Drake’s net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Drake Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Drake is $200 million.

The Canadian-born rapper is one of the biggest names in rap music. His album, "Certified Loverboy," earned 613,000 sales in the week of its release, selling two times more than Kanye West.

Early life

Born on October 24, 1986, to Sandi and Dennis Graham, Aubrey "Drake" Drake grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Drake's parents divorced when he was just five years old. He lived with his mother, spending the summers with his father in Memphis. Drake developed an interest in music from an early age due to his father's career as a drummer.


Drake attended Vaughan Road Academy and Forest Hill Collegiate Institute while living in Toronto, Canada. As a bi-racial Jewish man, he was the butt of ridicule, and the bullies picked on him at school. He ended up dropping out of high school before graduating to chase an acting career.

Drake got his big break in 2001 after casting on the Canadian TV drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake won a "Young Artist Award" for his time on the show, sticking with it until 2007. Drake reportedly earned a high-school teacher's salary for his time on the show, netting him $47,306 per year. Therefore, Drake earned around $378,448 for eight seasons on the show.

In 2007, Drake left the show to pursue a career as a music artist.

How did Drake build his net worth?

Drake built his fortune through acting and music, but most of his wealth comes from his music career as a top-selling rap artist. The young rapper signed with Lil Wayne's "Young Money Entertainment" label in 2009 after releasing a few mixtapes.

His debut album, "Thank Me Later," launched in 2010 with hit singles like "Over," "Fireworks," and "Up all night." Drake received the double-platinum status for the album, earning two Grammy nominations for his work.

"Nothing Was the Same" (released 2013) and "Views" (released 2016) were also smashing successes for the rap star, earning him the title as one of the top players — and earners — in rap.

He earned $50 million, or 1/6th of his fortune, in 2020 alone. According to reports, Drake makes around $70 million per year.

Drake's productivity habits

Drake credits his success to his managed schedule. The rapper makes the most out of every day, rising at 5 am and going to bed at around 1 am each night. The rapper claims he sleeps an average of four hours a night, making him one of those few human beings — like Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump — that can survive and thrive on very limited sleep.


How rich is Drake?

With an estimated fortune of $200 million, Drake is one of the richest rappers in the entertainment industry and one of the biggest stars in the game.

Is Drake a millionaire?

Yes, Drake has many amassed millions of dollars from being a rapper.

Is Drake a billionaire?

No, Drake has not reached billionaire status but he's well on his way.

Is Drake broke?

Drake is neither broke nor bankrupt.

Was Drake born rich?

Drake was not born into wealth.