Kyle Rittenhouse's net worth

Updated 25th March 2022

Kyle Rittenhouse's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Kyle Rittenhouse is currently unknown. He spent much of 2021 in a high profile trial, which he won.

Early life

Kyle Rittenhouse was born on January 3rd, 2003 in Antioch, Illinois. His mother is Wendy Rittenhouse, who is a certified nursing assistant. Details on his father and siblings remain scarce. He is 5'9" tall and weighs around 150lbs.


Kyle attended high school and was part of the cadet program for "Blue Lives Matter." His goal was to become a police officer.

How did Kyle Rittenhouse build his net worth?

Kyle rose to infamy after his involvement in the BLM riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin of late 2020. At that time, Black Lives Matter was protesting the killing of an African-American man, Jacob Blake, by the police.

Kenosha was the scene of some of the worst violence of all the riots in 2020. Rittenhouse went to the location of the riot in support of his local community. Although he was there to help, the rioters didn't see it that way.

Video evidence presented at the trial showed Rittenhouse being attacked by rioters and running for his life. Rittenhouse shot and killed two of his assailants and wounded a third.

Mainstream media portrayed Rittenhouse in a negative light throughout the trial, even after he was ultimately found not guilty of all charges in November 2021.

Due to the verdict and the manner in which his character was defamed, legal experts believe Rittenhouse has the potential to sue a number of news outlets. These suits have the potential to net him tens of millions of dollars. Precedent was set in the case between Nick Sandman and The Washington Post.

Kyle Rittenhouse's productivity habits and personal strengths

Kyle is a dedicated student and member of his local community. He has strong Christian family values, and he sticks up for his community.

Kyle stated during interviews that he drew strength from his mom when he was feeling worried about the direction of the trial.

He believes in hard work and giving back to his community, two characteristics that more American youth need.


How rich is Kyle Rittenhouse?

No one knows how much Kyle Rittenhouse is currently worth. However, he has the potential to land millions in lawsuit settlements against mainstream media outlets in the coming years much like Nick Sandmann did.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse a millionaire?

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a millionaire based on his net worth.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse a billionaire?

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a billionaire.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse broke?

Kyle Rittenhouse is far from bankruptcy. No bankruptcy filings were found.

Was Kyle Rittenhouse born rich?

Kyle Rittenhouse was not born into a wealthy family.