Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card (Altitude)
Apply by 31 July 2024

Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card (Altitude)


  • Earn up to 150,000 bonus Altitude Points. Receive 100,000 Altitude bonus points by spending $6,000 on eligible purchases within 120 days of card approval. Additionally, get 50,000 points after your first eligible purchase in year 2. Exclusions apply.
  • Initial $150 p.a. annual fee ($295 p.a. thereafter), applicable to new cardholders only.
  • Earn 6 Altitude points per $1 on Qantas, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates flights bought in Australia, subject to eligibility criteria.

Pros and cons


  • Earn up to 150,000 bonus Altitude Points when you meet the criteria.
  • Additional savings with the $150 first-year annual fee ($295 p.a. thereafter).
  • Earn 1.25 points per $1 spent on eligible purchases
  • Get 2 complimentary lounge passes each year with Priority Pass.


  • The high annual fee of $295 p.a. after the initial year.

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



Westpac’s credit card designers were certainly at the top of their game when they came up with the Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card (Altitude), which neatly packages most of the features that any credit card user could ask for, even though it comes with the usual hefty fee for a black credit card. If you choose this card, you’ll want to hang around for at least a year to make the most of the multiple benefits, including choice of rewards, high points earning rates coupled with substantial bonus points, and a suite of complimentary benefits.

Westpac’s highest Altitude points earning rate, uncapped

Earn as many Altitude Rewards points as you like, every month, at the following high rates:

  • 6.0 Altitude points per dollar spent* up to $10,000 per month, on flights purchased in Australia directly with Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines, then 1.25 points per $1 spent thereafter
  • 2.0 Altitude points per dollar spent* on overseas purchases, including online
  • 2.0 Altitude points per dollar spent* at David Jones, Myer, THE ICONIC, Spotify Premium, Uber, Uber Eats and Airbnb
  • 1.25 Altitude points per dollar spent* on all other eligible purchases

Sign up bonus points

Get ready for an amazing sign-up perk: Score a hefty 100,000 bonus Altitude Rewards points when you spend at least $4,000 on card purchases within 90 days of getting your account approved. That breaks down to around $1,333 per month, totally doable for those eyeing a black-tier credit card. But wait, there's more! In year 2, upon making your first eligible purchase, you'll snag an extra 50,000 points, bringing the grand total to a whopping 150,000 points.

To give you an idea of what this is worth, 150,000 Altitude points will buy you around $715 worth of retail gift cards delivered electronically. Convert the Altitude points into Velocity frequent flyer points, and the resulting 50,000 points could be used for three return Economy flights between Sydney and Melbourne or Brisbane (46,800 points).

Redeeming Altitude points

There are plenty of attractive options for redeeming your Altitude points, and once you get your hands on those 150,000 bonus points you’ll feel like a kid in a lolly shop:

  • Exchange Altitude points for frequent flyer points* with Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Malaysia Airlines;
  • Get a cashback to your card account* at the rate 14,100 points per $50;
  • Choose a retail gift card*, starting at 4,200 points for a $20 eGift card;
  • Swap points for cinema tickets*, e.g. 19,250 points for two Event Cinemas Gold class tickets;
  • Select from a range of merchandise in an online catalogue, including technology, fashion, homewares, wine, and more;
  • Pay with points* for any card purchase made in the previous 90 days.

Almost every conceivable complimentary benefit

  • Multi-trip overseas travel insurance for trips lasting up to six months, saving you at least $750 a year for a family policy. Activate the cover by using the card for at least $500 of each person’s prepaid trip expenses.
  • Purchase security insurance, providing four months of loss, theft or accidental damage cover against goods purchased with the card (better than competing cards, which limit the cover to three months).
  • Extended warranty insurance of up to 24 months on card purchases (again, an improvement on competitors’ 12 months maximum extended warranty).
  • Price guarantee cover. Price difference refunded if you find a recent purchase advertised at a lower price in a printed store catalogue within 21 days.
  • Interstate flight inconvenience cover for delays, cancellation, luggage loss or damage during trips of up to 14 days.
  • Rental car excess cover, overseas and in Australia.
  • Transport accident cover, providing cash compensation in the event of a serious accident sustained on public transport or a commercial airline .
  • Two free Priority Pass airport lounge passes, every year.
  • Westpac’s 24/7 concierge service for assistance with travel, entertainment, and restaurant information, recommendations and bookings. There’s also a Black Card Concierge app.
  • Altitude Black Card Priority Service telephone line.

That’s quite a list, and it not only matches but often exceeds the benefits offered with other black cards.

