Tom Hanks net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Tom Hanks Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tom Hanks is $400 Million.

Hanks is an American actor, writer, director, and producer. He is one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors and has a legendary reputation for his many roles in top-grossing box office movies.

His movies grossed over $9.7 billion at the global box office, and he is the most consistent money-making actor in the world.

Early life

Born in Concord, California, on the 9th of July, 1956, Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is the son of English and Portuguese parents.

Tom went to live with his father after his parents divorced in 1960.

Hanks moved around a lot during his youth, with the family moving into ten different homes over ten years.


Tom Hanks studied drama at community college and California State University. He also spent time at Chabot College in California before joining the Great Lakes Theater Festival, with a 3-year internship.

How did Tom Hanks build his net worth?

Tom Hanks built his wealth through his acting career. His 1988 role in the movie "Big" was an international success, shooting him onto the Hollywood A-List.

His success allowed Tom to be selective with his career, choosing dramatic roles in movies like "Sleepless in Seattle," "Apollo 13," "Toy Story," "You've Got Mail," "Saving Private Ryan," "Cast Away," "The Da Vinci Code," and "Angels and Demons."

Hanks was only the second actor in history to earn back-to-back awards from Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 1993 and 1994.

He won his first actor for Best Actor for his role in the 1993 film "Philadelphia," and the 1994 smash hit "Forrest Gump."

Hanks wrote and directed "That Thing You Do!" in 1994, starting his career as a director and producer.

He secured his role as a director and screenwriter in the movies "Cast Away" and "The Polar Express."

Hanks married Samantha Lewes in 1978, with the couple divorcing in 1987.

He went on to remarry to actress Rita Wilson in 1988, and he has four children with Rita, including sons Chet and Colin.

Tom's initial Hollywood role in "splash!" earned him $70,00, and he would go on to make $1.75 million for his role in "Big."

He also earned $5 million for "Punchline" in the same year.

Tom Hanks productivity habits and personal strengths

Tom says that he doesn't feel like a big movie star and prefers to keep a level-headed attitude to life, despite his wealth and fame.

He says that while acting is intense, it's like any other job – requiring commitment to make success.

Tom says that he gets his inspiration from his family, and he would not be the success he is today without the support he receives from his wife, Rita Wilson.

Shortly after his divorce, the couple married in 1988, and they remain together today. The couple lives in their home in Oakland, California.

How rich is Tom Hanks?

With a reported wealth of $400 million, Tom Hanks is one of the biggest male stars in Hollywood and one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.

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