Samuel Leeds' net worth

By   |   Updated 16th April 2022

The estimated net worth of Samuel Leeds is £22 million.

Leeds is a property developer, YouTuber, and property investment coach. His wealth comes from rent-to-rent property deals, best-selling books, property investment courses, and his Youtube channel.

He is married to Amanda Leeds, who was a property surveyor and now focuses her time and energy on bringing up their children. Samuel practices what he preaches — rent where you live and own what you rent — and lives in a rented mansion.

Early life

Born on 11th April, 1991, in Walsall, Samuel Leeds was brought up by his mother and father on a council estate called Leemore.

His father taught him magic tricks, which he performed in school and alongside his father at shows. After his parents divorced, his father-in-law taught him the basics of property and mortgages.

Samuel and his brother, Russell, are partners in the business. They are both devout Christians and spent their early teens helping missionaries at a drug rehab centre in Costa Blanca, Spain.


Samuel attended Emmanuel School in Walsall and was nearly expelled because of his detention record. He finished school with low grades but credits his business success to his then teacher, Deborah Hey-Smith.

When he turned 20 years old, and after a bad car crash, he took 3 years out of his property business to attend Bible College in Birmingham.

His first job was as an apprentice plasterer.

How did Samuel Leeds build his net worth?

Samuel launched his first business aged 15 — Pelsor Plastering — after he left school and attended a one-day plastering crash course.

Leeds attended his first property networking event and signed up for a property training course at 16 years old. He achieved an NVQ Level 2 in Business Studies from Business Link Night School. To gain more work experience, he worked as a Distributor at Utility Warehouse.

At 17 years old, he had progressed to property letting management on behalf of investors. This was the beginning of his rent-to-rent model.

He bought his first property on Maryvale Road in Walsall for £100,000, which was £20,000 below market value. He refinanced it the next day.

When he was 18, he borrowed £15,000 from his grandma for the deposit on his second property. At £65,000, it was £20,000 below market value. He repaid his grandma, plus interest.

He went on to start a property deal sourcing business called Buy Low Rent High Ltd, which became an instant success with investors. He sold more than 200 deals to investors and used the profits to develop his own property portfolio.

In 2016, at the age of 25 years old, he became a cash millionaire.

He launched a £250, one-day course business called Property Investors Crash Courses. Leeds changed to a freemium model, charging nothing to attend the day course and upselling attendees an advanced training course with one-to-one mentorship.

His brother joined the business as a partner, helping expand the company and promoting Samuel's profile further.

In 2020 it was reported that Samuel’s business was turning over £10m with a £2m post-tax profit.


How does Samuel Leeds make money?

Samuel makes money from property investments, a popular YouTube channel, book sales, and a property coaching business.

How rich is Samuel Leeds?

His net worth is estimated to be approximately £22 million.

Is Samuel Leeds a millionaire?

Yes. Thanks to his success in business and investing, Samuel Leeds is a multi-millionaire.