The annual fee is typically high

The $295 yearly fee, which includes a supplementary card at no additional cost, is quite standard, considering the benefits of earning points and the added perks. However, newcomers to Westpac can delight in a reduced first-year card fee of $150.

Ongoing interest rates

Anyone interested in a top-of-the-range card like this is unlikely to be concerned by its interest rates since they probably plan to pay off their purchase balance in full every month. But for the record, the purchase interest rate is 19.99% p.a., while the cash advance interest rate is slightly higher at 21.49% p.a.

Some credit cards give you up to 55 interest-free days on purchases, but this isn’t one of them. You’ll get up to 45 days instead — still a valuable benefit — but it does mean that you’ll need to come up with your repayment cash a total of 120 days earlier during the course of a year.

Is the Westpac Altitude Black worth it?

This card is designed for someone who wants it all — and can afford to pay for it — but still expects top value per dollar spent.

Overall, it is a very strong offer that combines a high points earning rate, generous sign-up bonus points offer, airport lounges passes, and free insurance cover that’s better in many respects than the cover provided by competing cards. And since Altitude Rewards points can be transferred to several frequent flyer programs, there's flexibility and availability when it comes to high-value Business and First Class redemptions.

Yvonne Taylor

Reviewed by Yvonne Taylor

Lead Product Analyst

User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Just like any other card, but with bells

Reviewed by Brian

I mainly use a credit card because of the convenience. The points are handy for clothing store gift cards. Statements are easy to read online. Westpac security is good and calls answered asap. The people at my branch are very helpful even when standing in line at the counter. Also very friendly without being over the top.

Not sure what I would do without it

Reviewed by Tony P

The new Black card replaced my old Westpac card which personally has no advantage to me. The yearly fee is high, but as my account is paid each month by direct debit I do not pay any interest. The card is very useful and is accepted almost everywhere around the world. I’m not sure what I would do without it.

Value and convenience

Reviewed by Phillip McW

Very convenient and widely accepted both locally and overseas. Has a great rewards program with flexibility and the best range of products I have seen which represent great value. Very fast, efficient and friendly service and always willing to support and help with explanations and any questions or queries you have.

Happy with this card

Reviewed by Black westpac card

I have been using Westpac for 15 yrs. Customer service is good. Rewards is excellent. Never had any frauds or misuse. Very satisfied customer. Any issues they call for feedback about experience with inquiry. Online banking is great with secured site. Just recently change into black card and done everything for me for all my direct debits with letters ready to be sent to corresponding institutions. Follow up calls if everything is okay with cards. Attached to my home loan with free annual fee. Saves me money.

Generally very pleased with this card

Reviewed by veevee

If there are ever any problems, I just have to contact them, and the problem has been dealt with quickly. Also ease of Internet banking, and being able to keep check of my account, any time of day or night and they will contact me if any unusual transaction takes place that is not normal.

I redeem rewards points for gift cards

Reviewed by Diane

I can actually make money from this card. By paying the statement balance in full each each month, over the past 5 years I average about $1000 in redeemed gift cards to use where i like on what i like rather then utilising their product rewards.

I trust Westpac

Reviewed by ADAM

Westpac are the only bank i give my full recommendation to. They will help you in every way possible to give you the right products and services. They match your situation to the right product every time and are completely open with fees and charges and ways to save money.

Nice features but read the fine print

Reviewed by Jm.jazzy

Cool looking card offers great features but claiming them is difficult e.g. travel insurance needs minimum spend before you leave, per person. Card was suspended despite us telling them we were in US, as we shopped at Walmart. Required international $$$$$ phone call to fix. Exchange rate good. Interest rate high.

Very happy with this card

Reviewed by Mark Belkind

Using Altitude card for a long time. When contacted customer service is very helpful. On two occasions when security of the cart was bridged, Westpac acted really quickly in informing as and replacing card. I using this card almost for all payments and found it very convenient way in dialling in different financial maters.

Worth it for the rewards... maybe?

Reviewed by Susan

I use this card for the convenience in that it is linked to my home loan account. I find it very helpful in terms of the fact that I am easily able to book accommodation using points accrued. I also think the Black Card Helpline is an example of particularly good service. However, I am not impressed by the amount of fees I have to pay.

Banking with the best

Reviewed by Jules

For customer service and a quality brand with a great reputation who you trust completely, Westpac is where to bank. Whenever I need to call, whether for my mortgage, credit card or something miscellaneous, the staff is responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. I feel looked after with Westpac and confident about who’s handling my money! And with everything handled in Australia, I like knowing that Westpac is helping many Australians and helping build a better Australia.

