes the best part about my travels and not having to worry about extra money.


Easy banking, less hassle

Reviewed by Jamie

A trusted bank with a good low rate Visa card, hassle free and trust worthy. Low interest rate, easy to use, and handy to have, can make payments easily online, and apply for credit increase or decrease easily. Banking with a firm that is trusted is always the way to go and NAB is the best.


Happy with my credit card

Reviewed by Kerry Lee Crocker

The low fees suit my needs. Would be nice to have a higher credit limit. Rewards would be a nice incentive to pay entire card balance. I got this particular card because of the low rates associated with it. Love being able to choose the card colour.

Good service

Reviewed by Ian

I find the NAB to be very reputable in its handling of my credit card. Will continue to use this service.
I would recommend NAB

Good credit card rates to get me out of debt

Reviewed by Mandy

Love my credit card. It is easy to use and I get a good interest rate. I am trying to get myself debt free and using this card is helping me and I will hopefully be out of debt by the end of the year and then I will be a happy camper.

Best credit card I've ever had

Reviewed by Kat

I got this credit card after running into trouble with other cards and had to transfer the balances. I have had this card for over 7 years now and will never get another one. The rates are fantastic and I will never have to worry about bills I can’t pay again.

Good value for money

Reviewed by Jaco

Easy to use and interest rate is good. When we moved from South Africa this credit card helped a lot and that is the main reason why my family and I bank with NAB. Trustworthy and friendly service combined and reliable product

Generally happy with the card

Reviewed by Maxy

Easy access for emergency purchases. Also very convenient for online shopping. I really appreciate the low cost. Another welcoming aspect is that it is linked to the fly buys rewards system that we use. Very convenient. The card itself is very good looking. I have had no problems with it at all.

I wish I went with a different bank

Reviewed by Sandra

I had this card for emergency only, the NAB bank doesn’t send out statements and than they blame you for not paying your monthly payments on time. Also the customer service reps cant do there jobs

Excellent card

Reviewed by Jane

I love my NAB low rate credit card. I can set a low minimum amount so it’s handy for the occasional purchases I make online

Supportive customer service, generally pleased

Reviewed by Kate supports nab

I got this credit card while I was working. Fantastic, easy to use, not too high rates. When I feel pregnant and had hard times they were extremely understanding and very helpful. Best customer service I have had in a long time. Always available on the phone easy to get in contact.

Love it

Reviewed by Debbie

Love my credit card. Low rate and friendly people to talk to always remember you and ask about your family. they make me feel like one of their family. I bet we well asked to Christmas dinner next. thank you national Australia bank for being there for our family and home.

Great all rounder

Reviewed by Matt

I’ve been using this card for years and it has always been great because of its low rate of interest. When you don’t get the card paid off in time, its nice to know the interest isn’t excessive. Also NAB are very helpful

A simple, no frills card

Reviewed by Case27

This card is for emergency vet visits and things like that. The interest rate is low, the annual fee is on par with other cards. It’s no frills, and great for my needs. NAB Internet banking is really good

This card is super easy to use

Reviewed by Patricia Miinchow

This card works well with my everyday life, the rates are incredibly low, the service that I have received has been amazing, with any questions that I have asked being answered with ease. The only thing that lets it down is the lack of reward options. If reward points were included this would be the perfect card.

It helps me out when I have little emergencies.

Reviewed by Skits

I find it great in emergencies and where certain purchases require a credit card, it is just nice to know I have it on hand. There are just some times when you have not got the big amounts of money on hand to pay for breakdowns or emergencies. Peace of mind.

I have a pink credit card

Reviewed by Sixela

National Bank Australia offers a bright pink Visa card that is easy to find and easy to use. I love the 11.9% interest on purchases after the first twelve months and the generous $0 annual fee. You will be showing bling when shopping with this card, it’s so feminine and feels like a best friend.

