St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card

St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card


  • No annual fee for as long as you have the card.
  • Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.
  • Low minimum credit limit.

Pros and cons


  • No annual fee for life.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free.
  • As low $500 credit limit.


  • No rewards program for this card.
  • Ongoing rates are not low.

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Having a no-fee credit card issued by a major bank is a bit like flying economy on a world-class airline: you get the same efficiency, security and safety features as those experienced by the passengers at the pointy end who are paying through the nose for identical protection and expertise plus a few short-lived trimmings that can be more easily dispensed with. Having the St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card is more like flying for free.

No annual fee, ever

St.George’s tagline for this card says it all: 'a basic credit card with no annual card fee to pay, ever'. You can even have up to three additional cardholders — who must be older than 16 — on your account for free.

If you neither want nor need fancy extras like rewards points and ‘complimentary’ insurance (where at least a part of the cost is usually built into the fee), then you may as well have a card with all the standard functionality you’re likely to require but with no annual fee attached.

Interest rates

Interest rates are typical of a card of this type, although cheaper ongoing rates are available with other cards.

  • 21.49% p.a. on cash advances (interest accrues from the transaction date)
  • 20.74% p.a. on purchases (after the introductory offer expires)
  • 20.74% p.a. ongoing purchase rate

The good news is you don’t need to pay any interest at all if you are smart about how you use your credit card. Stay away from cash advances if you possibly can, because it’s not an astute way to borrow money. To take full advantage of the ongoing interest-free days on purchases (up to 55 days each month), pay off your balance on or before the due date for payment.

One fee you may not be able to avoid

Like many other credit cards, this card levies a fee on foreign transactions. This includes purchases made in a foreign currency and Australian dollar transactions made with a merchant based overseas or whose processing is done overseas.

The 3% charge will be applied if you use your card while travelling internationally. And if you shop online, the chances are you will occasionally incur the 3% fee, although you may not realise that you have made a foreign transaction until you see the charge on your statement.

Functionality and security

This card may have the best budget rating, but there’s nothing cheapskate about its user safety and capability, which compare favourably with its more expensive competitors.

  • Visa payWave. The latest secure, contactless technology to get you through the checkout faster for transactions under $100.
  • Verified by Visa. A one-time PIN system for additional safety when shopping online
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring. Detects suspicious purchases.

Is the St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card worth it?

This is a no-frills card that is easy to get your head around. It’s likely to appeal to the first-timer, especially since the minimum credit limit is a manageable $500 (although higher limits are possible).

There’s no juggling of rewards points or complimentary insurance small print to read. The introductory offer could prove very useful, too, if used properly.

Although the ongoing interest rates are unattractive, they won’t cause any concern if you intend to keep a tight rein on your finances and avoid spending more than you can afford to repay each month.

The St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card is a solid option as a first credit card, one that could prove to be the only one you’ll ever need.

Nilooka Dissanayake

Reviewed by Nilooka Dissanayake


User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Good if you're poor or for emergencies

Reviewed by PoorSkye

This is the sort of credit card which doesn’t cost you anything unless you use it, the sort of credit card to keep for emergencies. It helps if you understand their billing cycle, as even if you pay the full balance owing, but pay it after a certain date, you will be charged interest. Generally if you pay the full balance owing straight away – or the next day – there is no interest. One trap for young players is that if you get a cash advance you are charged interest from the date you get the advance – there are no interest free days.

Easy and accessible

Reviewed by Eneri

Easy and accessible to use. Visa is recognised anywhere and is accepted at most points of sale worldwide.

Pleased with this card, but wish I didn't need it

Reviewed by Demi

I have this card as we just took out a mortgage and this was a shock to our budget. We used it to help with some bills and an unfortunate car crash. It was helpful, but debt is still debt, which is hard to get out of. I find the fees quite high, but it is linked to our mortgage so the fee for having it is smaller.

Got into a lot of debt

Reviewed by Cheryl Allen

Not a very good card for rates and fees. I got into a lot of debt with this card.

Great customer service and very understanding except for automated messaging. They’re very trustworthy and opening hours are very convenient for ringing up to change a payment date or to organise a payment plan. However, I would not recommend to a friend.

No annual fee / high interest credit card

Reviewed by Ricky

I found this credit card good if not used very often. The no annual fee saves money each year if used only as an emergency back-up, but becomes very expensive with the higher interest if used regularly. The cash advance rate is also higher than many credit cards and the extra 2% for cash advances on top of the cash advance rate becomes very expensive if used often.

I wish the interest charges were lower

Reviewed by Helena

This card has been very handy. For the first 6 months I did not pay any interest. That was good, but now they are charging me over 20% interest, which is not good. I like being able to tap my card as I keep forgetting my PIN. I do not use it all the time. I needed it as I had a lot of big bills to pay.


Planning on switch

Reviewed by Mary

I initially got the card just in case some large item was needed. Since obtaining it I realise the interest rate is too high and would now like another credit card with a lower interest rate. I have this one because it tied in with my other accounts and realise now that that is not necessary.

Having no fee makes it the perfect credit card

Reviewed by Leanne

This card is good for low income earners because you don’t need to have a lot of money deposited to get no monthly fees, and having no annual fee makes it the perfect credit card.

I would recommend this credit card to anyone with only small deposits who would like to pay no fees all year round.

Simple to use, even for young people

Reviewed by Georgia

I have this card because it is simple to use and I can easily understand how to manage my amounts and buying things online. Everyone in my household has the same card, as it is so easy for the younger kids to manage also. I love St. George Bank

Low limit and no fee make it a great starter card

Reviewed by Ian

I needed a first credit card, and after being rejected by lots of others I was approved by St George for their No Annual Fee card. It is a perfect stepping stone for those looking to get started with building their credit score, as it has no fees and there is relatively low risk thanks to the $500 limit.

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