Investing in Dent Coin

By   |   Verified by Andrew Boyd   |   Updated Sept. 13, 2023

Rather than the world relying on mobile data providers, DENT aims to provide a free market where mobile data can be traded amongst consumers at their desire.

While you cannot mine this coin, you can invest in it and thereby support their mission to democratize the mobile data industry.

Read on for more details on how Dent Coin works, what the project is trying to do, and how to invest from the USA.

What is Dent Coin?

Tero Katajainen founded Dent Wireless and created Dent Coin (DENT) on the premise of operating a forex market system that was automated and able to handle risk to keep transactions secure.

DENT is a type of crypto that enables mobile data trading between consumers and telecommunication companies. The Dent Exchange intends to be a global exchange for mobile data where unused mobile data can be sold, bought or donated. DENT was created for people that would like to purchase, sell, or donate unused mobile data on their smartphones. The Dent Exchange allows buyers and sellers to interact and trade mobile data, which especially benefits individuals in underdeveloped countries where service is easily available.

The goal of Dent Exchange is to encourage mobile service companies to provide better mobile data services going forward as it grows into the global currency for purchasing and trading data services.

This crypto coin uses Ethereum blockchain technology to secure its transactions. Consumers can exchange DENT in return for mobile data, and once those tokens have been agreed in an exchange, it reassures the transaction is secure via blockchain technology.

Dent’s eSim service has provided Internet service throughout 80 countries without charging high roaming fees or having to get phone numbers or SIM cards changed before traveling abroad. This valuable service is making mobile data more accessible to those who can't afford it.