How we calculate people’s net worth

By   |   Updated 20th June 2022

Net Worth Methodology

Everyone wants to know how much money other people have.

It’s intriguing and often surprising. But how do we go about calculating net worth?

Net Worth = (assets - debts)

First, net worth is the popular phrase that people use for describing personal wealth.

It’s a helpful way of getting a read on a person’s overall financial standing.

Net worth is actually a more precise figure than personal wealth. It’s a simple metric of how much cash and assets a person has once all their debts have been deducted.

Take all a person’s assets (property, cash, investments, shares, crypto, cars etc) and deduct all their liabilities (mortgage, auto loan, credit card balances, student loans) to be left with their net worth.

How we source our data

People accumulate personal wealth from variety of sources.

Our editorial team look for publicly available information about people’s wealth including:

  • salary
  • shares
  • crypto
  • inheritance
  • marriage
  • property
  • royalties
  • rights
  • endorsements
  • legal payouts or out of court settlements arising from defamation trials, lawsuits or divorce
  • etc

Data is gathered from a variety of publicly available sources:

  • self-disclosures by individuals
  • interviews
  • news outlets
  • industry publications
  • social media
  • industry API’s
  • stock market filings (NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE etc)
  • government documents
  • court documents
  • real estate data
  • market values of assets such as property & vehicles
  • etc


Net worth figures published on Finty are estimations only and need to be taken as such.

We have no way of knowing if a person privately owns more or less assets than we estimate.

Net worth figures can fluctuate wildly especially if a person’s wealth is made up in large part by stock in a company.

We do not claim to have 100% accuracy. We do not accept any liability for inaccuracies or errors in our estimations.

We stay away from speculative commentary.

We synthesize as much information together and use it to produce our net worth estimations.


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