Getting profiled on Finty

Updated Sept. 6, 2023

It's now possible to take control of the online narrative around a person's net worth by getting profiled alongside the world’s most prestigious names on Finty's high-visibility net worth section.

Join the elite with a Finty net worth profile

Why getting profiled on Finty makes sense

Join the elite with a Finty net worth profile

Association with elites

  • Discrete control of the online narrative around net worth.
  • Get listed alongside the world's most influential people.

Develop a personal brand

  • Get in front of hundreds of thousands each month.
  • Do something competitors are not doing.

Reputation protection

  • Displace negative stories in search results.
  • Control the narrative around a person's name.

Build E-E-A-T in Google

  • Help establish an entity on Google's Knowledge Graph.
  • Leverage the authority and trust of association with Finty.
How it works

Getting profiled is easy

How it works

  1. Complete initial enquiry. Choose one of the options below and let us know who would be getting profiled.
  2. Suitability check. We will confirm if the client is suitable for a Finty net worth profile. Not everyone is.
  3. Make payment. We accept payment via card, PayPal, or crypto.
  4. Production. Using information provided by the client, our team will produce the profile and associated imagery.
  5. Go live. Once we have received client approval, the profile will be published.
Pricing and options

Ready to get started?

Pricing and options


  • Turnaround: 7-10 days
  • Price: US $999


  • Turnaround: 2 days
  • Price: US $1,499


  • Direct access to our team.
  • Create a custom package.

Terms & conditions of sale

  • Finty reserves the right to decline a request to be profiled at our discretion.
  • The client can review and approve a profile prior to its publication on Finty.
  • The client shall be eligible to request 2 rounds of edits.
  • Finty's production of a new profile will not commence until payment has been received.
  • Any external links in the profile will be nofollow. Non-negotiable.