Very happy with this card

Reviewed by I Faber

We changed to this card and it has made a big difference as the amount of interest we pay has fallen significantly. This means that we finally have a chance of slowly lowering the amount we have outstanding as less of our monthly repayment goes to interest. The change was very easy to make.

Helps me out when I have little emergencies

Reviewed by Skits

When there are little emergencies it is good to know you have the back up: you never know when an emergency might happen. If the car broke down I would know I could just buy another one on credit and pay it off slowly. To me that gives me a stress I do not need.

Good for emergencies

Reviewed by Skits

I like to know I have a credit card on hand for emergencies, it just gives me that piece of mind if things go wrong. It also helps to have it for credit rating and if I need to buy something that only accepts a credit card, really just great for emergencies.

Unhappy, wish I never had this

Reviewed by Angela

I have been hacked twice and not received the whole amount of money back. I get charged over the top interest rates in comparison to other banks. I wish I never joined the National Australia Bank. Once I can I am going to leave altogether.

I'm happy with my credit card

Reviewed by Mark Millikin

I got this card for the convenience of extra money for Christmas and holidays if we run a little short. And it has been very handy. I do find it very hard not to use it as soon as I pay it down a little. And I like the fact that with my bank they text me when I’ve gone over my limit.

Not much help when things go wrong

Reviewed by Dave

I recently had some bad luck financially. Other cards let me have a spell from payments, no interest or fees were added, but NAB

Could be better

Reviewed by Anon

Interest is high and monthly repayments could be better. Customer service over the phone is generally good and helpful. No rewards for using the card. No freeze of interest if experiencing financial difficulty – gave me a $5000 limit straight up when I only wanted $2000, which has made it difficult to repay what I owe.

No dramas!

Reviewed by Cristie

I have just travelled overseas with this card and have had no dramas at all. This card was very well protected and showed all my transactions in a reasonable amount of time with internet banking. It has given me a chance to go travelling and not feel bad for spending within the first 12 months interest free.

I would definitely choose this card again and recommend to others. Thank you NAB!

I saved a lot of money

Reviewed by Paula

Took advantage of 24 month interest free transfer offer with the NAB Low Rate card and saved a small fortune in interest. The best my previous credit card provider offered was a reduced rate for a short period of time after 26 years as a customer

I love the customer service

Reviewed by Marie

I have 2 kids, so life is hectic at times. If i missed the payment I get a call with options and extensions if I need. The monthly minimum fee is low and easily payable. They always give me 4 options when they call: pay now; within 3 days; within 7 days; or to speak to someone. Also asks how i’ll be making the payment too. So I am covered.

I saved a lot of money with the interest rate

Reviewed by Brendon

Convenient and low rate card—I saved a lot of money with this card, and it’s also convenient for everyday banking with NAB. It has great security as well. When my card was skimmed they were straight onto it and reversed the charges. It has an interest-free period as well for convenience. The only negative is that it has no rewards program.


Pleased with my credit card

Reviewed by Mihaela

I am pleased with my credit card because I can use payWave. I am not a big spender, so I can use it for small purchases with no problems. The interest is very low, so it is not affecting me even though I do not work at the moment. I had a couple of unauthorised payments taken and the bank recovered it. Thanks NAB!

Great low rate card!

Reviewed by Adam

I have never looked at my statement and been upset by the interest charges, and that’s on a decent size balance. I’ve yet to look into the rewards side, but overall I am very happy with this card, and would highly recommend over any others I have or had in the past!

I give them "credit"!

Reviewed by Melissa

NAB sure know how to ““nab” me into giving them “credit. Pardon my puns

Use as little as possible

Reviewed by Stewart

payWave has been convenient. If I do not pay it off each month, the interest counteracts any savings I might make. The annual fee is a wack each year. It’s quite an uninteresting grey card, whereas others are quite colourful or you can choose a design to fit you. I have it just for emergencies—mainly when I do not have a balance in the bank.

