Peter Schiff's net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Peter Schiff's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Peter Schiff is $70 million.

Peter is known mostly for his savvy business acumen in addition to being a highly successful broker. As a commentator you've perhaps seen him on TV or YouTube. He's also published a string of economic & investment books that have sold very well. He works in the finance with a passion for stocks and gold and an advisor to wealthy clients.

The Early Life of Peter Schiff

Peter was born in 1963, in Haven, Connecticut. He comes from a Jewish family considered firmly middle class. His father was a War veteran having served in WW2 and challenged the IRS on taxation. He has a brother named Andrew with whom he has a close relationship.

Peter Schiff's Education

Peter went to high school at Beverly Hills High School and then attended the Haas School of business. He also studied at the University of California, Berkeley, California, where he majored in Finance and Accounting. He also happened to complete a double major securing a Bachelor of Science degree.

How did Peter Schiff build his net worth?

He has an approximate net worth of $70 million dollars. If you are curious about how he was able to generate his wealth, keep on reading.

Peter started off as a stockbroker. His first position 1990’s was with Shearson Lehman Brothers. He stayed with the firm for several years until which point he obtained his own firm. His new firm in which he had a partner, was named Euro Pacific Capital. They operated out of the LA area and boasted a humble office space in the early days. These days the firm has offices in several major cities with its main headquarter now located in Westport, Connecticut.

Euro Pacific Capital mainly focuses on long-term investments to help build wealth. This is achieved through Peter's focus on the diminishing dollar value, commodity-focused investments, and the emerging market. These days the firm has offices in several major cities with its main headquarter now located in Westport, Connecticut. Euro Pacific Asset Management is another of his companies that seek to help the wealthy with mutual fund management on a global scale.

Peter also wrote a book in 2007 called Crash Proof. The book focused on the economic policies in the United States and the eventual economic crisis that would eventually occur as a result. He later wrote Crash Proof 2 following the success of his first title. He also has a radio and internet show called the Реtеr Ѕсhіff Ѕhоw which was on the air for four years between 2010 and 2014. It focuses on commentary about current events, current market activity, and his thoughts on various economic beliefs.

Aside from his financial empire, he is also interested in politics. He ran unsuccessfully for the US senate in 2010 as a Republican.

Peter Schiff’s productivity habits & main personal strengths

Peter Schiff is dedicated to being consistent and factual which can be considered a personal strength.

His mind for economics paired with his savvy ability to state the facts allows him to reach the heights of success, not many others can achieve. He is a hard worker which is further bolstered by his determination to succeed regardless of any setbacks or roadblocks.

How rich is Peter Schiff?

Schiff has amassed just over $70 million dollars in his role as a stock broker and world-class investor with vocal support for gold and skepticism towards Bitcoin.

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