Very good

Reviewed by Mel

I got this card as it was offered with my home loan, which it is linked to. It has a 45 day interest free period. You also earn points that can be redeemed with a good variety of goods and services.

Generally a good card

Reviewed by Oscar

This is a good and easy card to use. The rewards are quite good and you get extra points if you use their Bonus Partners or the American Express. The only problem is that a lot of merchants don’t except the AmEx or charge extra for it. The points never run out so can be used indefinitely, which is good, and there are a lot of different options for cashing out such as products, gift vouchers, and flights. The statement is straightforward and easy to understand.

Love the rewards

Reviewed by Sandra

Rewards are good, but the annual fee of $100 isn’t. I have both the MasterCard and the AmEx which gives me another option if AmEx isn’t accepted. The interest rates aren’t that great, but as I pay it off monthly that doesn’t worry me. The reason I got this card is mainly for rewards.

Annual fee is extremely high

Reviewed by Sam

I think the cards are good looking and having a MasterCard with American Express is a great idea as many businesses do not accept AmEx. Rewards look great too. The annual fee, however, is an absolute rip off in my opinion. I think Westpac thinks they are AmEx Centurion or Visa Infinite, but they are not!

This card gives me wings

Reviewed by Kerryanne Kelly

These cards have attitude. They allow me to use them for every purchase everywhere so my points can fly me to anywhere. I don’t have an annual fee while it’s connected to my mortgage and it has complimentary travel insurance.

It should offer more points though because not all retailers accept AmEx.

Good card for accruing points and getting rewarded

Reviewed by Jacquie

Westpac Altitude Black Credit Cards offer you dual credit cards on one easy to read monthly account statement. A MasterCard and an American Express card to help you earn Altitude points faster. With Altitude Rewards, you get rewarded for doing your everyday shopping throughout the year. These points can be easily converted into shopping gift vouchers, which is great at Christmas time. Furthermore, you have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a trusted brand with great customer service.

Premium package

Reviewed by Brenda

I pay no annual fee and receive the highest possible rate of reward points. Customer service has been impeccable every time I have used them. I enjoy the free travel insurance, concierge services, airport lounge admissions and borderlinx international shipping service. The card makes it easy to shop and travel anywhere I go.

Great card

Reviewed by Russ

We transferred our card from another lender and got a great balance transfer deal. The rewards program is awesome with 2 card options to maximise points. The interest rate is good and as long as you pay on time you have no issues. A decent payment and interest-free period gives you great control over your budget.

Back in black

Reviewed by Julie

With our mortgage and classic checking/savings account at Westpac, this was the perfect card for my husband and I.

While accruing points for worthwhile gifts is no longer an easy thing, as we use the card for truly any and everything we can, including even the smallest purchase, we’ve got some significant gift cards for Myer, David Jones, Barbecues Galore and Woolworths over the years. And it’s just for buying what we’d buy anyway—a good thing.

We like the free travel insurance and the customer service is good—not great—but good. I trust Westpac and think this is overall a good card.

Pleased, but would like unlimited lounge access

Reviewed by Ravi

This is a good card except for one thing: it does not have unlimited entry to lounges at airports unlike ANZ’s card in same category. It only allows 2 visits and spouses get charged. It would be great if both the main and additional cardholder had unlimited entry to airport lounges globally. If that was the case, this would be the most desired credit card in market.

The card I save with

Reviewed by Glenys

I have a Westpac Earth Black MasterCard and I could not be happier with everything they have provided me. Immediately I pay a fee, but I think the benefits gained outweigh the fees. I also receive a number of enticing offers each year. A good card from a trusted bank, and one I would thoroughly recommend.

The rewards are fantasic

Reviewed by Daniel

Very competitive points and rewards system that earns me that little bit extra.

The fees could be lower (but all cards could have lower fees, really).

I have never had a problem with the card, and in the rare instances I need to check or ask something, the customer support from Westpac is very helpful and efficient.

Trustworthy card, great service

Reviewed by Cheryl

Excellent card with excellent attention from Westpac. They respond quickly to my travel needs and are also quite happy to help me with transactions I may dispute. The response team Is very polite and very happy to do whatever you need for the security and safety of the card. New cards arrive promptly.

Pay it off on time and enjoy good rewards

Reviewed by Russ

This card offers very good rewards through your chosen frequent flyer miles program. The fee, although quite high ($395), is worth it if you are using the credit card regularly and getting good points for your spend.

Both an AmEx and a MasterCard are supplied, so you have both bases covered here.

Happy with service

Reviewed by Maureen

We try to use our credit card for more purchases, for security and convenience and so we can budget our expenses each month.

The interest we try not to use so we attempt to pay the full balance each month, to our advantage.