Average card

Reviewed by Malik

I have used the card for years now and it is pretty decent to keep if you know to play the game well. We joined with no annual fee—ever—and because we pay off the balance in full every month we also benefit from the 55 days interest-free.

The best card for low earners!

Reviewed by Leannee

I originally got this card when I was divorced so I could cover unexpected but urgent and needed emergency expenses that cropped up occasionally. Plus lately, with the cost of basic living rising a lot more rapidly than my disabled pension, I now use it to buy medications or food.

More money in my pocket

Reviewed by Kristi

NAB’s Low Rate card has low rates, low interest, no hidden fees, and good customer service. I am very pleased and could not be happier.

I highly recommend this option if this is your first time getting a credit card. Do your research and you will find NAB is the right way to go for low interest rates.


Easy to use for small purchases

Reviewed by Alison

This low fee card does not have any rewards unless I pay a higher annual fee, but it is linked to a UBank debit card which is automatically replenished on a daily basis and is easy to use for items up to $100. I do not use it for large purchases as I have a GE Credit Line card for those, which often has a no interest deal for three years, sometimes even no payment for three years.

A good card

Reviewed by Melissa

I’ve had this card for about 5 years and have been very happy with it and the customer support from NAB. I really like the low interest rate on the card—I’m sure it has saved me heaps over the years!

I would definitely recommend this card to anyone considering a low rate option for a credit card.


It works for me

Reviewed by Jacob

I’ve got a credit card so I’m never without funds, because you never know what’ll happen.

I filled the credit limit and was offered an increase, which has helped a lot too. I can access up to $5,000 without worry whenever I need it.

Paying off is simple, as you can pay just the minimum or pay off more than that to help zero your balance more quickly.

It is OK, but not the cheapest

Reviewed by Khoa

It is okay to have, but not the cheapest one. Customer service is good and they care enough when contacted, There are no cold calls for promotion so it is good not to be disturbed. Overseas transaction fee/exchange rate charge is expensive. Everything can be done online. Otherwise, it is best not to have any cards.

Balance transfer used to pay off debt

Reviewed by J

I transferred an old credit card balance to my NAB card

Great security and service

Reviewed by Debbie

NAB have great security. Anything out of the ordinary and they are on the phone to check. They saved me a couple of times

Overall good emergency card

Reviewed by Ella

It was very handy at the time, with the balance transfer from another card. It keeps my interest rate low and allows me to pay for other expenses. It’s a good emergency card. But if I was going to use it for everyday purchases I would change to something that offers rewards. I recommend it to someone who cares about interest rates, if they were shopping the market.

Fantastic if you don't want to spend a lot

Reviewed by Sonja

I’m so happy with this card. I’m not a huge spender but need a bit every now and again, so this card has been a huge help. I have even recommended it to a few friends and they think it’s great. I would recommend this card to people who want to spend, but not spend too much.

Low fees, low interest.

Reviewed by Nicholas

I was looking for a card with a low rate as I sometimes can’t pay back the full amount owing every month. The NAB low rate card also has low fees

Quality low rate card

Reviewed by D

This card is great. I can recommend it to anyone looking for such a card. I have never had any problems with it.

The security on the card is pretty much standard across all cards these days.

If you are looking for rewards then you won’t find them here as it is a no-frills option.

Great, low-cost card, and easy to manage

Reviewed by Caroline

I really find this card to one of the best on the market — easy to use, low rate and low fees. It has been perfect to have as a back-up credit card and for expenses, without the huge interest and fees.

I find it very easy to maintain and monitor through online banking, and have experienced great customer service with any query I have had with the card.

Convenient for direct debits and emergencies

Reviewed by Hazel

I have this card for convenience and emergencies. The interest rate is low and it is handy when credit is needed instead of cash or other card transactions. I also use it as a backup for my Paypal account. I also use it for some of my direct debit payments.

Reasonable, steady interest rate

Reviewed by Michael

This card is good if you are looking for a card that has a reasonable interest rate. It’s not the best rate, but it’s steady.

