Hunter Biden's net worth

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Hunter Biden's Net Worth

Hunter Biden's net worth is estimated to range between $1-20+ million.

The son of President Biden is a controversial figure.

There's two phases to Hunter Biden's career. There's the legal phase and the allegedly illegal phase.

The legal phase began in corporate America, progressed into lobbying in Washington D.C. and finally ended up in hedge funds.

The alleged illegal phase came during the 8 years his father, Joe Biden was Vice President for Obama.

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for his influence peddling.

What does net worth mean?


What does net worth mean?

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How did Hunter Biden make money?

Hunter Biden started out as a consultant at MBNA shortly after graduating from Yale in 1998. He would become the Executive VP.

By 2001 he got bored and left the company to join the US Department of Commerce during the Clinton Administration.

Following this stint inside Government, he went on to become a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and would found his own lobbying firm.

In 2006, Hunter was appointed to the board of directors of Amtrak for 5 years by none other than Republican President G.W. Bush.

Hunter and his uncle bought the Paradigm Global Advisors hedge fund in 2006, of which Hunter served as the CEO until 2011.

He then launched Seneca Global Advisors in 2011. He and two others founded an investment firm, and a venture capital firm, and he maintained a position at a law firm until 2014.

He has been known to have received payments from various sources totalling around $4 million, assumed to be for the purpose of lobbying.

From 2013 up until 2020, Hunter was on the board of private investment fund BHR partners.

Aside from his investments, he has holdings with several local and foreign companies.

He now dabbles in art and shows his work in private viewings.

More recently Hunter penned his 2021 book – Beautiful Things: A Memoir – for which he is thought to have received a $2m advance from publisher Simon & Schuster.

Hunter Biden's Laptop and Controversy

In early 2019, Hunter Biden dropped off his water-damaged laptop to the now defunct 'The Mac Shop' in Delaware.

This laptop turned out to be a hidden cache of documents, emails and messages evidencing Hunter's dealing with foreign companies as well as some of the scandalous things he got up to in his personal life.

What is known about Hunter's laptop is based in evidence but the conclusions and implications are denied, downplayed and disputed.

Hunter according to Democrats

According to Hunter Biden himself, his father, the Biden White House, and the Democratic Party, say that Hunter is a talented lawyer who has battled to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction.

They maintain that Hunter and his father, President Biden, have done nothing illegal in regards to lobbying or international business deals.

The press, media and Big Tech companies did nothing amiss in burying the story on the run up to the 2019 US Election. It was a fake scandal. Nothing to see here. All is well.

Hunter according to Republicans

According to former President Trump, many people on the Republican side of politics, and conservative media, both Hunter Biden and his father Joe are up to their eyeballs in swampy influence-peddling activity of Washington D.C. which has netted them tens of millions of dollars.

They allege that Hunter Biden is not only guilty of scandalous behaviour involving drugs, alcohol and loose women, but that he and President Biden have been given a free pass by the Press which cost Trump an election. Had a similar scandal broken about one of Trump's adult children, the story would never have been buried.

More substantially, they allege that the illegal pay-for-play access for Ukrainian company Burisma and Chinese gas company, Sinopec arranged by Hunter undermine trust in the office of President and compromises the ability of a sitting President to make decisions free from coercion, thereby endangering national security.

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How rich is Hunter Biden?

It's hard to say with any precision how rich Hunter Biden. Probably somewhere between $1 million and $20 million depending on the veracity of the allegations made against him.

Is Hunter Biden a millionaire?

Yes, Hunter is probably a millionaire.

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