We’re happy with statements and services from Westpac in relations to this card.

Good communication from the bank

Reviewed by Clem

I’m happy with the way things work for me with this card. The Interest rate is good with days to pay, so I don’t have to pay the full amount each month.

The bank is good with communications and updates and statements on a regular basis.

The card is accepted at most places that I shop.

Good for tracking spending

Reviewed by Judy

I had very good customer service when my card was scammed. I was reimbursed very quickly, and new cards were issued within a couple of days. Westpac knew I was scammed before I knew! Very diligent!

I would certainly recommend this card from Westpac bank, and I couldn’t live without it as I use it for nearly all my transactions so that I can keep an account of my spending.

Good card for big-spending Westpac loan customers

Reviewed by Amy

It’s a 'must-have’ card if you’ve got a Premier Loan package with Westpac, probably the most rewarding credit card available. When picking redemption, try to always get Myer or David Jones vouchers.

You get two cards on one account and complimentary insurance on virtually everything purchased through the card.

I don’t recommend it if you don’t have the loan package or are a low spender.

More points with the AmEx card

Reviewed by David

I tend to use the American Express card more than the MasterCard because of the accumulation of points — not that I have ever redeemed any points, but I have accumulated a great many in the hope of one day redeeming them.

Most of my purchases are made online, so the card is convenient. I don’t like carrying lots of cash, so in store the card is convenient.

Some cons but more pros

Reviewed by Phil

$395 annual fee. Rewards are pretty standard compared to the other big banks. AmEx Velocity (annual fee $349) is better — free domestic flight anywhere plus points, insurance etc)

If I need to speak to a customer rep it is easy (direct phone line).
3 points to the dollar on AmEx, 1.25 points to the dollar on MasterCard. As a family we rack up points quickly, and convert them to fuel and Woolies cards
I’ve had 2 non-authorised transactions in the past, but Westpac was quick to review and rectify.

Good rewards system

Reviewed by Jonno

This credit card has a great feature in that it allows you to also redeem cash back on purchases using the points that you have available on the card. The items available for purchase using the card are also unique and are quite compelling and make me use my card so I can gain points!

A solid offering with good rewards and insurance

Reviewed by Sarah

It’s a good card to have if you have a Premier Advantage Home Loan package with Westpac, as the fees are already paid for in the Advantage Package fees.

It’s a reasonable offering for complimentary travel insurance. Rewards are reasonable, although you may wish to switch to Velocity Membership points when there is a promotional period on.

A well-rounded travel and award-ready card.

Reviewed by Liz

With added benefits of travel insurance with overseas travel, the Westpac Black Altitude card is a standout. It provides a range of gift card options and a good variety of product awards, and a pair of complimentary airport lounge passes annually to use through Priority Pass. This card has it all for avid travellers and shoppers.

Love the rewards and service

Reviewed by Michelle

My hubby worked for Westpac, so we’re not paying fees. I love the rewards they offer, including vouchers and so much else to choose from.

Whenever I need help I ring the help desk and always get a prompt solution from a representative.

Cards are always replaced quickly if lost. Whenever we had fraudulent transactions they always rang to make sure everything was OK.

Great rewards and service

Reviewed by Greg

This is a very good card with great rewards.

They give very good service with enquiries answered in Australia. Their website is very good and easy to use. They are there to help 24/7, and do help if you need them.

They give reward points quickly and have great rewards.

Great features but comes at a high price

Reviewed by Avinash

This credit card comes with some great handy features such as free travel insurance, extended warranty insurance and global lounge access through Priority Pass network.

The card also comes with complimentary SPG Gold membership

Saved on balance transfer, earned lots of rewards

Reviewed by Huan Ling Winnie

I saved lots of money by using the 0% balance transfer offer. I transferred another bank credit card balance to my Westpac black card.

I also earned lots of rewards points by using the card to pay bills and for shopping.

I got the card as part of my home loan package, so I don’t have to pay an annual fee of $395 again.

Awful communication and incompetent staff

Reviewed by Sean

Eventually I was told in writing that they would approve my application if I provided them with payslips and bank details, which I did, after which I heard nothing.

Six weeks later, I called them back to find out why I hadn’t been provided with my card yet, and I was bounced around a Filipino call centre for over an hour, before being told that because I’d disclosed that I own 16% of my employer that I was be deemed to be self-employed. This meant that I was not an employee, which meant that the information I provided was false, which meant that my card application was denied. Unbelievable.

I’m young (38) and I have already made $6m from a standing start, which means that I’m on my way to becoming a very rich old man. This experience has ensured that I will never bank with Westpac ever again.

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