The customer support is good. If you have to delay a payment for any reason they are usually understanding. Altogether this is a good card, supplied by a reliable bank with good customer support.

Great credit card for the first timer

Reviewed by Thomas

I didn’t have a credit card in my life when I signed up for the NAB Low Rate Card over the phone. The staff were very helpful and gave me some tips and tricks to save on fees.

It’s very easy to make repayments online

Could be better

Reviewed by Mitchell

The fees are reasonable and the interest rate is fairy low, making it appealing to people who want low rate cards. However, it’s best to apply in-store rather than online, because I was only offered 70% of my credit transfer from another bank and was informed I would have got the full amount if I had applied through the branch.

Good for emergency expenses on low income

Reviewed by Leanne

It’s good for low incomes but no rewards come with this card. I originally got it for emergency expenses but have since found that once I have reached my limit of $5,000 it seems to take forever to pay it down when all I can afford is the minimum payment due each month. My sole income is a disabled pension from which I also pay my mortgage, food, medications, power, water, land rates, insurances and phone/internet services.

Never fails, excellent service

Reviewed by Veronica

My NAB Credit card has not failed me in any location that I have been

The best credit card for all kinds of uses

Reviewed by Christopher

This card has very low fees, is easily accessible, and has an interest-free period. What could be better than that?

It’s easy to apply and I have had no problems with the card whatsoever. It’s perfect, from uni students and people studying, all the way to business purposes and for everyday use. I highly recommend the NAB Low Rate Credit Card.


Low interest, easy to understand

Reviewed by Rachel

This is an amazing credit card with low interest. The card served its purpose on numerous occasions and is now being paid out easily.

The terms and conditions are easy to understand and straightforward.

This account is perfect for someone looking for a short-term answer which will be easy to pay out. I love it.

Interest-free period on purchases, but no rewards

Reviewed by Ben

My NAB credit card is a reliable card that I can always rely on. However

Low revert rate on interest-free balance transfer

Reviewed by Rhys

NAB’S Low Rate Card has a low interest rate on both cash advances and everyday purchases. NAB offered a generous 16 months 0% interest balance transfer that I took advantage of to move some debt from a high-rate Virgin Australia card. The kicker to this is that even after the 16 months interest-free period

They won't increase my limit

Reviewed by Frank

A lot of monthly costs mean I am always near or over my limit, and it becomes an issue. They won’t increase my limit. I’d hoped they would increase limit by $2-3k to help me in the short term. But I like NAB as a bank

OK, but lack of rewards is disappointing

Reviewed by Rupert

The card was reliable, with a good introductory limit which I never exceeded, and it had good integration with Internet banking.

The lack of rewards was pointedly disappointing. More benefits for usage would have incentivised me to make greater use of my card. Likewise the new feature of being able to remove contactless payments on my card would have made me feel more secure in carrying my card around with me.

As a low-rate, no-frills card with limited fees for the first 18 months, it worked well for my limited needs.

Great interest saving card

Reviewed by Belinda

This card has low interest rates, and is a great way to pay off debt quickly.

The customer service is fantastic – great guys to chat with, to make sure you’re on the right card. Branch staff are fabulous and so friendly. They greet you by name every time without fail.

I would absolutely recommend people to transfer over to this product.

They listened to my complaint about interest rate

Reviewed by Tyron

I have had this card for 20 years and use it for everyday purchases, but I know full well that I should have a rewards card for everyday purchases, to build up those points.

I originally had an interest rate at around 20%, but after complaining to NAB they reduced it to this low rate of around 12-13%.


Cheap and easy

Reviewed by Ellen

This is a super simple low rate card. It’s easy to use and won’t cost a fortune.

The application process was very easy and quick. I haven’t had any service issues either.

The app makes it easy to keep track of spending and doesn’t use much data. I definitely recommend this his card to anyone.

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